iPod Picture Challenge

Okay, guys! I challenge you all to go to your iPod/iPhone/thing with pictures in it and post the last five pictures you feel comfortable sharing (xD if you don’t feel comfortable posting a picture of your bloody toe, then don’t post it). You also don’t have to post pics of the same thing (i.e. two pictures of your bloody toe). I have a very high comfortability (if that’s a word) level with all of you guys, so I’ll probably post some pretty embarrassing pictures. Okay, here we go!

Picture 1:



This picture was taken today, during seventh period, my last period. 😉 Computer class! The teacher gave us all treats. Lookit my epic snowman candy cane. And lookit my weird hand. xD And lookit the computer and the mouse off in the distance.


Picture 2:



xD Ahhh… Well… This is a screenshot. Someone wanted me to show them how many ‘Low Score’ updates I could get in a week and I showed them. In my defense, I’ve been busy wasting time doing very important, highly productive things. I had a punch of pictures of the candy canes so I skipped them all. xD So, yes, bask in my amazing grades.


Picture 3:



Umm… didn’t feel like taking notes the other day. Didn’t do the assignment, anyway.


Picture 4:



Totally from tumblr. 😀 This is a Glinda from the National Tour of Wicked. xD This shirt actually says a lot. Glinda can go up to an optional double high G which is just amazing. And I still struggle with that high G. Oh well. I’ll be wearing this shirt someday.


Picture 5:



That’s just a Wicked promo shot from the Helsinki production (in Finland). I love the original design, but the Helsinki was the first non-replica design of Wicked, and it was just as amazing as the original Wicked. Glinda’s actually in a real bubble, as opposed to the thick metal hoop. There’s no bubbles coming out of it but it lights up in neon lights. The Thank Goodness scene resembles Evita the musical even more than the original production. I love it!

Done with my pic spam! Hope you enjoyed a look into my iPod! 😀





xD I don’t ever post and then I do super boring posts and it’s just like blegh.

Anyway, if I don’t already follow you on tumblr, please tell me your url! 😀


So today we counted attendance at school. There’s over 2,500 people at my school.

And a grand total of 803 showed up.

Yes, I’m totally, completely, no-Shiz-University serious. Less than a turd of the school showed up.

So I was thinking today (suspend your disbelief). A turd of the school showed up. And two-turds didn’t show up. Well, the two-turds that didn’t show up are turds for not showing up. But then I thought about it even more (suspend your disbelief further). Maybe the one-turd that did show up are the real turds for not staying home. But wouldn’t that make us all turds? And therefore, the logic follows that we might not be turds at all. This haunted me during French class, as I thought about it instead of paying attention.


So, I suppose I deserve it. My teacher, instead of saying “stupid” as “stu-pid”, says “sshhhhhhhhhh-tew-pid”. And I was sort of mocking her. xD I regret nothing.

BUT she was teaching us and I don’t know what happened. One moment I was listening about epic heroes and the next, I was off in my OTP fantasyland. Anyway, the teacher clapped her hands, said “Get tew work,” and everyone had a pageful of notes. I only had the title.

Notes about Epic Heroes

Well, obviously, the teacher walked around to see our progress and my page was blank. OH TOO BAD FOR ME. But it involved public humiliation.

Anyway, that’s all my spamming for right now! 😀

Une Eleve Stupide

Eh, don’t feel like finding the accents.

Guys… it’s been too long. I do realize. 😉

So much crack has been going on. I never knew there was such thing as a life. I was in for a surprise when I hit high school. It sort of threw everything out of balance.

xD So… I’ll tell you my schedule, and then I’ll just write what I would tell my teachers if I could tell them what I truly thought of them.

Let me tell you my schedule first. We have block schedule, and we have periods 1,3,5, and 7 in one day (Odd days) and periods 2,4,6, and 8 on the other (Even day). They way I like to think of this is: Thinking class, language class, Theatre class, and non-thinking class.

