^ that’s the sound of me screaming as I have been doing since 2011

Can I just say that joining Tumblr all those years ago was the worst decision I’ve ever made, 0/10 would not recommend. My procrastination levels are through the roof and it’s just terrible and ugh.

At least I escaped from TV/movie fandoms for good! I can now say I only have a casual interest in Doctor Who. No one will know I used to rewatch at least one DW episode every day. :p

To be honest, these days all I do to pass the time is listen to music! Some of my long-time faves are Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Arctic Monkeys, Paramore, Regina Spektor, Halsey (I knew her before she was cool, aren’t I such a hipster), Panic! At the Disco and The Neighbourhood. Some of my newer faves are Melanie Martinez, Cage the Elephant, Two Door Cinema Club, Twenty One Pilots… I am definitely forgetting some but yeah they’re all great!!

I’m going to see Twenty One Pilots in concert on May 3 and I honestly could not be happier!! Those guys are so inspirational and their music is really touching and meaningful (especially some of their earlier songs) and agh man I just love them. Plus they have the BEST live shows, it’s all energetic even though there’s only two of them and they do cool stuff like drumming on top of the crowd. To be honest the thought of this upcoming concert is the only thing keeping me sane.

The final year of high school has been absolutely killer (not in the good way) and I’m not handling it well. 😦 At least I finished my whole maths course last year so that’s one subject out of the way, but I still have all the other subjects… If anyone else does the IB program, you will know my pain.

People are already talking about formal (prom) already and I’m just like… “Hahaha that’s a reminder that I’m graduating this year and will be going out into the world next year and I am extremely stressed and frightened thinking about that so I’m going to retreat from this conversation now.”

Anyway… there wasn’t really a point to this post except to tell you guys what’s new with me, I guess? Not an exciting life I lead, as you can tell lol. I only posted twice in 2015!! 😦 Also I am currently procrastinating on a huge essay draft which is due tomorrow. Someone please slap sense into me or something.

I hope you guys are well! xo



Since people are writing hello-again posts, I figured I should I write one too. My last post was in February! D: Not much has happened, I do have some updates though:

  • I procrastinate so much. This isn’t anything new, but the severity of it is. I NEED HELP.
  • Still not over the fact that I’m in Grade 11 and everything is happening so much and I can’t even.
  • I have so many new TV shows and I think my inner fangirl is about to combust from feels. Does anyone here watch The 100?!?! I need to lie down just thinking about it.
  • In November I’ll be finishing Maths forever (providing I pass the exams) and I’m so nervous, oh god…
  • I’m only 14, someone save me
  • I went to school camp and it was pretty fun. Our little group woke up at 4am and walked down to the jetty to watch the sunrise, only to realise that the sun rose on the other side of the island. We’re idiots. XD But apart from that, we had fishing, making obnoxiously tall sandcastles, competitive/nerdy Chemistry contests, games of Bull—t and Snap… Fun times.
  • Doctor Who and Sherlock are back soon oh my lord
  • I go to university now! 😀 (I get to skip high school every Friday and go to lectures instead which is awesome.) It’s fun, I can’t wait to be there as a full-time student rather than a part-time student. I’ve been doing Anatomy & Physiology there and it’s really interesting, even if I am pretty crappy at it.
  • It is currently 1:40am and I’m procrastinating on going to sleep even though I have to wake up at 6am otl OK BYE

clever title

Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long. I guess this blog is pretty much dead, though. It’s pretty sad. 😦 I’ve been busy at my new school (well I guess it’s not new anymore, it’s been a year). The workload is crazy heavy! But I’ve made great friends, which is awesome. And it is totally acceptable to be a huge nerd like I am.

I found so many great TV shows, which is a curse because they eat into my time so much. BUT I LOVE TV SHOWS!!!??!?

If anyone else posts, maybe I’ll post something more substantial later on. But this blog really seems like it’s hit a dead end! ;(



So I got back on Tumblr after 3 years… I changed everything, and deleted most posts, so I can make a fresh start! It won’t be a character blog, because to be honest I don’t think it’d be very active. But I will probably just reblog fandom-related things and funny text posts, I don’t know… I love reading Tumblr text posts on Facebook, but now I’m going into the real thing. So scary!

Sooo, follow me please! I am:


I’ve asked to join the BotB Tumblr, but I’m not sure if I did it right! D: God, I am a Tumblr noob…

Well, that’s all! Hope we can get the new BotB tumblr active soon!


Information on Pandora


Summary: Pandora is primarily a Being of the mind. She has the ability of telekinesis and is a touch telepath; she can sense emotions and concepts just by coming into physical contact with another living being. As the strength of her powers often varies and can be unreliable, she has learned how to use a knife both as a tool and to fight. She is a very caring, rational and motherly person, despite her young age. However, emotions often cloud her judgment and can cause her to make rash, often regrettable decisions. Pandora arrived at Mir at the age of seven with no memories of previous life. She was adopted and raised by the Court Physician of Mir, who encouraged her to study and become interested in learning through experience and exploration, thus fuelling her love of adventure.

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Please answer these questions!

Yay! My 400th post on this blog!

Warning: this post is a train wreck of unorganised ideas and questions.

I feel all refreshed now that I’ve changed my Gravatar after such a long time. From Sherlock to… Clara Oswald of Doctor Who! For some reason I love her even though she’s written more as a plot point than a real person. Maybe I just love Jenna Coleman.

