The Move

By Calm Spinner

Hi guys! This is Calm Spinner! I’m making a new story, and I asked to make a page for it, and I can! Note: The names in this story are fiction. If anyone has these names it is completely coincidental. Ok, here is what’s happening so far:

Part 1:

I lay on my bed, yawning. I was bored to death, since I moved to Hawaii. I missed my best friend, Alisha, who lives in New York. We used to see each other practically every day, and since her school starts before mine, I can’t even call her. I remember our projects we did together. I remember like it was just yesterday we were making cardboard houses and decorating pins. But now, there is no turning back. I had to stay in my beach house in Hawaii.
Two hours later, when the sun was sinking below the water’s horizon, I got a call from Alisha. Yes! Finally! I didn’t hesitate to grab the phone as she said: “Hi, Jennifer! Hows it going?”. “I’m bored to death. Sometimes I wish school would start so I could have something to do, even if it is writing assignments.”, I say. “What do you think your new school will be like?”, asked Alisha. “I dunno.”, I said, in a low, murmuring voice. “Well, I wish I could come over.”, she mumbled. “But I have to do homework.” “Ok, bye!”, I said, as I let go of the phone, not bothering to hang it up on the receiver. I decided to go fishing with Mr.Fisher. He was a wise old man, telling me sorts of secrets about the wild. But when I got there, all there was was a note. It said:
I’m moving. Goin’ out a town will be good for an old man like me.
That note sure was strange. It wasn’t in Mr.Fisher’s handwriting, and Mr.Fisher never calls himself old. He says it will jinx him and next thing you know he’ll be dead on his porch. When he says that it makes me laugh. “Maybe he was just in a rush.”, I thought aloud, as I zoomed past to get some coconut milk. “Comin’ right up little feller.”, said the coconut man, who’s name was Bob, who was actually Alisha’s uncle. He swept past the trees which were lining up like a maze. I sipped my fresh coconut milk. Something wasn’t right…

Part 2:

Maybe it was just the moving bothering me. It probably wasn’t much. I drank it anyway. To me the coconuts didn’t taste like… well, real coconuts. Bob always uses the coconuts from the trees. Maybe they just weren’t in season. I watched the island-ending shore, with the salty sea water climbing against the pale sand, making a quiet swish, swish. It was a beautiful calming sound, the type of sound that just melts away all your troubles and lets you go blank. I decided it was getting late and I should get some rest. I walked slowly and tired to my Beach House. I pulled up the covers, turned off my lamp, and dozed off…
When I woke up, the air was foggy. It felt moist. I decided to go out for breakfast today. I walked over to a Cafe, and went in, looking for someone to chat with. I went to the counter. “What’ll it be?”, the waitress says in her southern accent. “Two omelets with a side of bacon.”, I answered, as my stomach grumbled. I sat next to someone named Jack. “Hi.” I said, in a polite voice. “Hey.”, Jack mumbled in a grumpy voice. “Well, whats wrong?” I asked. “How would you know there is something wrong?” Jack said. “Well, it doesn’t take a mind reader to hear you mumblin’” I said. “Nothing. Now leave me alone.”, Jack said as he moved to an empty table.
“Well someone’s in a bad mood.”, I said to myself.