Period 1-Geometry (Thinking Class)

Ah, Geometry. Mrs. B., I’ve been meaning to ask you since the moment you first spoke, if you were a singer. Did you know you have a mezzo-soprano lyric voice? I’ve always wanted to meet a lyric mezzo and hear one sing Carrie from Carrie the Musical but you’d think I was quite odd if I asked you that. Everybody has this sort of… uncomfortable feeling when it comes to you. Me included. But I’m intimidated by your teaching methods. Before, we were required to memorize the steps in solving an equation. You, however, are making us understand what we’re doing. I don’t mean to sound stupid, but teenagers, in all honesty, don’t like thinking. Yes, we like fangirling, we like thinking about Twitter and Facebook and whatnot, but we don’t enjoy true thinking. Those labs you made us do, for us to figure out a simple formula that you could’ve just given us… I hated them. I even felt intense feelings of dislike towards you as I was doing them. But I do admire you for making us do it. I’ve found that I’ve been understanding this strange, foreign concept called math. I’m sure I’ll be angry many more times this year to come, but I’ll thank you by next summer.

Period 2-Biology (Thinking Class)

Oh, Mrs. Q. You have no idea how I felt when I was late to that class. I don’t know why I was late; I had been listening to my iPod, listening to the OBC of Next to Normal, and I suppose I didn’t hear the bell. Please don’t think I’m a common ditcher. I really did feel bad when I arrived late to that class. I wasn’t trying to say that I hate your subject…. although I do. You don’t know how much I wanted to tear that paper to shreds; the one about the heart and the circulatory system? I’m sorry to tell you that even after your thorough explanation, I still don’t understand the difference between a tricuspid and a semilunar valve. I’ll try harder for this unit; cells. By the way, do you remember that time I showed you how I focused a microscope perfectly? It wasn’t me. It was the girl who sits next to me.

Period 3-French (Language Class)

French. Ha. As if. I can hardly master English. But, you know. Why not go out on a limb? Madame, I just want to say that you are one of the sweetest people ever. You’re an amazifying teacher, and please don’t feel like you’re a bad teacher simply because I don’t grasp it. Tu est vraiment intelligente et fantastique. Merci. Je suis une eleve stupide; pardon. I’m also sorry for trying to challenge French II Honors. I realize I’m not ready to take it, so I’ll patiently wait for next year. I’ll be in French when I could be in Choir. But it’s okay; it’s what the colleges want, right?

Period 4-English 9 (Language Class)

No, it’s not okay. I do realize that now. 😉 She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Anonymous English Teacher, I’m sorry for all my missing assignments. And I’m sorry for my continued use of simple sentences. And most of all, I’m sorry for mocking you behind your back. If you’re wondering if I’m really as shy as I pretend to be, I’m not. It’s an act. My soft, sweet voice is also an act. But it’s dangerous waters when it comes to you. I’m not the only one with an act, when it comes to this. Look at the redhead sitting about four desks behind me. She’s not as sweet as you think she is. And I’m not as sweet as you think I am, either. Would you like to know something? No? Yeah, nobody finds your sarcastic sense of humor amusing except for you. I guess I’m not as sorry as I said I was. I’ll just come out and say it, though. Why did you give me an S for citizenship? I deserved an O. I did. I never bothered you; and you told us all that that was your problem. You wanted us to bother you, you wanted to know our names. I never bothered you. It’s almost December. And you still don’t know my name. But I know yours. And I’m rather disturbed by the fact that I didn’t get an O from you.