School starts again tomorrow, I might not be too active. ):

Okay, so I have a few question relating to BotB.

I always want to write interactions between my character and another’s, but I am scared of godmodding. Is it godmodding if I write a story that includes a Being I don’t own, meaning I will be controlling his/her actions, emotions and speech, and everything? I would try to keep the Being as in character as possible, but I just don’t know if I am allowed to…

So there’s that question (because I really want to write a short multi-chapter adventure thing), and also I have some more. Basically, I want to know about Mir’s…

  • Religion
  • Royals
  • Views on magic
  • Education
  • Location (and nearby cities)
  • Trade

I don’t think there’s a concrete, canon answer to all of them. If some have never been addressed, for example no adventure or role-play has ever talked about the Mir people’s religious beliefs, does that mean I am allowed to make it up and it is accepted as canon from then onwards? Like, I just write in an adventure that Mir worships the god Jenny or something, and then that is basically fact in the world of BotB?

Also, do you know any information about the things listed above? Because I haven’t read many role-plays… So I don’t know if you guys have already established an education system or created the royal family (if there is one).

I don’t want to godmod and make people angry but I want these things created! Such a dilemma…

Okay, so those are all my questions. I would appreciate it a lot if you could help me out. See, I want to start writing new adventures but I want to address the issue of “is it or is it not godmodding if I make Tridah say ‘Hi!’ to Pandora without Ana giving me permission to first”?

Please help! Thank you. Also, I will be making a post of extra Pandora information just for reference, which you can ignore.

Pandora’s Prologue

Note: just a short origin story I was inspired to write after reading Ana’s post below. It explains – well, more like documents how Pandora ended up in Mir.


Pandora’s Prologue

There was a flash of light as bright as the sun. In the middle of a forest choked by thick, cool mist, a girl suddenly appeared, gasping for air in the chilly night. She lay facedown upon the autumn leaves covering the forest floor, her limbs splayed outwards and her long red dress tattered and ripped. Her body would not move.

The girl lay like that for a long time, taking in deep breaths and waiting for feeling to return to her skin and for her muscles to start responding. Gently, she used her weak arms to help herself sit up. It was a slow and shaky process.

When she managed to sit up, a throbbing pain pounded against her skull. She whimpered, not having enough strength to do much else. Her brown, tangled hair was everywhere, including in front of her face, blocking her view. Once again, the girl waited for her strength to return. During this time, her headache dimmed a little.

As her head cleared, details filtered through. The floor was cold, and so was the air. Birdsong sounded through the area, and tree leaves rustled softly, like whispers.

A few minutes passed until she stood up. Stumbling slightly, she pushed her hair away from her eyes and took in her surroundings. She was in a forest; that much was obvious. But it was nighttime. She was shrouded in darkness, and it pressed down on her shoulders, squeezing her lungs, with little moonlight to lead her way. The girl shuddered; she was afraid, and even in this expansive forest she felt claustrophobia pulling at her inner fears.


That one word flashed through her mind, with no meaning attached to it. She grabbed at her thoughts, searching frantically for an explanation of why it seemed so important.

Is it my name?

She came to the conclusion that it must be.

She was Pandora.

Why didn’t I know my name?

Horror dawned on her. The world was so big, so oppressive, and she was such a small and young girl. Because she remembered nothing. She had not a single memory, not of why she was here, not of her past life, not of a single fleeting moment! And it scared her to death, and she began to sob. Her knees collapsed under her.

And so Pandora sat in the folds of her dress, the trees circling her, and she cried and cried without end.

A passing huntsman heard Red Riding Hood’s cries.

He motioned to his men. They, too, heard it. Nodding to each other, they pulled on their horses’ reins and changed direction, slipping silently through the trees like ghosts. The night birds seemed not to be singing anymore; the world listened to the young girl’s sweet, melodic weeping.

“Slowly now,” the leader told his men as the trees parted and paved the way to a shadowy clearing.

Tentatively, they approached the bundle of cloth in the middle, and it took them a while to spot the small, pale girl dressed in it. As she noticed the strangers’ presence, her sobs became quiet.

“Who are you?” she said, looking up at the big, strong men with wide and unknowing eyes. Eyes that had seen nothing of the world except this small clearing hidden by night and mist.

“Knights of Mir,” the leader replied. “Pray tell, young girl, what are you doing in the cold at this time of night? You’ll freeze.”

“I don’t know,” she replied truthfully. Then hesitated. “Can you please help me? It really is quite cold,” she said, her teeth beginning to chatter as though to prove her point. “Those big coats of yours look lovely and snug.”

The leader nodded to one of the knights, who jumped down from his horse and wrapped the small girl in his arms. She could be no more than eight or nine years old. The knight heaved both himself and the girl back onto his horse.

“Where is your home, girl?” the leader asked.

“I don’t know,” she said again. Her teeth stopped chattering; the knight’s arms were nice and warm.

“How strange you are,” the leader mused. “Back to Mir, then. I should think our night patrols are over. We all deserve a nice bowl of soup before bed, and we must bring this young girl to Her Majesty the Queen.”

The knights nodded and murmured in agreement. Someone’s stomach rumbled at the mention of soup. The group sped off into the night, back towards civilisation and warm fireplaces. Pandora closed her eyes; she was so tired, and her muscles were weak with fatigue. Thoughts flew through her mind as she flitted in and out of consciousness.

Why don’t I remember?



Life was beginning. It was time to find out who she was.