Part 3
One day later…
The next day I didn’t really have money on me. You see, my parents had died in the last two years because of a car accident. Alisha’s mom would usually make the two of us breakfast, and she took care of me as if I were her daughter. But now I’m just a plain old orphan, scratching for money here and there. I gave up and decided to make my own breakfast. I could afford the essentials, because Alisha’s mom gave me money. She would have gone with me, I bet, but she gave me a lot so she couldn’t. My Beach House was made of tent supplies, but I was okay with it. I had a stove, a bed, a refrigerator, a microwave (this needs some work) a phone, and a computer just in case I can’t get to the phone. So I wasn’t like, as poor as those people in movies (I remember these from before the accident). I was just regular. I made my own breakfast with some supplies I had in the fridge. Mostly mix. I wouldn’t have been aloud to touch the stove, but what choice did I have? I waited a while for the old-fashioned timer to go off, but then I remembered that it was broken and I only kept it because it was my parents. So I had to eat burnt pancakes. It felt like smoke in my mouth. After breakfast I was gonna sit by the ocean, like I do every morning. The swishing sound felt as if it was taking me to another world. But this time it felt like something was bothering me… OH NO! It was the day of the orientation! The day where we meet our new teachers! I zoomed off to the school, riding on my scooter, of course. When I finally made it, I was huffing and puffing. “I *puff* am *huff* here *puff*.”, I said, as I burst through the door. “What’s your name, little miss?”, said some dude who looked like the principal. “Jennifer Smith.”, I said, still quietly huffing. “Ah, going to fourth grade, I see. Your teacher is Mrs.A.”, he said as he leaded me to a woman who was pretty tall. “Why do they call you Mrs.A?”, I ask. “Because my last name is extremely hard to pronounce.”, she replies. I tell her I am an orphan, and she says that is rather a shame. Before I knew it, the orientation was over. I rode my scooter back to the ocean, and I ended up huffing and puffing again. But it was worth it, to be able to relax yet know that school is coming really soon. I also wondered about my teacher’s English accent. And what her last name is. And some how, after all that thinking, I ended up back to thinking about that note from Mr.Fisher. Or was it from Mr.Fisher…

Part 4
I thought I was overreacting. I mean, this isn’t a movie or anything. This was real life. I got up. The sand stuck to my flip-flops. I didn’t mind. Well, not really, anyway. The sand felt like stepping on a baby porcupine. “Ouch!” I said. I stepped on a pointy rock. I picked it up. It was really shiny. I decided to keep it. It was a quartz, I think. I put it in my jean pockets, and started riding my scooter instead of walking. I made it home. I got some cereal for dinner. I wasn’t that hungry. The phone was ringing. I picked it up before the Caller ID even showed. “Hello?” I say. I hear nothing but breathing. Must be a wrong number. I hung up and decided to study the rock I found. It had a little marking on it. It was probably the mark from my shoe when I stepped on it. I put it on the stove.

Part 5
The next morning I got up, and was seriously craving some eggs. Bob usually donates some to me, because he knows that I’ve been running low on money lately. After a thanks, I went home to cook. But I completely forgot about the gemstone! It actually melted. I never thought rocks melt. But what was left was really strange. A small little circle with a strange note on it. It was so small I couldn’t read it. “I wonder where I could buy a microscope…” I thought. Oh well. I’m sure it’s nothing important. Nothing important almost never happens, except when my parents died. I put it in the cabinet this time. I wonder why it melted… maybe rocks melt, and I never knew. Someone probably asked their parents to break it and put a rock when they wrote a note or something. Nothing big. But I still want to keep it, as a memory of my orientation for 4th grade. I was glad I had my eggs ready. I was so hungry! Maybe because the burnt pancakes from yesterday weren’t so filling! Anyways, I headed out for my daily walk. I decided to also have a swim in the ocean. I slapped on my bathing suit and the thing that you put over it when your not in the pool, and put in a water bottle in my over-thing pocket. On my walk, I said hi to Bob, and all the other peeps I knew. Even Jack, who was apparently still in a bad mood. When I got done, I went back to my Beach House and went for a swim. The water was a bit chilly, but I could handle it. I collected some seashells from the bottom, and took them home. I thought I would make a stop at the hardware store, because I need a shelf to put my collectibles, and maybe use the shells to glue on and use as a decoration. Since my house is sorta tent-like, I would attach the shelf to the desk that I keep the computer on. I thought the seashells would look nice on the edge of the shelf. Don’t ya think? I walked off to Home Depot and asked where they kept the wood and super strong glue. “In isle 7.” the clerk said. I figured I should also look for a magnifying glass, to just take a shot at looking at the message. Even if it probably isn’t much, it’ll keep me entertained. So I asked if they had those. They said they should have one right at the check-out counter, you know, those things that you find just hanging there when you’re paying. I picked one and it had like a little sort of demo thing, you know, where the middle glass thing, even when it’s still in the package, there is a little space you can see through? I tried it out, and it works great. For the wood, I picked maple. I already had a hammer and nails, and all the tools I would need. Another thing from Alisha’s mom, of course. After I payed at the counter, the cashier said, “Aren’t you a little young to be out on your own? I didn’t want to go through that whole story about me being an orphan and how whenever I say so, they always say something like “Oh, how sad! I wish I could take care of you, but I already have too much children…” and then keep blabbing and blabbing about their kids. So I just said, “My parents say it’s OK.” and then left for home.