Period 5/Period 6 Tech Theatre/Theatre (Theatre class)

Mr. C. I have you at the same time each day. Right after lunch. Thank you for pretending to not see me when I stuff my face with cookies during your class. Thank you for letting me be the “Girlie-Techie”, the “Techie-Actress”. I’m a connector; I blur the line between teching and acting. Thank you for acknowledging that. I don’t regret giving you that Almond Joy. Maybe I would’ve, had it been another teacher, but you deserve it. Wanna know something, though? On that first vocab test, I shouldn’t have gotten a sixty. I should’ve gotten a hundred. You mixed up the questions. in means towards the center. Out means away from center. I got that right. I know I did. You shouldn’t have mixed them up. And you shouldn’t have given me a ninety for my work in tech when we were making that flat. I should’ve gotten a hundred. Just because you never saw me with the grinder doesn’t mean I didn’t use it. And did all my days of hiding in the shadows after school, bruising my wrists by carrying that table mean nothing to you? I’m terribly sorry if it didn’t and we didn’t meet your expectations. I probably wasn’t your first choice to be a technician. Imagine it, a freshman who’s obviously never carried anything heavier than two laptops and with pink ribbons in her hair. Why would you want me as a techie? You didn’t. I saw that quite well. But here’s the thing. You had no choice. No one else was busting their butts to go please you after school. And I did. Every day. I teched every day after school. You yelled at me. You scared me. But I was still there. And I’ll always be there, in the shadows, waiting for you to give me a chance on that stage. And if you won’t, I’ll still be there, Assistant Wing Manager of the Left Wing. That was my official title. But you didn’t put that in the program. You wrote Stagehand. And you spelled my name wrong, even after I corrected you so many times.

Period 7-Business Software Applications (Non-thinking Class)

Mrs. S., I’m no angel. I’m just as bad as all the kids playing Halo. We all take advantage of you because you’re old and partially deaf. I’m sorry, but it’s true. You think we’re doing the assignments you tell us to, but we aren’t. We download them from the internet, change the names, then do whatever we want for the class period. I always have my earphones on and you’ve never noticed. You’re such a sweet teacher, but you’re memory is failing. You haven’t learned anyone’s name. Truly, I think you should be fired and there should be another teacher that’ll actually teach us computer stuff. But it’s okay, I like doing whatever I want in your class. Mrs. S, you remember that day when one of the kids knocked over your recycling bin all over the hallway? And everyone just left, throwing their trash down and laughing? I pity you. They treat you however they want, but so do I. If you’ll remember (I doubt you will, failing memory), I was the one who cleaned it up. Before you go and give me an O for citizenship… I’m no better than the rest of them. I was doing it so other teachers would see me, so that other teachers would think I was a good person. Unfortunately, no teachers were there. So I simply got up, dumped my own trash on the floor, and left. I’m a hypocrite. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry. I feel guilty as I think of it.

Period 8-Dance (Non-thinking class)

I’ll just come out and say it; I took this class for my personal benefit. I wanted to be a better dancer. But it didn’t quite work out the way I wanted. Why did you give me an S for citizenship? I didn’t deserve it. I deserved an O. I did. I sound self-centered, but I wanted that o. I thought you of all teachers would give me one. Wasn’t I always that shy, sweet student that smiled and helped everybody? Yes, it was an act, but most teachers fell for it. Why didn’t you? I don’t know why you didn’t. I think I played the role perfectly. But I’m always going to have to improve. And for the showcase dance, why did you partner me with a SpEd girl? This is an extremely selfish moment, but I want to performs well. I want people to notice me. I want them to see. I’d like to sparkle on that stage, I wanted to be in the front row. But with my partner, you out me in the back corner. In fact, you even went as far as to tell me that you were trying to hide us. And now, you think that I’m a bad dancer. I’m certainly not the best, but I can pick it up and I’ll move well. I won’t disappoint. I would’ve loved to be front and center. Maybe it’s better that I stay back, though. For the next dance, I’m fully prepared to claim my rightful spot, though.

And that concludes my rant. It was extremely selfish and it shows just how un-perfect I am. I’d like to think I’m not the only one who thinks this way, but you never know. Have a nice thanksgiving!

Do you guys see what I did? I did a post in things I’m ungrateful for on Thanksgiving. It’s just like me. xD

Laaaa laaaa! Laaaa laaa!

