We’ve switched to a new chat provider, like all the hip kids! Click here to join our Discord room!

Our rules may be a bit dated; we’re probably going to update them soon.


  1. Generally, the commenting rules are the same as the chat rules.
  2. No bad words. No swearing. “Bad words” are not only common swear words, but any words that may be rude or offensive to other bloggers/readers.
  3. No Spamming. Spam is meaningless, imaginary words like “hyghiwej”.Spamming is also using too many smilies, which are not bad, but if you fill an entire comment will nothing but smilies, it is qualified as spam. Please don’t do this, as it wastes our time and delays us from bringing you quality news and updates.
  4. Use manners and be respectful to faculty and other bloggers/readers. Be nice and use common manners with other people. Remember that they are human, like you. If you do something that is in any way offensive to other players, you will have to

a) Apologize to the person offended;
b) Apologize to staff who had to spend extra time sorting out the problem;
c) Pay the normal rule-violation consequences.

  1. Do not reveal personal information. Do not under any circumstances share personal information.
  2. What is personal information? Your address, your school, your full name all qualify. We will accept age, gender, and your first name, and maybe your country and state too.
  3. No murder/death threats. Revealing the fact that you are a homicidal psychopath doesn’t help solve problems. It doesn’t really help you make friends, either.



42 thoughts on “Chat

  1. Man I wish I could chat on this. T_T But I gave my only Xat account to my brother and he doesn’t want me “messing it up” if I go on here. :/

  2. Sorry for my sudden dissapearance a little while ago. My mom came in my room and chewed me out for having the laptop on my bed.
    And I don’t really like people seeing the chat chat conversations, so I closed out.

    1. Well, a lot of times copying the code won’t work– the way I do it is use the publishing feature and publish a post of it. If you want it on a separate page, edit that post, copy the code, delete the post, and add it to a new page. Sorry for the confusing instructions!

  3. Sorry Guys, I can’t get on Xat for awhile, because I don’t have access to a a computer. The one I usually use is messing up and my dad would never let me touch his precious laptop.

    I hope to get my own personal laptop for Christmas. (Or at least enough money for a decent one.)

    I think Chatzy’ll work on my iPod, though.

    1. is the mobile site if you have an account! That’s what I do with my iPod/iPad. It’s kinda annoying to type on it if you don’t have a keyboard, but its cool. You just have to know the group number for the chat.

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