Part 6
When I got home, I started building. I nailed the wood onto the computer desk, and started to glue on the shells from the ocean. I wasn’t very good with glue, but I think it would dry clear. At least, that’s what it says on the bottle. When I got done, I decided to check out the stone with the note. It was mostly smudged off. It said:
Secre (smudge) lan 743(smudge) ro(smudge).
I wish it wasn’t so smudged. I could hardly understand. I think it said “Secret Plan at 743 road.” Probably some little kid’s club. Nothing big really happens. But still, I felt the urge to find a map to the place, and see what I can find. I looked up on Google “743 road in Hawaii”. It said No Results. Wait-There probably can’t be a road with numbers! That must have been a building number! I had to find out the street. But, I thought it wasn’t gonna be anything to get into trouble about, because nothing ever happens in this small town. This was my life, not a mission. And things like real secret plans usually don’t happen. I mean, really, this is reality. I put the stone on the new shelf and went to bed.
Over the night I dreamed that it really was a secret plan of someone trying to take over the world and make everyone his slaves, and I failed to stop, even though I tried and figured out the street. The evil person made everyone carve statues of him, and made everyone cater his every need. But it was just a dream. That stuff probably couldn’t really happen. It’s a normal world, not a fairy-tale. After I woke up, I wasn’t hungry. That terrifying dream scared my appetite right out. But, like I said, this is reality, not TV. Things like that can’t happen, and it was just a dream. I just ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast and headed out for my walk. I saw Jack again. He is still in his bad mood. I wonder what’s got him so down in the dumps. My whole walk I spent wondering why. “Maybe his pet died, or his parents died, or someone died, or he worked so hard on something and then lost it.” I thought. I mean, I think it was 3 or so days. Maybe he was in his bad mood before I met him. Before I knew it, I gotten so in my head, I walked almost 4 miles and tripped onto the sand. I bet if Jack was still walking this would’ve made him at least a little happier. Wait- I just saw Jack. Where did he go? Probably just entered a shop or something. Or maybe he went home. Uggh, I should stop wondering!

Part 7
Three days later…
I climbed out of bed. I decided to go to another breakfast cafe. I scrambled around the house for some money. I found a crumpled up $10 bill and stepped on it to straighten. I headed out on my scooter. I think I’m getting to big for that little barbie scooter. But one thing I know I’m not too old for is my little teddy bear I sleep with. If it’s missing I’ll go bonkers! Some people would say I’m too old for it, but it’s not a regular teddy bear. My mom gave it to my when I was born. It’s one of a kind, and I’ll never get rid of it. I started riding on my scooter. I didn’t see Jack. That’s strange. I usually see him walking. Oh well, he was probably out. I entered the cafe. It smelled of coffee and lattes. It reminded me when Alisha’s mom would take us for chocolate ice cream in a place like this. My mom also took me there sometimes. But then I couldn’t understand a word, because it turns out the whole cafe was Spanish. The menus, the waiters, those little cards that have pictures of food at your table. How was I supposed to know what I was doing? What if I accidentally said some type of a Spanish cuss word? I decided to just skip breakfast. Maybe I could save up the time to look for a new scooter. A nice, calm, blue and purple one with green handlebars would be nice. But I had to go back home and hunt around for an extra five bucks. At least, I think that would be the amount of money it would cost for a scooter. I mean, it’s not like buying a limo. And I already had the helmet. So all I needed was a scooter. I rummaged all around, and finally found a second ten dollar bill. More than I expected. I headed off to the mall. It’s pretty far away. So I leaped on my scooter and headed off.