We’re gonna make you pop-u-lar!

Just kidding about that. I’m sorry for posting two days in a row about my probably annoying life, but I need to post it somewhere.

So, let’s see!

Today I had a conversation with my English teacher! Don’t worry, it wasn’t something like my conversations with a certain choir teacher. I actually want this teacher to not hate me. xD So today I’m grumbling in a high-pitched annoying voice to anyone who cares to listen: “I got dress coded because my pants were a fire hazard, for goodness sake!” And this awesome teacher tells me: “Yep, they do stuff like that. I highly doubt you were in danger of a fire though.” And I’m like “Yes! You get it!” and she laughs and just as she’s leaving, she’s like, “It’s Isabelle, right?” and I nod and say, “With two “L”s!”

I’m thinning maybe one teacher will like me this year. So I’ve decided to do all of my English homework. In math yesterday, my teacher asked where my homework was, and I just told her flat out, “I didn’t do it.” ‘Cause that works, right? xD But I’ll try to do my English homework.

So, today’s audition for the improv comedy went pretty okay, actually. We were playing this game where we get in groups and there’s a line and we take the personality of the person that comes in. Well, to fill up a whole theatre, you need to speak from your diaphragm. So I yelled “HEY GUYS I JUST HIT THE HAPPY JUICE! SO GET ON THE FREEWAY AND FLOOR IT!” Well, we all had fun taking my personality. xD And when my teacher came it, he was sitting really quietly, without doing anything. We sat in an awkward silence until I broke it in front of everyone by “farting”. I did a fart sound with my mouth and cracked the whole theatre up! My voice did crack a couple of times, but overall, there wasn’t anything too bad. I didn’t stop singing.

Let’s see, things coming up next week… Well, tomorrow I’ve it auditions for The Nutcracker, but I just realized I’d rather not be a snowflake in front of a serious audience. Besides, there’s no way I can get pointe shoes by tomorrow. So I guess I won’t go. Unless my dad randomly drives me to the audition and drops me off. I’m willing to try out with street shoes. Sunday, I’m doing NOTHING! Finally! Thank goodness! I’ve been so busy with stuff! Monday, I find out if I’ve made it into the Compulsive Liars and the Wicked thing. Wicked’s a lost cause. I forgot the words. But maybe the Compulsive Liars! On Tuesday, I’m just tech ing. My official title is “Assistant Onstage Props Master”. Fancy title. xD Basically, I’m doing the props/helping with the quick change/set changes. And they want to train me as the next Stage Manager, but I said no. I plan to be on stage next time. I’m only teching because these roles were precast. Besides, the techies get to be in the curtain call! Have any of you guys ever teched? Well, anyway, on Monday in tech, and Tuesday I have open house, a meeting at some political person’s house with my dearest darlingesr Monsieur and Popsicle, and on Wednesday I have choir rehearsal, and I’m teching, on Thursday I have Drama Club, and on Friday in free! As of right now. xD

My resume still looks horrendible. xD But I’ll do something about it someday.

I feel really good about this week. I was really productive and I went to auditions and did stuff. xD And I learned the midpoint formula! How’s your guys’s week been? I bet my dearest darlingest Popsicle is taking me to the Strip tomorrow! xD Not to like, strip, but like, to see the casinos and stuff. And I really like this one dress from Guess…

Yep! So that’s my life so far!

And You’re So Twisted Too… I Forgot The Words.


If you guys want to yell at me, it’s okay.

But… I’m alive!

Well, my rant:

I was at an audition to do a benefit performance with the Wicked cast members on tour, and I went up.

I completely, literally went up during the song. I was representing Thespian Troup 6266 as ‘SRHS Girl’ (or at least, that’s what my application said) and I was really excited. Well, I saw the other kids representing the other schools. They were really nice, actually. The one representing LVA was really amazifying and nice. Well, this is how my audition went.

