Battle of the Beings Art Page

Pandora’s Battle of the Beings Drawings:

Finally I’ve started drawing the Battle characters. My most recent update is this:

^^ It’s finished! Well, sheet one, anyway.

Yes, after days (11 days otl) of procrastinating, it’s finished!!!

Click it for full view!

LtoR: Phoenix Girl, Thunder Ninja, Lady RCG, Rainbow Nightmare, The Shaded Lady, Nireth of Normandy

~Your rainbowey art fart walking iTunes friend, Rainbow Nightmare

Nireth’s Battle of the Beings Drawings:

Sheet 1:

LtoR: Thunder Ninja, Rainbow Nightmare, Lady RCG, Nireth, The Shaded Lady

Sheet 2:

LtoR: Celestial, Phoenix Girl, Hland7, Grantm56, Machine Lord

LtoR: Stickie, RC

Ravenclaw Gurl’s Battle of the Beings Drawings:

Eww these are horrible OTL

Changed some stuff, added minor shading.

I tried to make Nireth look more like a historical viking rather  then the stereotypical kind, but I ended up making her look like a hippie instead. e__e

And here’s a final picture before I butcher it up by coloring:

And now the color X_X

Scanned version:

Nireth looks a bit like an American Indian, and the SL looks like…crud.

I tried to give her the effect of shadows clinging to her but I failed OTL

I failed on the whole picture, basically.

I can’t color


Grantm56’s Battle of the Beings Pictures:

Note: Warning: These pictures are drawn by Grantm56, please close your eyes if you do not want to see some failure.


Machine Lord’s Past comes back to haunt him in the form of an evil spirit:


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