Dark Story

By Poptropicalthunder

(This story was never finished.)

Here’s my page for my new story, called Dark Magic Quest.
I’ll be posting long chapter and scanned illustrations untill chapter 25!


Shadow; The power to hover darkness over everyone

Midnight; the power to make anytime midnight

Violet; the power of strength

Rose; she can turn the world’d attention to her

Icelle; the power of ice

Aqua; the power of water

Lexi; a regular girl, helping the Dark Knights

Sunshell; the power of happyness

Forest; she can shoot vines out of her hands and direct them to any place

Firea; the power of fire and heat

Sahara; the power to poke someone hard with her cactus powers

Steveweight; the only male Dark Knight

Darkcase; the leader of the crew and the power of all the Dark Knights

Saralle; The princess Dark Knight. She is trapped in a dungeon in the Dark Castle. The knights are trying to find her.

Phantom; All the invisil praries.

Electra; the power to electrocute anything.

Dowa: The power to suck anything up.

Part One:

The knights looked at the castle. It was gray, completly matching the sky. Darkcase pulled the knights along. There was a little screeching noise. It was Saralle. “Quick,” Dakecase commanded.
A silver knight dressed in armor was by the door. He held out his hand. “Not so fast,” The knight said.
Electra electricuted the knight. He fell down in pain.
Darkcase swung the door open.

The place was filled with dark treausures. Darkcase looked around. Her eyes filed up with tears. “These peasants took my tresures,” Darkcase said.
Dowa sucked in the treasures, then spilled them out to Darkcase. Darkcase shook her head. “I won’t be needing these,” She said.

“We better get going. There’s only 20 minutes left,” Violet said. Sahara poked the floor, again and again. “Um, guys, Saralle’s touch message is on the floor. I think she’s underground,” Sahara said.
“Perfect,” Darkcase said. She crashed her force in the the floor.

Everyone swooped down. Icelle froze the extra ground above her. “Are you crazy!” Darkcase said. “Just kidding. Thanks.”
Right in a green cage, princess Saralle was. She was wrapped up.
“Quick! Quick! 30 seconds to go!!!” Violet screamed.


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