A Quest of Death

By Calm Spinner

(This story was never finished.)

Chapter One

Icedeath stared into the cold moonlight, outside the droopy cave she had slept in all the time, with her group of friends. They were put in a foster home, since their parents had all gone missing, but they had ran away, because they thought they weren’t kids anymore, since they were all 23, and, born on the same day, but just with different parents.

Fireblade creeped out of the cave and crouched down next to Icedeath. “Whatcha thinking about?” he asked playfully. “Nothing. Come sit.” Icedeath said, and Fireblade sat at the edge of the steep cliff on which their cave was on and smiled at Icedeath. They’re names were different, but they shared the same personality, and always had fun together.
Fireblade sighed, the kicked his legs around in the air, then looked down at the abyss below them, like a child watching the city from a plane. Icedeath wiggled her bare toes, like if she was a strange alien who just found out about feet, and how to control them.

They looked at each other, maybe, wondering what to do, but, suddenly, Aqua stepped out. Aqua was they’re friend; but sometimes they had both wished for her to be gone. For a reason you’ll soon find out. “Hi Icedeath, hi Fireblade! Thought of anything to do yet?” Aqua said, cheerfully as a baby bird waiting for food from it’s mother. Aqua whistled, while Icedeath replied, “Nothing. Wanna sit?” Fireblade said in a sighing voice. Aqua swung down gleefully, tapping her dainty toes against the hard, gray rock.
Icedeath looked around, with no expression on her pale face, and said, “I’m going to get some rest. Have fun.” She tried not to look back to make sure that they weren’t having more fun just because they were alone, but she couldn’t resist. Icedeath saw Fireblade getting up, dusting his old jeans with messy holes, and replied “I’m going in too.” and headed along in with Icedeath. They lay down on the hard, cold, cave floor, as they did every night, without a blanket in sight, and fell asleep. Or, at least, that’s what they wanted each other to think.

To be continued…

Authors Note: It isn’t very revealing about what the plot is, but you’ll see. You’ll see.

Chapter 2

They were really up, staring at the abyss at the cave doorstep. Why, you ask? Because, once, one of their friends had fallen in. Well, a pet. A small, dependent, sneaky, little dragon. They had it throughout the years, and it had helped them even find this home by it’s wonderful smelling sense. His name was Moonlight, after the night they found him, because it had been an unusually bright full moon.

Moonlight had a spell put on him by a terrifying black hawk that had been stalking Moonlight since he was born. It was seemingly normal- seemingly. But it was black as a raven, and as clever as a snake with extra sliver. The spell was to be a baby dragon forever, or, be doomed to eternal childhood, unable to be an adult dragon. Neither Fireblade, Icedeath, or Aqua knew about this, because they only had Moonlight for a few years, and didn’t know much about the dragon lifecycle.

But, alas, one, horrid, stormy night, Moonlight was looking up at the moon that shone on his scales like glitter pasted on, and then, it happened. Something had pushed Moonlight off to the abyss! Moonlight clenched onto a small ledge for life, but that was not enough. Moonlight had fallen, very deep into the abyss. And, the thing that had pushed Moonlight off, had never been caught, nor was the stalker who put the spell on. It was still loose.

The next morning, Aqua was the only one who had enough sleep. Aqua was new to them, so she didn’t know a thing about Moonlight, since Fireblade nor Icedeath had ever said scarcely a word about Moonlight. Fireblade and Icedeath had swollen eyes and were looking dreary. “Wakey wakey sleepyheads!” Aqua had called to them when they had first woke up.
Icedeath and Fireblade had set off for fishing after that. They walked around the path they had that led to the ocean. It had no sand, no ice, but just grass, like their cave. Firedrake and Icedeath had to jump there, since there was no real path, just their imaginary one. They didn’t have fishing nets either- just sticks with worms stuck to it.
When they got there, the sun was gently rising over the wavyness of the sparkling ocean like magic. They loved the beauty of it, everyday they fished. But this day seemed as specially beautiful. They stuck they’re dirty pink worms onto the stick and put them into the ocean.

To be continued…

Chapter 3
The sticks swayed in the cold gray water. After they had a bucketful (it was a busy day for the fish) a ginormous black bird appeared above them, but Icedeath and Firebalde didn’t notice. They were too observed in having fun with each other and playing with the caught fish. Their tattered clothes had dirt on it like a tattoo, but it had been dirty ever since they ran away from the Foster Home a few years ago, when they were just 16. That was 7 years ago. They were used to it, and loved the cave as much as a little child would love the home they were born in. The big black bird meant nothing to them, even if they knew it was bad.
They crawled back up and walked slowly back and talked on the way there. When they got back to the cave, the sun had fully set above to the sky. The sky was gray, turning blue, not a cloud in sight. But, just as they were going to step foot in the cave, Icedeath tripped on a dead tree that had fallen. Fireblade grabbed her hand and helped her up. A few squirrels hopped out of the hollow whole in the tree, and beetles crawled all over it. “You OK?” Fireblade asked, pulling her up. “Yeah” Icedeath said shyly. She blushed. Fireblade was still holding her hand. When Fireblade realized that, he let go and said “Oh… um…” and blushed along with Icedeath.They continued their walk back to the cave, but, they didn’t know this, the big black bird was still following them.

Chapter 4

When they got back, Aqua said she was going for a walk to the mountains. Icedeath said she didn’t feel like going, and Fireblade said the same. They sat on the leaf couch they had made. It was really just a large, flat garbage bag full of leaves, since they couldn’t afford a real couch. They didn’t mind the bugs and dirt on it- their clothes were dirty and raggedy anyway. They brought out a board game they had all pitched in to make out of a square piece of white painted wood they had once found and some woodchips, along with a few rocks.

They checked outside, and they realized it was sprinkling. It made a lovely sound. It grew louder, and louder, and louder… then suddenly, it was a storm. Clouds hovered across the sky, raindrops stomped among the dirty ground and clashed against the pebbles, thunder boomed and seemed to shake the earth, and here and there lightning flashed across the gray sky. Icedeath was never fond of thunderstorms, even though she was 23 then, and not a small child. She covered her ears with her grubby hands and her teeth chattered. Fireblade saw this, and comforted her. “It’s fine. We’re in the cave.” Firebalde said, in a soft, delecate and fragile, as if it could break. They forgot that Aqua was outside by the mountains, and could’ve been struck by lightning.

To be continued… you know, later…

Illustrations and Graphics:


Sorry for the Bad Lighting. Sorry for the Bad Lighting.
Sorry for the blurriness and the bad lighting. Sorry for the blurriness and the bad lighting.




Poptropica Form:
Click Here to see the Poptropica form of Icedeath!

Doll Form:
Dress Up Games, Doll Makers and Cartoon Dolls @ The Doll Palace

Picnic Doodle (Just like Paint) Form:
Icedeath Picnik Doodle (Paint)
Yes, very suckish. I know.


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  1. Ok, lemme just get this straight… I can draw way better now. Those illlustrations were too generic, too skinny, too… blah. Like my story.

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