BotB Character Change!

Hey guys, BT here. (Wow, it’s been a while since I posted here!)

I think I might want to change my BotB OC. I mean, change her completely. I mean, she’s not the same person anymore.

I’m thinking, “Goodbye, Fern, hello…. um… oh, I got it- Reena Prism!”

Abilities: Reena Prism is a 15-year-old artcaster. An artcaster is a kind of wizard that has a different type of wand, the pencil and paper. Whatever she draws would come to life. However, she has restrictions on what she can and can’t draw due to the artcaster oath:

“I cast only to protect well-being, others, and worlds. I am not to cast for a selfish or evil reason, or draw things beyond my level of training, or else I shall face the consequences.”

Currently, she’s a trainee for the order of artcasters, which is like level 2 out of 5 levels. She can draw basic weaponry such as swords, bows, spears, and shields. However, she cannot draw living things or any weapon with too much power.

Personality: Reena has a hyper personality, and is eager to be a student of the great artcasters. She’s friendly, but sometimes can be a little irresponsible and air-headed.


I might do more with her later, but I’m just sharing the basics.

BT out!


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