The Sweetest Wind – ηicøℓα

This story is complete and by ηicøℓα! It was written for National Novel Writing Month 2012, which she won in 27 days with over 52,000 words. Visit her account here. Please keep in mind that during the month of November, all writers focus mainly on quantity rather than quality and that is why the standard of this novel may be quite poor.

Warning: some mature themes are contained within this story.



-Chapter One-
-Chapter Two-
-Chapter Three-
-Chapter Four-
-Chapter Five-
-Chapter Six-
-Chapter Seven-
-Chapter Eight-
-Chapter Nine-
-Chapter Ten-
-Chapter Eleven-
-Chapter Twelve-
-Chapter Thirteen-




7 thoughts on “The Sweetest Wind – ηicøℓα

  1. This was amazing. It was great entertainment while I was sick yesterday. 🙂

    That ending… Oh my gosh, it’s even better with the rest of the story. (And she just accepts it, like ‘Okay, I’m done here.’)

    1. Thank you! It makes me so happy when people read my stories (even if the story should not be displayed to the public because it was written by a sleep-deprived, stressed 11-year-old).

      Yeah, the main reason I made her not bother to keep living until the end of her two weeks was because I couldn’t be bothered to keep on writing.

  2. THIS WAS AMAZING! I was at a friends house and super bored and was so hooked on this.

    You are such a talented writer and have inspired me too actually continue my stories!

    I was so surprised at the end! I didn’t except it too be Rein. I really loved the last chapter. How Rein accepted his death so well and how Emma welcomed Death like an old friend. It was great. I was almost crying when Opal left Emma as a friend and turned into a vampire.

    I could go on and on with praise!

    1. Oh my! It’s comments like these which make me want to keep writing! Thank you for making me feel so fluttery inside. I’m so glad I’ve inspired you to continue your stories; it’s so satisfying to finish a story and I absolutely love your stories. I can’t wait to see where A Game of Bloody Hearts will go!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my story so much. *online hug*

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