Haloween Drive

By Calm Spinner

(This story was never finished.)


There once was a place called Halloween Drive. No one thought it was haunted, and that it was just a coincidence that the name was “Halloween Drive”. And they were right. Until one day…

In a church, there was a small little graveyard, with a bouquet of flowers here and there by some graves. One grave particularly stood out, though. It read:

Madeline Jonesmit

Born: 1346

Died: 1346

Madeline died on the day she was born. Not of a disease, but of a stab in the heart. Unbelievably, the suspect got away, and later that evening, police found him in Cincinnati stabbed- by his own knife he used to kill Madeline. A note was left by his body and did not explain much. All it said was- ‘A present from someone you ‘know’.’ Detectives were called to understand who wrote this letter by fingerprints or such, but nothing was found. Absolutely nothing.

But that was so long ago to the 21st century. Now, here is the story.

Chapter 1

Rose got out of bed. The weekend. No school! She excitedly leaped and ate breakfast of waffles. She slipped on her sneakers, hopping on one foot, stuffed her skinny 10-year-old arms into her fuzzy gray coat. It was October 31! Halloween! She loved the fact that the name of her street was Halloween Drive. Rose headed out the door, after telling her parents where she was going, of course. She ran as fast as she could toward the old church. It had a small little fishpond outside of it, and Rose always enjoyed feeding the little guppies and catfish. But something abnormal was in the graveyard, which was right by the fishpond. A grave labeled Madeline Jonesmit was dug up.

To be continued…

Chapter 2

Eh, who cares. She’ll be reburied, though Rose. She stepped over the cracked gray graves with the old, dead names printed on them in capital letters. Rose was never the least bit superstitious. Rose got to the pond. Gray musk surrounded it. It was a cold, damp morning.  One that wasn’t too cold, but felt as if it would pour any second.With the clouds pestering the blue sky from appearing and brightening the morning. Rose thought this was perfect for Halloween. She slung the Cheapo’s Store plastic bag she had carried fish food in over her shoulder. Rose set it down on the turning-brown grass, and with that it made a cackle, since it was lain down on dead leaves. She grabbed the fish food out. Rose’s only ‘pet’ was these fish, and there were many of them in that pond, probably squished, Rose thought, because the pond was as tiny a puddle. She delicately sprinkled on the fish food as if it were sprinkle’s on her best friend’s birthday cake. If Rose had a friend. No one liked Rose. The little fish in the pond immediately saw the orange-yellow food and their mouths formed an O and swallowed the fish food. Rose sprinkled more and more, until the can was empty. “Sorry, little fish. There is no more. I promise, I’ll buy more tomorrow. Cross my heart, hope to die.” Rose said. If she knew what would happen the next day, she would regret it…

To be continued…

Chapter 3

The next day…

Sunday, November 1st, 2009. Rose glanced at the beach calendar. “Honey, get ready! It’s almost time to go to church.” her mother said from the living room. “I will.” Rose said in a groan. Rose liked church, but why did they always have to go so early?  Rose never knew the answer to that. “Awwwhhh!” Rose yawned, then plopped on her purple-polka-dotted bed. Rose had already gotten dressed in her white silk dress with yellow sunflowers. Rose thought it looked like she was a living cloud. But she knew not to say that to her mother. When they got to the church, Rose’s mother said they had a little extra time. Rose begged and pleaded to visit the fishpond, and finally, she could go. As soon as she saw the guppies hopeful faces, she forgot her promise.  She knew she wouldn’t really die because of it. It was just a saying. Strangely, although that morning had been bright and sunny, the sky began to get cloudy and rough. Microscopic raindrops fell from the now-gray sky.  Then, the strangest and most mythical thing happened. Everyone, except Rose, had vanished, as if into thin air, except a tall woman, in a black dress, with matching black hair. She looked abnormal- her face unusually pale, baggy eyes (although she looked quite young) and dirt here and there. The woman walked up to Rose with no expression on her face. Everyone else was still gone. “Mine.” she said to Rosa grabbing her by the dress collar., in a voice that sounded like death itself, not yelling, not normally talking, not whispering, but, just so, windy and breathless.

To be continued…


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