Part 8
When I got in, I noticed the walls were big and white. The ceiling was made of glass so you could see the sky. Escalators went zooming up and down. Elevator button sounds were clinging to my ears. It all made me feel so small. I strolled around, stopping here and there to look around. I haven’t been to this mall before, I only knew where it was because once I saw some teenagers exchanging directions to each other. There was a humongous green plant that felt fake, a fountain big enough to be a lake, everything! I looked for a store that might have a scooter. I would still keep my old scooter, since my dad bought it for me, and he’s not here anymore…
I saw mountains of purses in a little hallway store thing. I don’t need those, because my scooter will probably have a nice, roomy, pouch. Probably. Besides, I didn’t like purses anyway. I skipped past. Finally, I saw a bike and scooter store. On the second floor. I used the elevator. It was empty. I pushed number two and it started off. I felt a little shaking in the elevator once I was just about in the middle. I heard something that sounded like a puff. And then………………….
It stopped, right in the middle! “Help! Help!”, I screeched, pressing my hands against the glass. It was a glass elevator, just like the ceiling. And it was really high. And really stuck! I banged against it. No one could hear me. I pounded and pounded until my hand turned red and bruised. I screamed on the top of my lungs. No one could hear me! It was the glass. I wish I could break it! But I had nothing to use! And no one could through a hammer up, because of course it would probably hurt me. What if I was trapped here forever? What if I’d die of hunger or thirst?
What if…
My thoughts got interrupted. Someone saw me! I could hardly hear what they were saying. It was a bald dude, wearing what looked like an old sweatshirt. Who wears a sweatshirt in the summer? Was he hiding something? Well who cares! He was gonna call the fire department and they were gonna save me! At least, I think. Those are usually who save people in a situation like mine, right? Anyways, I was gonna get out! I know, not much of a big deal, just an elevator, but nothing had ever really happened to me. I saw the guy take out his cellphone. I still don’t have a cellphone. I mean, if I did, don’t you think I would have called for help? I couldn’t hear what the bald dude was saying. The glass was too thick. I waited. And waited. No one came. Maybe he wasn’t going to save me. Maybe he was just shouting to someone on the second floor. Maybe he was just talking on his phone. Maybe I was going to be here for longer than I thought.

Part 9
It felt as if I had been waiting for hours, even though it had only been a few minutes. I tried to find something to do, like maybe scramble names of the store into more words. It got boring after a while, and I couldn’t stand being in the elevator anymore! I was beginning to get claustrophobic. I think the standing still made my voice get higher. “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!” I shouted, so load it sounded like some one kidnapped me. Almost everyone heard now! I could tell, because I heard someone shout “Don’t worry kid! Help is comin’” and someone else shout “I’m calling the firemen to get you down!”. Yes! I was getting out! Try being in an elevator that long alone and have nothing to do! It wasn’t hours-It turns out I was only in there for fifteen minutes. After all the thinking, I saw the firemen burst through the shiny glass doors. They apparently had a huge ladder, and when They finally got all the way up to me, they said this:
“Aren’t you kinda little to be out on your own?”
I didn’t know how to reply. I mean, if I said I was an orphan, what if they would take me to some orphanage or something, and then some mean old turd adopted me just to be their own little servant? What if someone nice adopts me and i grow to love them more than mom? But they were the firemen! If I lie to them, it would be like lying to the police when they were trying to take you home to your parents! What should I say, what should I say? While these thoughts escapade through my head, I can’t really focus on what’s happening. “Did you hear what I asked?” the fireman asked. I got my mind back on track. “Uh… well, I’m an orphan, but I’m perfectly fine living on my own, and I have no trouble getting food, because my best friend’s uncle donates food to me, and a lot of packages come from my best friends mom, so I have the essentials to living and stuff, and I don’t need to go to an orphanage or anything!” I said, starting to sweat. What if they ignored what I said? What if all the stuff I thought of happens? “What ifs” were climbing all over what I should be hearing. I tried to get out of my head and just hear what he says. He didn’t say anything except: “Alrighty then. Now lets get you down. For now take the stairs up, OK little missy?” Phew! No orphanage! I walked slowly down the steep brick red ladder and went to the curvy stairs. I guess it wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t too good either! I headed up the twisting white stairs. When I got to the second floor, I spotted the Bike and Scooter store, I headed in. It was a completely different sight for my eyes. Instead of white, the walls were purple, black, and dark yellow. It smelled of rubber and metal. The scooters were carefully lined up in little segments on the right, and there were gazillions of styles for helmets and pads. It was waaaaaaaaay bigger on the inside than the out!

