Early Poptropica Guide.

Go to the blimp and go to Early Poptropica. You go down and see a sewer hole you go down.

Continued by: Calm Spinner

Once you are down in the sewer hole, go to the bottom left. Watch out for spiders, especially the big green one! Collect the pink pig. Go back up then exit the sewer hole. Go to Early Poptropica (the town in the island) then return the pink pig to the pilgrim next to the empty stall. After you give the pig, look for a well. Go down it. Once you are down, look for a green glow stick on the upper left. You  have to go under the wooden stick thing to get to the upper left. Once you collected the Green glowstick, exit the well. Go out of Early Poptropica (the town). Once you are out, go into the sewer hole again. Go to the West then down. Go left. When you are left, follow the signs written on the walls and collect a golden egg. Then go all the way up and exit. You should be in Poptropica Towers, a town in Early Poptropica (the island, of course!). Climb up the windows until you reach the tall purple building called Rooftop Restaurants. Climb to the top and climb up the vine! Once you are there, you should see clouds. Click on the Purple giant wearing dark green pants and wait until he takes your egg and lifts his brown club and lets you proceed to the garden. Go in the garden. When you are in there, climb up the shovel and onto the sideways green vine and collect the water bucket. Go to the right, in the Aircraft Graveyard. Once you are there, keep going right until you can collect the gray jetpack. Fly to the Garden again and go though exit hole. You should fall on an orange water tower and have collected the flag. Go back to Early Poptropica (the town) and return the well bucket to the pilgrim by the well, and then when it’s returned, go to the top of the small tower and give the flag. Go to the ship on the right to claim your reward!


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