Dance: I never considered myself as a swing, who can learn several parts. Swings are often embarrassed to put ‘swing’ on their resume, but I say it’s something to be proud of! I’d cast a swing over an ensemble any day, swings are just amazing to have that mentality. Well, in dancing, I’ve never even thought about auditioning as a swing, but it was one of those ‘learn the dance, then dance it’ auditions. It was only 24 counts, but I just couldn’t dance. I’m a trained tap dancer (yeah… TAP. It’s actually not that embarrassing though) so I don’t do modern or hip hop. Oh well, I learned the routine, went onstage with the other kids, entered stage left, and danced. Needless to say, I forgot the dramatic side-step, but I kept a smile on my face. That’s called being Smartified. When all else fails, smile.

Song: After dance, you get on stage and sing a song. Well, every Hairspray audition song I’ve ever done has always ended in a disaster. You Can’t Stop The Beat for LVA, I went off key, I Can Hear The Bells for Annie and I crack, the usual. Well, let me say this. I crack, I go off key, but I never stop singing. Stopping singing is the worst thing you can do at an audition. And want to know what happened today? Yeah, I stopped singing. I haven’t the foggiest what possessed me. I literally just went up (that’s theatre terms for drawing a complete blank). I was singing Mama I’m a Big Girl Now (obviously not, after this audition, but still) and I entered at “Ma, I got to tell you that I have no doubt” or something right on pitch with the right amount of belt to fill the whole room. But just as I entered another verse, “and you’re so twisted too… Whoa-oh-oh-oh…” Well, I felt myself switch from chest vice to head voice, as I sang a D, and the thinking threw me off. NEVER think during an audition. Just don’t. Well, I was going down on the “whoa/oh-oh-oh” and I was thinking, “chest voice”. Because I have a blissful blonde brain, I can’t focus on two things at once. And then I just lost it. I simply froze and heard the accompanist going on with the song. I stood there, feeling the casting and artistic directors’ eyes on me, and all the other actors’ shock, and then… I laughed.

As you all know, I have the strangest reactions to stuff. Well, I stopped, the directors stared at me, and I opened my mouth and let out the most high-pitched laughter ever. I even squeaked! For a few moments, I laughed madly, until the accompanist asked if I needed a moment. I simply shook my head (still laughing) and stuttered “I… I forgot a line!” That drove me into more hysterics, until one of the people came to gently guide me off the stage. But then I realized I was being ridiculous. So I stepped forward, looked at my sheet music, and told the accompanist, “give me two measures before “Once I used to fidget…” and he did. I belted the rest of the song. Hmm.

Monologue: monologues are my strong point, because I can project well. After finishing laughing my head off at my seat, I clambered back on stage and took the spotlight. And I said my monologue. From Love Never Dies. And it went well!

And yet, no one else stopped singing.

I wonder about me sometimes. I’ve done pretty embarrassing things other times (it took me about 10 minutes to get the right modeling pose at a ‘shoot once) and I’ve covered for other actors (once this kid just ran off the stage. Me and the girl were playing the leads in this musical so we improved until someone sent the understudy on we waited for the next musical cue) but I’ve never, like, done anything so embarrassing.

Oh well. I’ll never do choreography with the cast members of Wicked. Now I just have to wait till tomorrow to mess up my Compulsive Liars audition.

I’ve been so busy! I’ve been booked all week! My only free day is Sunday. I’m doing The Nutcracker auditions on Saturday, and I’ve yet to get new ballet slippers. Hmm. Great planning on my part. Oh, and guess what?! I already got dress-coded! I try to break the dress code twice a week, and not get caught but I got caught yesterday. I was wearing ripped jeans and they were a ‘fire hazard’. Not kidding. That’s what they literally said. Isis the dumb thing and protested the validity of the claim. I got reminded that I was the student, and the lady who dress coded me was the adult. I got to walk around in gym shorts the rest of the day. I was the only techie not dressed all in black. Pity.