Part 10
It all reminded me of Alisha. She loved to ride her scooter with me around New York. But we can’t do that anymore. I wish I could write her a letter, but I already forgot our address (I say our because I used to live with her because my mom and dad died until I had to go to Hawaii.) The helmets reminded me of-
SCHOOL! It starts tomorrow! I needed a scooter to ride when I’m going there, fast! I searched around desperately. It didn’t matter how it was, how much I liked it. I just needed a scooter, and fast! I just swept one off the racks and asked to have it now. It wasn’t in a box, it was on the racks. I purchased it, and it was pretty cheap. But it turns out, even when I got a better look, I thought it was amazing. I zipped out of the mall, gripping the scooter under my arm. It was sort of hard to do that, but I had to get supplies for school! I didn’t have any money left though! I wonder if Bob could have any for me. He always helps me out when I’m in trouble, because we were almost going to be family. Alisha’s mom wanted to adopt me, but she didn’t know how. She tried and tried, but she could only adopt if I was in an orphanage, which I will never be.Bob would have been my uncle, Alisha would’ve been my sister, her mom would be my mom, her dad would be my dad, but no, that couldn’t happen. It just couldn’t. I jumped on my scooter, stamping my feet on the sandy ground and pushed off. It felt like I was flying! But before I knew it, I was to Bob’s stand. I asked him politely if he had any school supplies on him. He says “Why sure! In fact, I had them just for you, just in case you didn’t have enough green.” Wow. He is always thinking! I took them, and for a thanks, I asked him what he would like as a present once I get enough money. “You don’t have to get me anything! This was just an everyday thing.” he said. “Then I’ll do it as a gift!” I say, hopping back on my scooter, pedaling off. I still didn’t see Jack. I wonder why he isn’t out much now. He used to be out a lot. Eh, probably nothing much. I pedaled and pedaled back to my house, and decided to draw. Me and Alisha love to draw. We used to do all sorts of projects together. But now, of course, we can’t. I wish I didn’t have to move. But I just had too. I drew a horse, galloping away from a stall, heading out into a big field. I thought it looks nice. I might even bring it in to show the teachers I love art. And writing. And reading.

Part 11
The next day…
I pulled myself out of bed. I looked at the alarm clock. 6:45 am flashed in big red letters, and it seemed to be taunting me, that starting today, I’d have to get up this early. I took a shower, humming to the tune of “What a wonderful world”. I got dressed in a blue and white striped tee with a blue skirt with shaped edges. I don’t take the bus, because you need a parent to fill out those forms. I missed the days I could, and Alisha’s mom would be the one to sign it. And they would except it, because back then she would be my guardian. But not legally. Now, I had to ride my scooter to school. But I was OK with that, since I loved this scooter, and it even had a pouch, like I wanted, to carry the little things. The rest, of course, I would lug around on my backpack. After I was sure I was ready, I put my left foot on the ground and pedaled off to school.
It wasn’t really far away, which was good for my legs, since it feels like a stampede of elephants stomped over it. Mostly because the school was 2 miles! At least it wasn’t too far, like the one I had last year in New York. 7 miles! Luckily, I took the bus then. But the truth is, the foot on the scooter that was just sitting there was the one hurting the most. Probably from holding it up there. When I got in, I saw the big white-painted wood doors once again, with designs of the school mascot. I went in. There were a river of cars, lining up in the drop-off area. I saw it at open house (orientation). I looked around. I saw paintings of cartoon kids, the mascot, and so much more. I guess this school likes to paint! There were lines of teachers directing kids where to go. I started heading to my classroom when a teacher with curly blond hair and wearing a flowered dress stopped me. “First you need to go to the gym and wait with all the other kids. Are you new?” she asked in a polite old-people voice. “Yes ma’am.” I replied. She directed me which way to the gym, which was huge! It had brown doors with checkered windows on it, with posters saying “P.E rules!” and stuff like that. I saw faces I never seen before,except one. Jack! He was here! I decided to sit next to him. He seemed out of his bad mood, but sort of sad. I crouched down and sat next to him. “What’s wrong? You seem sad.” I asked him in my sweetest-little-girl-in-the-world voice. “Well… if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me. Really, you won’t.” he replied, unlike when I first met him when he was rude. “I will! I promise!” I said, wondering about what it could be. Did someone break into his house? Did he throw a Frisbee so high that it went on the top of a city building? By the time he answered, I was anxious to know. “OK, if you insist on knowing… I’m being threatened.”

