Battle of the Beings Training Page

Where the beings come to train for battle, for experience, to gain wisdom, or to build necessary skills for their survival.

While training does not have to be in a specific area, all those who agree to training automatically agree to a truce with their teacher or student; this strong magic law was put in place to prevent the strong from preying upon those who came to them for help, and to prevent those who would be a snake in the grass from removing those of higher rank who willingly agreed to lend a helping hand.

Also, practice duels are allowed, but remember that they are only for practice! No serious injuries should be sustained or purposely inflicted by either opponent.

Train with caution, beings: remember the law; remember that those who do not play fair will reap the consequences in the end.

By agreeing to train you promise not to turn upon your teacher, opponent, or student.
By agreeing to train you turn the ground beneath your feet into hallowed land, made strong by your truce.
By agreeing to train you accept that breaking the truce will result in punishment formulated from your nightmares.

Those who break the truce will suffer their worst fears, set upon them by their own mind.
Those who break the truce will find that the very earth is their enemy; that there is no refuge.

Do NOT break the truce.

Currently training:

  • Machine Lord’s Training Camp (NOTE: Because this is Machine Lord’s training camp and the participants agreed to join, knowing the risks, this training session is NOT bound by The Law)
  • Radiance is training Nireth

39 thoughts on “Battle of the Beings Training Page

  1. (Ooc: Awesome! So, third person, right?)
    Radinace cane to a stop in a nice meadow, with a big spring, suitable for Nireth and her. She smiled, and sat down in the grassy marshlands, as she waited for Nireth.

    1. ((Out of Character: Yeah, third person would probably be much easier! ^^))

      Nireth looked around–Radiance had to be somewhere around here! She peered at her map again. Was it possible she had gotten something wrong?

      Looking up, she saw light shining through the trees, more brightly than the forest around her. With a sigh of relief, she realized that she must have reached the clearing. She hurred in, tucking her map back into her pocket.

      “Oh, no!” she cried out when she saw that Radiance was waiting for her. “I’m sorry I’m late! I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long!”

      1. Radiance was practicing lightbringing, when she heard Nireth yelling apolgies. She laughed to herself. “No, Nireth! I’m early; you’re not late!”

        She stood face to face with Nirety, who was a few inches taller than her. Then she sat.

        “To understand how we work, we need to know about each other. Tell me about you. And then I’ll tell you about me.”

        1. Nireth shrugged, “There’s really not much to tell! I lived in a viking settlement, where I learned how to sail a viking longboat over the sea, and also how to steer them up rivers. I’m not too confident with other ships, though, although I can sail them. I also picked up mapmaking–at first it was just a hobby, but then I realized that my maps could help my friends and family navigate the waters, so I began giving them as gifts to people who needed them.

          “I was happy until I was to be married to a slave named Tzar. I was hesitant, though; for when we get married, we have to give up our kransens,” Nireth gestured to the golden circlet on her head, “as a symbol of leaving our childhood. But I rather enjoyed being a child, and when I discovered he only wanted to marry me to get freedom, it pushed me over the edge.

          “I ran away, but the sea was stormy that night. I passed through some sort of portal and ended up here, on Mir, where I found a valuable talisman–called the “Moonstone”, actually–and encountered a young magician. He was… well, he was not quite who I thought he was.

          “To make a long story short, I entrusted the Moonstone to an apprentice of the Dragon Sorcerer, whom I encountered while locked away. He used it to help us escape.”

          Nireth took a deep breath. “Wow, I’m sorry I blabbered on for so long!” she blushed furiously. “I’m excited to hear your tale–” Nireth stopped herself, afraid of appearing rude. She remembered how much many of the residents of Mir seemed to value privacy. “At least, I’m excited to hear what you wish to tell me,” she ammended.

  2. Machine Lord looked worrisome, as though he thought he would not be accepted. “Hello,” he said. “I’ve got some time off while everyone elses is at ML Camp. Would anyone who isn’t at ML camp wish to be my student? I have a lot to offer, you know!” As he said this most, of the people ran off in fear, for they did not only lack trust in him, but feared his very name. “Hmmph, well, I’m not so evil as to attack a student of mine…” He whispered as he walked away.