So! Lies I’ve told this year at school so far.

Lie: “That math test? Oh, I’m the most smartified kid in the class. I got a hundred. Because I’m so smart.”

Truth: “I failed it. Happy, now? It wasn’t even a fifty. It was a zero. I can’t draw a square.”

Lie: “Oh, no, you saw wrong. I was picking up my fallen bracelet. I didn’t trip or anything.”

Truth: “I tripped up the stairs. It’s possible, you know.”

Lie: “I’ve got a wonderful soprano voice. I’m the bestest singer in the world.”

Truth: “Yeah… Um, no comment. But let’s just say my mom thought a cat was dying when I was singing the last notes of Phantom.”

Lie: “This summer? I went all over! Hawaii was great, and I did amazing ‘shoots!”

Truth: “I stayed home all summer. And the only ‘shoot I did was a Back To School Ross Shoot. I call myself a pitiful creature of darkness because of that.”

Lie: “Oh… I’m sorry, I can’t actually see what you wrote on the board. I forgot y glasses.”

Truth: “I think I left my glasses somewhere in Chicago, to be honest. They’re not popular, Glinda claims. And Glinda’s always right. So I will learn to see without them.”

Lie: “I never lie!”

Truth: “I’m a master liar… Or am I? ;)”

Lie: “The homework? My dog ate it.” (This is why I never let myself improvise: I always have the other actor on stage do it, and I just follow their lead).

Truth: “I gave it to my dog to eat. But she didn’t. So I destroyed it myself.”

Lie: “I want to be a psychologist when I grow up.”

Truth: “I don’t like psychologist. They don’t like me. I don’t like them. I wanna be on Broadway. Who cares if I’m having delusions of grandeur?”

Lie: “I spent 20 minutes studying last night for the test.”

Truth: “I left my binder at the Rainbow Theatre. And I didn’t even notice it. Because to be honest, I spent all night trying having delusions of grandeur.”

Lie: “Oh, I actually got a hundred on that Biology test!”

Truth: “The girl next to me got a hundred… And the logic follows that I did too.”

And now, I leave you with this Glinda/Fiyero picture! I’m the only Gliyero shipper in the world. But I’m a multi-shipper. I ship Fiyeraba, Gelphie, Gliyero, you name it, I ship it.


People Need to Stop Getting on my CASE!


I’m fat.

Deal with it.

But seriously, the ways my family goes around to tell me. Ugh, whatever, just because they never eat doesn’t mean that other humans shouldn’t eat! I like sunflower seeds. And cookies. And a bunch of other things with sugar. Which is probably why I’m fat. But they need to stop telling me that I’m fat and go eat something.


I was fat, I am fat, and I’ll be fat forever. That’s simply the truth and it’s going to be that way for forever.

I’m done ranting now. xD

WAIT. Someone just called me “fattie” so instead of wisely smacking that person, I’m angrily taking it out on this poor blog. I’m sorry, little bloggie. I don’t mean to be abusing you with my rants on how fat I am, but smacking someone would be sort of problematic. I think I’ll go read Wicked fanfiction now. ‘CAUSE WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?

Oh, sweet Oz, when did I turn so dramatic?

My Angel of Music!

Oh. My. Zeus.

Listening to Music of the Night hypnotized me! I can finally understand Christine… I never really “got” why she would get all mesmerized in that song, but oh, when I listen to it… ❤

I was seriously staring at my screen, not moving, with my mouth wide open the whole time. When it ended, I realized that that song is very powerful. I shook my head, to clear it, and tried not to listen to it anymore. But of course I did. That. Song. *glare*

Seriously, all the Phantom has to do is open his mouth, and I my senses will most definitely “abandon their defenses”.



Well, you guys probably don’t want to hear a thirteen year old girl rant, but I’m going to do it anyway.


If you guessed me, then you’re…

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