Old Authors’ Material

This is a page where you can access all the ex-authors’ material. Since there were a lot of pages for everything, we decided to bundle it up into one page with parent pages. Feel free to explore! It’s like going back in time. This is like recording the history of WTR, although you can click on the archives for history as well. Click on a link to access it:

Old Stories

Old Pages

Old Poptropica Stuff

If any hidden material is found, the pages will be updated. Note: pages/stories/Poptropica stuff with passwords will still be locked with a password. We hope you enjoyed browsing through all our old toys. And remember, just because we classify it as old and not really part of WTR anymore, that doesn’t mean it isn’t copyright! BEWARE, THEIVES!

Any comments? Feel free!


6 thoughts on “Old Authors’ Material

  1. Interesting… I remember all that old stuff, but I remember it in its glory! Oh how foolish we all were, especially me…

          1. There’s nothing like a fresh start, eh? But, still, loving arguing doesn’t make you a fool! One of my best friends at school always picks arguments with me, especially about chivalry. I, being the naive little child-brained teen that I am, always believed in chivalry, but she insists that it never existed.

            Besides, the more arguing you do, the better you’ll be able to defend yourself in court if you ever get wrongly accused of a crime! You’d also be a great debater.

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