Jen’s School, Jen’s Rules!

By Calm Spinner

(This story was never finished.)

Chapter One: Hi, I’m Jen

Hi, I’m Jen. My life isn’t exactly, um, easy. My mom became the principal of the school last year, and I have to deal with kids. Mean kids. Especially Lindsay, who has her own POSSE! Some people would love to have their parents work for the school, but I tell ya, it ain’t so fun. They’re always the first to know when you get in trouble, and I’m sorta a trouble maker. Not one of the kids who constantly get in trouble, but the average kind. You know, right?

Well, to get to it, we just got a permission slip to see a real life NASA space ship! I really, truly hope my parents say yes. Well, my mom probably will- after all, she is probably the one who planned this! The slip says:

Dear Parent or Guardian,

We are planning to have a field trip to NASA space ships to study it for science. We are not going to travel in the space ship- just look around, as the astronauts and Astrologists tell the 4th graders all about space ships. If you have any questions, please refer to the school principal, Mary Jones.

-Mrs. Pithare, (the teacher!)

Signature of Parent/Guardian: ______________________

I thought about the school principal part. What if mom had questions? Oh, wait, she won’t. She probably knows all about it! But I guess the phone in the school will be ringing nonstop! I clobbered onto the stuffed school bus. Kids were screaming, hollering, and jumping all around. I trudged through the massive pile of people to a seat in the back. No one sat next to me, as always.   I didn’t have much friends.

To be continued…


One thought on “Jen’s School, Jen’s Rules!

  1. I’m too lazy to finish it, but I’ll tell you what was supposed to happen: Jen and Lindsay would be fighting on the spaceship and the didn’t realize everyone left. Lindsay falls back on a button, and they launch by accident. They get stuck on a rocket together, floating in space, and… I dunno…

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