  3. (OOC: I know I said no more comments for the day, but my friend stole my book and is now reading it. She’s already on chapter 5.)
    Camile walked into the training room and saw a note with the rules stuck to the door. “Wow, those consequences are pretty scary”, She thought as she read them,” I am not breaking that truce.”
    “Now that I’ve read the rules,” Camile said out loud to herself, “I’ve just gotta find a trainer. I wonder who would accept me…”
    “Now, to find the others.” She thought as she walked through the rest of the room.
    (OOC: How was my first try at 3rd Person? I know I probably made some mistakes.)

      1. (OOC: Great! I hope this’ll give me some practice in 3rd person for English class, I know we’ll have to write some stories or plays.)

  4. Radiance listened curiously to Nireth’s tale. She could just imagine Nireth being a child. She still was, in some ways. But now it was her turn. “I… Well, I’m a demigod child of Eris. She’s the Greek goddess of Discord. She gave me away to NASA, and I never knew my father. But I escaped, with my magic hat/hair clip, and my knives/bow. Then I went to this other island, where my mom gave me an Apple of Immortality, and an Apple of Discord. I ate both. But I saved the seeds. You see, I can’t eat anything, except for non mortal food. So nectar, ambrosia, Magic Apples, things like that. And, well, I planted Trees of Discord and Immortality. But I messed up on one tree, and combined them, but that’s not really important. And I and here to Mir, when I walked into the wrong black hole. Um, yeah, it was an accident. But hey, I’m alive!” Radiance stopped talking because she bet it sounded awkward. What type of teachers walked into the wrong black holes? No, what type of thing even went NEAR a black hole? Hmm, maybe sheshould just start training.
    “So Nireth, if you’re mortal right now, you can still train. The Apple I gave you causes raise in power level, but not total immortality. I mean, you’ll need die, get sick, or anything, but you CAN die in battle. But assuming that never happens, you’ll live forever. Now, do you have any magic? Were any of your ancestors magic?” Radiance hoped the questions wouldn’t unsettle her, is she wasn’t magical. But Radiance sensed something in Nireth, somethig powerful.

    1. Nireth listened to Radiance’s tale, her heart weeping for all the pain Radiance had to go through, but very impressed by her resourcefulness and determination.

      Nireth’s spirits rose at the idea of never getting sick!

      “I don’t think I have any magical ancestors,” Nireth said thoughtfully. “And, as far as I’ve seen, I’ve never exhibited magical traits in the past,” she hung her head. “I’m sorry to disappoint you!”

      1. “Hmm,” said Radiance. “Interesting. No magical ancestors? Mmmm…
        Well, we’ll start with something simple. It’s a phsychic ability, not supernatural. It’s a siomple leviatation.” Radiance demonstrated. She closed her eyes, and willed herself to rise. She hovered ten feet above the ground.
        “Now, it’s your turn.”

        1. Nireth closed her eyes and pretended in her head that she was floating. Soon, she felt as if there was no ground beneath her. She had done it! But when she opened her eyes, she found that she hadn’t risen at all; whe was just sitting on the ground, looking foolish.

          “I guess I don’t pass that test,” Nireth said, somewhat disappointed.

          1. “You imagined your self floating. That’s not what you do. You have to imagine that the energy from the ground is pushing you away. You have to imagine your self defying gravity.”

            1. Nireth nodded, enlightened. “Oh, all right!” she said, hopefull again. “I’ll give it a go!”

              Nireth closed her eyes and imagined a white light glowing from the earth and separating her from the grass. She dared not open here eyes this time, though; she didn’t want to be disappointed.

              Nireth still felt the prickle of the grass and sighed heavily. “Is it working?” she asked, trying not to be too optimistic.

              1. “Okay, maybe I started too hard” Radiance sat down, and put a rock on the ground and told Nireth to sit. “Try making this rock roll over. Just with yoour mind. Imagine yourself emitting energy from your mind, towards the rock.”

  5. Hanging her head, Nireth said, “I’m sorry I’m so inept at this! You truly deserve a better student.”

    Nireth bit her lip and pictured the rock flipping over, but when she opened her eyes she found that nothing had happened. At first she was frustrated, but then she remembered what Radiance had told her; “Imagine yourself emitting energy from your mind, towards the rock.”

