It’s been a while…again.

I’ve been meaning to post for a long time, but each time I didn’t have enough to say to make a meaningful post, so I decided to compile all those short posts into one long posts, so as not to waste time/annoy people.

I owe most of my misery to academics and extra curriculars this year, and I’ve been super busy, as shown in my post count from this year (which may or may not be hovering around zero). Most of the blame for my cramped time goes to swimming which I’ve become more serious about this past year.. I’m pretty proud of myself, because I’ve improved a lot. Practice hours have stretched so long, and ended up taking up lot of time that could have been used studying, and well…I’ve gotten through exams pretty well, but not as well as I am capable of.

In the fall & winter I was super busy with band, and I was very lucky to make it into several honor bands, which was such a fun experience. One of my directors was Robert W. Smith, who is an incredible director and composer.

I’m also pretty stressed about moving schools. For high school, I’m transferring to this prestigious private school :P. Everyone is excruciatingly friendly and nice there. Being an unsocial person, this unnerves me. However, I get to take some pretty fun “related arts” classes that I’m excited about and aren’t offering at my zoned local public high school.

One last thing that I’m hyped about: I just won a recent poster contest! The first place prize is $50 (which is actually a bit lame, but I’m grateful anyway), so I look forward to spending it.

I’ll try to post more from now on (though that’s what I said last time..), but I don’t want to annoy everyone with like short posts that say nothing except “hi”.

Have a nice day 🙂


Well, hey

It’s been a while.

How’s summer been?

I really can’t believe a month has already flown by, and in that month I’ve done absolutely nothing. Except draw and blog.

Speaking of blogging, do any of you have a tumblr? I’ve started going on a like 24/7. Mine’s autumnii, follow me!

I really really really want to see Brave. I’ve heard it’s absolutely fantastic, and I LOVE Merida’s hair from the trailers.

I also bought the DVD for The Avengers, and it is adjlsekke;;si INCREDIBLE. It’s one of those movies that sticks in your head all day; I’m going to tennis camp (which I suck at but I’m quickly improving) and all I think about is the Avengers while I’m playing. I’m absolutely sure I just look like that clueless kid stumbling around with a glazed look, with the weird friends who are always singing or chanting (because they do). But I don’t care, because the Avengers are so much more interesting then tennis.

I leave you with Luna Lovegood:

And an old HP draft handwritten by J. K. Rowling:

Heh it amuses me that Draco Malfoy could have been Draco Spungeon xD





Yes, I’m starting ‘Phoenix’s Adventures’ again. ^^ This week at my school are exams and stuff. After that, everyone basically acts like school’s over with, and that’s what it feels like, and every one knows it. So I think this time I may actually carry through with the story.

I loved writing the adventures, and reading everyone’s adventures. Where did those days go?

I’m changing Phoenix a lot. She’s become more of an average random character than a real person. Physically, I’ve decided that she will be very small, but lithe and lean (the better for flight). I’m taking away her bangs because a lot of the characters have bangs, I’ve noticed in the art trade. Her hair is no longer perfectly straight. Now, more realistically, it’s windswept. I’m changing her dress; it’s going to be more of a midievil-modern cross dress, her being immortal and all. I’m giving her a scarf, and a small, thin pair of aviator’s goggles ( I hate bulkiness), something I noticed in Nireth’s picture. I’ll tweak her personality a lot (she can never have enough faults) and basically making her more realistic and un-Mary Sue. Look out for a lot of pictures; art’s is slowly taking over my life again now that school’s gone.

That’s basically it; any of you guys change your character’s at all? I’d love to know! ^^



First, I picture of Katniss that I’m working on for my friend:


Second, My laptop looks just so pretty. Physically, I mean-and the screen. I didn’t know any laptops besides Macs could look pretty. It’s white, with kind of a faint diamond pattern, I guess. :3

And finally, the main reason of this post. I don’t have much music I’m willing to listen too anymore 😦 any suggestions? I don’t like a specific genre- for me it’s more of a singular song type thing. For instance, I don’t like Pandora (radio, not the person) because I like the song, but not the songs related to it instrumentally or vocally. I need more music!

More Recent Things

Sorry I wasn’t role playing the other day-I was obsessing over Corel Painter Essentials 4 because I got my mom to stay home and babysit ^^ It was pretty confusing, but I finally produced some fanart- It’s Piper, Jason, and Leo!

Yay! 😀

Speaking of art, I switched deviantART accounts again-back to ~silafeather, so for those of you who have a deviantART account, I’ll be there! (my previous one was ~EndOfTheSky) I still need to clean up the account and stuff, so the change won’t be official until later..


And on other news, You know how the “new Ipad” came out? My parents thought this was good reason to buy the Ipad 2! We went to the mall today and got one-it’s so shiny and cool-looking. I’m so excited x)


Recent things

My old laptop broke (well, the ‘e’ key did) and the company can’t fix it, so I’m getting a new laptop that’s basically 5000x better than my old one! It should come tonight 😀 This also means I can use my tablet again!

Also, I got this cool book called Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. Basically, follow the instructions, and wreck it!

My favourite page..

Sorry about the quality (and my big hand), this old laptop is weird and someone must have deleted the webcam or something because it didn’t work and I had to go on an online webcam website to use it. :p I also got How to Be an Explorer of the World by the same author, but it’s not as amusing.

And on a totally different subject, do any of you guys babysit? I do, but it’s usually babysitting someone I do not think is annoying or a pet like a hamster. My dad is making me babysit this guy named Jason tomorrow, along with my little brother. I’m not looking forward to it that much, because I find him annoying and bratty. Also, I overheard my parents saying he was spoiled. And I don’t think I’m getting payed. >:| I’ll probably be bored out of my mind, so if any of you would like to role play…

Hunger Games movie

(doesn’t contain too many spoilers)


I liked:

-the dramatic scenes

-Cato, Clove, & Glimmer

-The end and close to the end, they were the best acting parts (I didn’t want it to end)

-Caeser Flickerman & Effie Trinket

-The Game room or room where they programmed the game

-How it was it good book-movie linking movie

-And a great movie, you knew what was going on whether or not you read the book

-Seneca Crane

-Seneca Crane’s beard

-Seneca Crane’s suit


Didn’t like:

-The chat with Gale (sounded forced)

-No. Madge.

-The reaping. It wasn’t dramatic enough.

-When they had the trackers inserted into their skin (looked like it hurt a lot)

-the middle/beginning

-All of Peeta’s subtle head shaking/ knodding (did you notice it?)

-The size of the Cornocopia (too small!)

-The size of the supplies (too small!)

-How they portrayed Foxface

-The mutts (just weren’t scary and I wanted to see the eyes)


The only part I cried was when Seneca Crane was in the room, and tried the door, which was locker, and then the camera zoomed in on the platter of nightlock.

But really, the movie was pretty good!