I’m back

Hey guys this is MH and I have been really inactive the past 6 months. It’s not school that is causing the offline status, but it is me playing basketball. I’m going to try my best to be a lot more active on here, xat, and other sites. Our basketball season is over (almost) and in band I play drums and concert season just started so I won’t be needed much in that. So pretty much, I’m going to be active (or at least try to) for the rest of this school year.



I’m still alive…

Writer’s Block

Hello, this is MH

I have suffered from writer’s block lately, but I’m gonna try to have a new story by my birthday, March 18. 😀 For my birthday, you don’t have to get me anything xD but we will celebrate my 13th birthday on the WTR chat. At the celebration, I will reveal my new story. So, that’s it pretty much. Sorry for the short post.  I have created pat one of my story. It’s called The Adventurous Maddoters. Enjoy part one.

It was Tuesday, and Judy’s test was on Friday. She was nervous, but if she aced it, her dad would buy her a car. She was so ready for it, but didn’t know what was going to happen. She was a school one day, and her friend, Lexi, was really excited for some reason. “What’s going on?” asked Judy. “Judy, I’m getting a new car!” said Lexi, with a huge grin. “Wow, what kind?” asked Judy, almost sad her friend was getting a car before her. “You know that red convertible at Justin’s Auto Parts, I’m getting it!”
Judy had lost it.
That was the car she had wanted since she got her learner’s permit.
She was going to get it, with Lexi dead or alive.
After school at Judy’s house, she was getting a strange felling in her stomach. Then, her fingers and arms and legs starting glowing, and she turned a dark purple. She was now a Maddoter, the fabled ledgends of Freghed, the city she lived in. Then, a sword shimmered in her hand. Now she could get that car. She ran outide, trying to avoid her parent’s. Then, They came. The sky went pitch black, and was outlined with the yellow lightining. She was afraid. She had heard of Them before before, but never thought the were real. She now had trouble on her hands.



A randomly short post.

This is mai randomly short post! *fireworks explode*

I’m going to a football game tommorrow! Ole Miss vs. Arkansas! I hope Ole Miss wins, but Arkansas has a good team.

My and my friends have made another term for friend: mysterious fellow.



Me and ML got played against each other. It was all cleverly done by ND, the hacker. He always hated me and ML, so this is what he did:

Step 1. Get us mad at each other. He told me that ML hacked my account, but he hacked it.

Step 2. Well, step 1 obviously states it all. 😛

So don’t trust ND…

I’m eating sunflower seeds. 😀

One more word: EAT YO VEGETABLES BOI!!!


I’m also making a new character named Leo the mortal boy. I’m tired of being the Madhatter.

Secret Room!

You know how on T.V. shows and games, the school ALWAYS has a secret room? Well, my school has one too! On the stairs to get to the second floor, you can see a small door. Our teachers say it was just a mistake, but today we found out what it was. One of my friends got dared to put a stink bomb in the teachers lounge. He found a key in there that looked weird. We tried every door in the school except the one on the stairs. We tried, and it opened! It went down into an old room, AKA the old teachers lounge. We went inside, and there were some REALLY old books, like a yearbook from 1889!  One of my friends dads makes duplicates of keys. All 17 of my friend were there, and we all got a key. The room is now the POPTROPICA/WTR FANCLUB ROOM!!! We stocked it with some computers from the computer lab, a mini fridge from the student lounge, and Poptropica AND WTR fatheads I made! The WTR one is REALLY cool. I am one of the 17 people who know about this room! YAYYYYY

P.S., I don’t like RCG anymore! 😉

I have a date with the head cheerleader!!!! 😀