    Nireth closed her eyes again, trying to imagine light growing inside her mind. Nothing happened, though. Nireth let herself slide a little further into meditation and found that she felt something inside herself strengthen–not in her mind, but in her heart.

    Like a geyser erupting into the sky, Nireth saw–or, felt, rather–a light blue light illuminate her heart and shoot through her veins. It flowed from her fingers and rocketed towards the stone.

    Nireth squinted her eyes shut even tighter, afraid to open them. She felt light and carefree, as if she had emptied herself of worry with magic. Still, she had often imagined herself doing magic, and her first two “successes” had been flukes.

    After what seemed like an eternity, Nireth forced her eyes open and found the rock smiling up at her. The same side was still facing upward.

    “I’m sorry, Radiance!” Nireth cried, burying her face in her hands. “I’m not powerful–I’m a waste of time!”

    1. Radiance was staring at Nireth with a shocked expression. “Nireth… You… You just did a Cleanse.” stammered Radiance. “A Cleanse comes from the heart, not the mind. You have to feel your body being rid of all evil. I saw little black dots coming out of you. You can’t flip a rock, but you can do that?”
      Radiance thought for a minute. A Cleanse was an extremely complicated psychic ability. Even she could barely do it! And every time she did it, a whole lot of black came out. There must be a lot of evil in her, Radiance thought with a sigh. But she was training Nireth. She wasn’t here to worry about how evil she was.
      “I think Nireth, that you’d be better at purifying abilities, like sending things away. Bad things. Okay, can you do that again, please?”

      1. Nireth couldn’t help but be pleased by Radiance’s words, but she still felt like she hadn’t lived up to Radiance’s standards. “Thank you!” she said meekly. “But I still couldn’t flip a rock.”

        Eager to please her mentor again, Nireth closed her eyes. She felt the warm, blue-white light, growing inside her heart. Now that she noticed it, it felt like the nice ache she always felt when she was around people she loved.

        It spread through her blood vessels again, but this time she concentrated on distributing it evenly through her body. Once she was sure every part of her being was full of light, she visualized it coming off her skin.

        She opened her eyes again, aware that something had been different in her method that time. She hoped it wouldn’t change the outcome and disappoint Radiance!

        1. “Nir…Nireth! You did it! That was a perfect Cleanse!
          Now, try doing it to me. I want to see if you can Cleanse other people. Hmm… I have ideas for what I can teach you next.”
          Radiance couldn’t wait. Nireth was very powerful. She was completely ready to teach her.

          1. Nireth couldn’t help but grin.

            “How do I clense you, though?” she asked. “Just from over here?”

            Again, she felt the light grow inside of her and spread through her body. This time, though, as she felt it radiating from her skin, she directed it in a wave towards Radiance, imagining the light washing through her mentor.

            After a moment, she opened her eyes. Radiance didn’t look any different.

            Nireth dared to ask, “Did it work?”

            1. “I don’t know… I fel a force directed at me, but I don’t know if it got in me. You’re doing great though. Now, do you have a shield against evil?”

                1. “No, no, you did fine!” said Radiance, wondering if she’d said the wrong thing. And did Nireth mean a physical shield or mental? Radiance frowned and asked Nireth that.

    1. Radiance nodded, listening. “Well, you should try one,” she said. “You… well… You have to put yourself in a mental state of resisting any energy waves sent at your mind. You have to block them. Most people around magical auras, or magical people themselves, have one by default. Not strong, anyone with decent power could break through them. A shield can be consuming, it’s very hard, but you seem natural at attacks from the heart. This may seem like a mental attack, but this is a shiled against evil, not just anything. Ok, now I will attempt to read your thoughts. Try to block me.” said Radiance looking into Nireth’s eyes.
      (Ooc: How old is Nireth? I’ve never really thought about it… Is she fifteen too? Radiance is fourteen, technically, but she’s Immortal. And I’m thirteen, but I’m a Hunter of Artemis, so I’m eternally twelve. It’s complicated. :D)

      1. Nireth nodded, a bit nervous. “O.K.,” she agreed, swallowing hard.

        She closed her eyes and felt the familiar, reassuring ache in hear heart. Only this time, she imagined the light flowing into her head and encasing her mind.