Part 12
“OK, like bully threatened, or… the illegal kind…?” I asked. ” The…” Jack said, and gulped without continuing. “OK, it must be bad. So, is it the “Gimme your lunch money” kind, or the other?” I said shivering. The reason I say “other” is because I’m afraid. Yes, I am. I don’t want to say what it really is, even though I know it. It just wouldn’t feel right. The bully kind is what I’d expect it to be, since we’re only in fourth grade. When Jack was about to say, the bell rung to go to our classrooms, so I’d miss it, since there were teachers patrolling the hallways to make sure we don’t talk, since they think that since we’re used to talking all we want over the summer, and when school starts we’ll still be that way. They don’t know the real deal. The new kids (me and some others) don’t talk much because they hardly know anyone, the kids that aren’t new talk a little but they know what they’re punishment would be since they’re used to the school system. I rolled my dark blue roller backpack down the hallway. It sounded like an airplane, you know, when they make that engine sound that goes “Whhhhhhhhirrrrrrrr”? I wondered where my classroom was. I saw room 324 and was heading in. I saw Jack heading in too! We were in the same class? What are the odds! Our desks had our names on them in cursive. I looked for one that says “Jennifer” . I was on the right side of the room in the front. I slouched down. The feeling of the chair was sticky, and it came with a static shock. I guess I was dragging my feet! It didn’t feel right. I tried to squint my eye to see where Jack was. Left side of the room in the back. Oh well. Guess I’d have to wait till recess to know how Jack was being threatened. My mind pounded against my skull, and everything the teachers were saying was so confusing. Not the work, but the way they run things. It’s waaaaaaaaaaaay too confusing! I mean, I wish schools could just run normal, not all confusing. Sure, the teachers are nice. But I just weren’t used to them. Maybe that was it. Maybe it was the difference between here and New York. Or maybe not…

Part 13
No. It wasn’t the moving. Life is life, and I can’t blame everything on the moving. I just have to get used to it.
One hour later…
The recess bell rang, in a Brrrrrrrrrring! We all lined up, and I saw a girl who it looked like had bleached her hair, and she was making a snooty face. She was wearing the type of clothes that would be for teenagers, but she was wearing it. Then, behind her, I saw two girls with black hair that were following her every command. They were probably trying to get on her good side, because she would be popular. And now she is making them her slaves. The bleached-blond girl gave me a nasty look. The black-haired girls saw after a while and immediately repeated after. When we were out, the bleached-blond girl said “I’m Anastasia, and you better watch out, new girl.” She went off with her head held high, and of course, the black-haired girls, who I found out they’re names were Ashley and Patrica, followed behind, forming a triangle. I just stood there. I never thought about mean girls. Before I knew it, Jack sneaked up behind me. “Boo!” he said, seemingly forgetting about his sadness from this morning. “Hey!” I said, trying not to bring up anything about the threatening, no matter how curious and anxious to help I was. It was the polite thing to do. “What do you want to do? Monkeybars? Swings? Slides?” I asked. “Uh… I don’t know. Maybe… the swings?” he said, sort of asking. “Sure! Race ya!” I said, already running off laughing. But Jack still beat me! He must be really fast. We wiggled on to the swings and sang in our off-tune voices, I believe I can fly! The funny version. We added our own words as we went along. “I believe I can fly! Like the birds in the sky!” I said. “Hopefully those birds won’t poop on our heads!” Jack sang back. Our swing were going high now. Then, I noticed Anastasia gave me a glare. A jealous glare. Right then, I knew she was going to make Jack hate me. I don’t know how, but once her popularity grows, she could probably get away with anything. That’s what Alisha always says. That’s when you got to watch out for them. The glare seemed to be pasted onto my eyes. I kept swinging, like nothing had just happened. But something did happen. I think Anastasia likes Jack.