        ‘No one can get in,’ she assured herself, ‘you are safe. No one will corrupt your thoughts.’

        ((Out of Character: Yes, Nireth is fifteen! And I wish I could stay 15 forever TT_TT Actually, I wish I could go back to being five and stay that age forever! ^^ ))

        1. Radiance smiled, taking a look at Nireth’s mind. It was happy and carefree. But then she snapped out of it. She was supposed to be training Nireth. Maybe she was overwhelming her.
          “Maybe we should try something different. Something more calming.” Radiance walked to the spring, and jumped in. She motioned for Nireth to follow her.
          “Try holding your breth for as long as you can. You have to put your mind into a calm, dreamlike state. Try counting. Now, we’ll see how long you can go without breathing.”
          Radiance went underwater, and sat down. She didn’t need oxygen. She didn’t need to be calm/ She gazed at Nireth.

          1. Nireth nodded, rather scared. She was friends with the ocean, she knew that for sure, but that didn’t mean that water was forgiving. She knew that something stupid–like weighting herself down with rocks and sinking herself to the bottom of the sea–would kill her; the ocean had no time for fools.

            This was different, though; it wasn’t like she wouldn’t be able to get out of the water if she needed to.

            Nireth stepped into the water and adjusted to the temperature. She took a few deep breaths, then dived in after Radiance. Nireth let out enough air that her body settled to the bottom of the water.

            At first, she was determined not to give up, but soon she let her mind slip away, lost in the ever-changing wall of blue that was the surface of the water.

  6. Radiance nodded thoughtfully. “Would it help if Ihed you down?” she asked. “But you’ve got to remember, do not think. Just think numbers. Count in your head. One two three four…” She sank down to the bottom, and crossed her legs, looking at Nireth.

    1. Nireth shook her head, “I’m sure I’ll sink fine, especially with this dress!” she gestured to the cumbersome article of clothing.

      Nireth sank to the bottom of the pond and shoved all thoughts out of her mind.

      ‘1… 2… 3…’ she counted in her head. By the time she reached thirty, however, she found she was struggling.

      She relaxed her mind, forgetting the numbers and just letting the light coming through the water leak through her closed eyelids. Everything slipped away, and Nireth forgot all about her need for air, sitting contentedly on the bottom of the pond.

      1. Radiance slowly started to smile, after the ten minute mark. passed. She gestured for Nireth to go up.
        “That was great, Nireth!” she said. “Now if you get trapped underwater or something, you’ll live!” she added.
        “So… is there anythiing in particular you’ve ever wanted to learn?”

        1. “Oh, really?” Nireth asked, brightening. “Thanks!”

          “Um,” Nireth bit her lip, “I haven’t really thought about it. I’m willing to learn anything you wish to tell me, really! However, I think I’d value healing skills over fighting skills.”

          ((Out of Character: Aww, that’s O.K.! I knew what you meant ^^))

  7. Nodding, Radiance started to think. So, healing skills?
    “Mmm, well, I’m not the best at healing, but I do know a bit,” she said running her hands through the grass.
    “This is one of the simplest forms of healing. But very powerful. All you need is a few blades of grass, and water.”
    Plunging into a smaller stream, Radiance wet the blades of grass.
    Now she needed a wound.
    Sighing, she took out one of her knives, and sliced her left hand open. Golden ichor flowed from the wound.
    Then she put the blades of grass in a triangle form, over the middle of the wound.
    “It’s quite slow, but it works rather well.”
    A few minutes later, there was no sign of any wound, or grass.
    “It is called ‘Healing of the Ancient”. Our ancestors used it, millions of years ago. But sadly, it got lost. But I am here to pass it on.”

    1. Nireth was excited to begin learning, but she winced when Radiance sliced her hand open.

      Nireth’s jaw dropped as the wound disappeared before her eyes.

      “That’s incredible!” Nireth exclaimed. The history and magic the spell involved fascinated her. “Thank the Gods you learned it!”

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