Part 14
After the swings, me and Jack hit the climbing wall. I looked over at Anastasia and the wannabes. The wannabes looked so jealous of Anastasia’s blond hair. I guess they didn’t know it wasn’t natural. I once was jealous of Alisha’s blond hair, but grew out of it. And Alisha’s hair was o’natural. Anastasia was staring at Jack, trying to make a sweet face. Jack didn’t notice. When Anastasia realised this, she frowned. Jack was at the top, and I was only at the middle. “C’mon! Slowpoke.” he joked. It wasn’t insulting, because it was the kind of insult that you know was a joke. Because he laughed while he said it. I climbed back up, but my head was still turned the other way, focusing on Anastasia and thinking about what she would do to get Jack away from me. Sure, I wasn’t positive she would try to, but by the way she glared at me and him on the swings laughing, I knew she wasn’t gonna let me off the hook. I didn’t have a crush on Jack; we were just friends. I thought so hard, I fell on the ground and the worst part is: I had my mouth open so I go wood chip splinters on my tongue! I fell head first, so I felt kinda dizzy. I saw Jack come and help me up. “Are you OK? That was a pretty rough fall.” he asked. “Yeah.” I said, while struggling to get the wood chips out of my curly hair. When something gets tangled in hair, it ain’t gonna feel so good getting it out. Luckily it wasn’t stuck that much. Jack helped me up, and asked if I needed to sit down. “No, I’m fine.” I said. The dizziness went away. As I said that, it was the end of recess. The teacher blew the whistle.
One hour later…
It was almost time to go home. I looked around trying to figure out who sits near me, hoping it wasn’t Anastasia. I hadn’t bothered to look before. The person sitting next to me was…

The Move,Part 15

…Anastasaia! My mouth dropped open like a fish. I was completely astonished. I watched her eyes give me an evil glare as I saw her. It was as if a kid that was prone to bleeding was sitting next to Dracula! I couldn’t pay attention during the math lesson. “Jennifer! Jennifer, pay attention please! This is not your first time today. Just because it’s almost the end of the day, it certainly does not mean you can just sit there mindlessly. No excuses! I will have to send a note home to your parents, little miss.” the teacher called. She sounded strict. I guess the was only nice to me at orientation because she thought it was OK. “I…I don’t have any parents. I’m an orphan, remember?” I said back, my voice breaking. “Well… well, we’ll just have to think of another punishment then! Next recess, you have to walk laps for 5 minutes!” the teacher said back, saying the words spontaneously, thought after thought. Then, right then, the bell rang. Kids piled out, hustling their backpacks and lunchboxes out of there cubbies. I waited to get in. I didn’t want to run 5 more minutes of laps! The teacher didn’t notice me being so good, of course. Teachers hardly ever notice the good thing, but notice every bad thing. We had no homework, since it’s the first day of school. So all we had to do was get are backpacks, then go. We all got in line.

One hour later…
I couldn’t think of anything to do. Maybe I could just figure out the address on the rock, out of boredom. Hmmm… where is 743 av.? My mind felt overwhelmed with thought running over my brain. Then, it hit me. There was an old warehouse, and it’s address number was 743 avenue! Now I just have to think what road its on. “Sa.. SALVATORY AVENUE!” I figured it out! Hmm, now what to do? Maybe I should take a ride there, just because there’s nothing else to do. I leaped on my scooter and pedaled off. I was slow, because I knew that it wasn’t much. But what was weird was, no one lives at 743 Salvatory Avenue. Eh, maybe that’s just a plan for some kids. Where no one expects. Before I knew it, I was staring at the big, black, cobweb-covered, mansion. I was there. Now what? I heard something going on in there. I heard sizzling. And then I saw a flash. I was so curious, I just had to see what was going on! I went inside. There, I saw Anastasia, Jack, and the wannabes. And then I looked right, then I saw Bob and Mr.Fisher. But I passed Bob on the way here! And I didn’t see him come here, and the only way he could have left after me and made it here faster was if he was driving a car, and he doesn’t have one. I saw their mouths taped open and Anastasia holding a type of green fizzly thing in a bottle. But I all saw, that they were so shocked to see me. But why? What was happening? “Well, we might as well explain.” Jack said. “Ok, remember that note from Mr. Fisher? I was me. I took him here. Because I knew he was dear to you, and the truth is…” Anastasia did something that shocked me half to death. She pulled out her bleach-blond hair and it showed natural blond hair. Then she pulled off her face! It turned out to be a mask! She-she-she was Alisha! This time, my mouth hung open like Bob’s and Mr.Fisher’s. I stood there. “I’m Alisha. I took Bob and Mr.Fisher because I knew they were meaning a lot to you. And Bob isn’t my uncle. He only said he was because I was threatening him. But then I knew he was gonna fail, so I took him. I replaced him with a robot, as soon as I called you. That’s why the coconuts tasted weird. They got oil and a little metal on them. And the reason why Jack is here is because I threatened him too. I really do like Jack. And I wasn’t gonna take any chances for him falling for you. So I told him that if he didn’t come here to put in the poison… the bottle full of green stuff… into Mr.Fisher and Bob, I’d kill you too.” Anastasia, now Alisha, said. “Bu-bu-but why? Why did you do this? We’ve been friends for so long… why?” I said, my voice trembling, turning into a faint whisper. I was sure I was dreaming. Something like this could never happen. But I wasn’t dreaming. “Because I knew. Because… because… I was always jealous of you. Everyone always judged me because I was pretty. Only you didn’t, but everyone judged you as the nicest girl ever! I had to get revenge. And there’s no stopping me now!” Alisha said, almost crying. “Well, I would normally talk you out of it… but this is different! You… you were my best friend!” I was crying now. “Well, you came too late! But you have the perfect seat to watch them be killed!” Alisha said evily. Just as Alisha was going to pour it into Bob and Mr.Fisher’s mouths, I punched it out of her hand. It splattered all over my raggedy clothes, and I didn’t know what to think. “Well, look what you did! As long as that gets on anyone, they’ll die! Goodbye, Jennifer.” Alisha said, sassily and laughing. But I didn’t die. My raggedy clothes were… were… turning into a dress! A beautiful, white dress! “Oh my. This, this can’t be happening! I’m dreaming! I’m just dreaming! This-this-this can’t happen in real life!” I said, screaming. But, it was real. I had stopped the poison from getting into Bob’s and Mr.Fisher’s mouth or anywhere, and no one got hurt. Then Jack stood up. “Wow, Jennifer! You’re, you’re amazing!” he said. I shook myself, because I wanted to get the poison off. But it wasn’t there. The poison had made my raggedy clothes into a dress. It made me think of when I was little, when my mom read me Cinderella every single night, when her fairy god mother transformed her ripped clothes into a beautiful dress. Alisha was devastated when Jack gripped my hand. I was starting to like Jack a little bit. And I think he felt the same way. When Jack and I left, I heard Alisha mutter, “All my hard work! Ruined! I should’ve know.” Then I heard the wannabes, well, fake wannabes, say at the same time : “Your hard work! Think about all we’ve done!”. Then I saw them stomp out of the room, actually locking Alisha in the old warehouse. Then they stomped out, and headed along with us, and then we all became friends.


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