six and a half years later

It’s been six and a half years since I first joined this blog and over year since I posted.

Does that make me dedicated or just crazy?? I like to think it’s the former.

I like to think that in six and a half years I’ve matured, but then I would just be lying to everyone and myself!!!

I’m almost an adult now o: I don’t like this feeling very much. I guess at some point I have to accept the inevitable……..passage of time…………………

pictured above: updated 2016 depiction of Rainfall

Some crazy things that have happened since I was 15…I got a job! I got a car! I got accepted to governor’s school! I quit violin! I made it to the position of 1st in my class! I promptly fell from 1st a semester later! I visited three different states! I was a cat for Halloween two years in a row!

Things have been up and down. Sophomore year was probably one of the best years of my life, but junior year is solidly one of the worst. I have hope that things always get better eventually, though.

I hope you are all doing fantastic. I love all this talk of a story revamp.

If you’re ever bored, let’s talk! I’m always here!


The Tumblr dilemma

Maybe I should just title all my future posts “the _____ dilemma.”

Anyway, I just implemented a tag page and a new tagging system for my ships on my blog. But then I realized, of my some 600 pages, only about 1/2 have tagged posts, and only 1/2 of those are properly tagged.

So I had the brilliant idea of going through all pages and tagging every post. Alas. I’ve got about 433 pages left, and I’m still in 2011. The problem with being stuck in 2011 is that I have to endure little fangirl me. I called people peasants, used the :33 emoticon very liberally, reblogged rage comics, referred to myself as a potato several times, etc etc. It’s mortifying.

The second dilemma is that I’d really like to get back into gif-ing, but the Photoshop I’m using is apparently screwed up, and it won’t let me transfer any video files, which majorly sucks.

I could make graphics, but…no. Graphics are off limits. Not only am I terrible at it, I don’t have great experiences with it.

The only time I ever tried was photo manipulation with Enjolras and Eponine, and the positive response from the shipper community was awesome, but the next thing I know, that picture is showing up as reposts on Pinterest, Facebook, and even Tumblr with more notes/likes than the original. I sort of sulked grumpily away from that area of Photoshop afterward.

So, gif-ing is my weapon of choice. It felt nice contributing to fandoms that way, especially if they were small and tightly-knit. I still cringe when I remember my crappier gifs from back when I didn’t know what sharpening, coloring, or psds were. But, still, it was fun.

The gif dilemma is that I first have to find a better download of Photoshop, and then I have to find something to actually gif. I’d like to do something related to Doctor Who or Harry Potter, but since Harry Potter is over and I don’t watch Doctor Who anymore, it’s hard to find something I like that hasn’t already been done.

Maybe a challenge? I once did 25 days of Sherlock, but that was quickly dropped. I’m sort of toying with the idea of doing Hogwarts sorting for my favorite characters, but that’s a bit cliche. Or even TVtropes, or dictionary definitions! What do you guys think?

The third dilemma is that I need to change my theme. I like the color scheme of mine, but I dislike how big the sidebar is and how it doesn’t show tags. I don’t want something flashy, but I also don’t want something too…not flashy?

Well, first world problems.

It’s hard to find something to do during the summer. Half my friends are traveling, and it’s so hot outside! For a couple weeks I’ll be stuck in Nashville, where my options are pretty limited. I can either play around with Photoshop, or binge-watch TV shows, which is practically what I’m already doing so far.

I’ve just finished Breaking Bad, and (SPOILERS AHEAD) actually quite heartbreaking. I know that Walter turned into the villain and everything, and though his fate was inevitable, it still left an empty space in my heart. I’ve just finished rewatching all of Community, and I think I’ll rewatch Arrested Development or Merlin next. I also want to start Orange is the New Black and actually finish Teen Wolf, but they removed it from Netflix! I’ve seen a bit of Torchwood, but it was too gory, though I adore Captain Jack. Hmm, so many options. I’m probably going to end up destroying my eyesight by the time school starts. What kind of shows are you all watching?

Sorry that this post had very little point! Just popping in!

The language dilemma


Hello, folks and kindred alike!

When the time came around for sorting out next year’s schedules last semester, I did the standard going-around-and-asking-teachers-for-signatures thing. Soon enough I chose and qualified for the following: Chemistry, AP European History, AP Art History, Mandarin I, English II, and Algebra II.

Fine and dandy, right? But here’s the issue — I don’t know if I really want to do Mandarin I in favor of Spanish III now.

The other day my Spanish teacher called me over. I kind of nervously strolled over, certain I had done something wrong, but to my pleasant surprise I was informed I had actually, despite my substandard performance in her class that year, managed to get a gold award in the National Spanish Exam.

Naturally, I was thrilled, but then I realized that that would be my final triumph ever in Spanish, since I would be dropping the class.

And that’s where I hit my roadblock.

So here’s what I’ve managed to map out:

Mandarin Pros

  • Easy, since I can speak and understand it already
  • Very easygoing teacher
  • Lack of oral presentations and tests
  • Chance of meeting people I have more in common with
  • My parents are a reference for anything I need help with

Mandarin Cons

  • Colleges won’t like seeing someone who already knows the language take a class on it
  • The aforementioned easygoing teacher might not actually be around next year
  • I’m not really interested in going into business, the career sector most suitable for Mandarin

Spanish Pros

  • I can further see if I actually have potential with the language
  • Future possibilities of studying abroad in Europe or Latin America
  • Very, very useful in the United States
  • I don’t have to worry about getting pronunciation wrong and embarrassing myself
  • My sister is a reference for anything I need help with

Spanish Cons

  • Terrible Spanish program at my school
  • I fell asleep so much in Spanish II this year
  • A LOT of homework and tests!!! Guh!

I just don’t know what to do! It would be such a shame for me to quit Spanish when it seems like I’ve been doing well, but I don’t want to subject myself to even more homework if I’m taking two AP classes already.

I have at most a week to decide, since I have 10 days until the school year ends (phew!!!).

Which is both a blessing and a curse, since I have to a) maybe switch out classes b) take four more exams c) get a proof of attendance form for my driving permit (which I have procrastinated on for 5 months) all within those days. I can’t even go up to a salesperson and ask for help finding a product, so I don’t really know how I’ll go up to the scary office and ask for a bunch of official forms.

But even after school ends, I have to figure out what I’m going to actually do for the summer. I can’t just sit around and binge-watch shows like I used to (sheds a tear). I guess it’s mostly going to be volunteering in Memphis and stuff, but as I mentioned in the last post, I am no good with kids! And I really don’t want to be a massive burden on my sister and her fiance!

My phone contract is also ending this month, and now I have to figure out what to do since my parents really don’t understand that kind of stuff. It’s not like I really want to get a $500 smartphone, but I also don’t want an annoying piece of crap like the one I have now. But as of now I’m going to have to push everything out of my mind because I’m sort of preoccupied with exams at the moment.

And, speaking of exams, I’m practically tearing my hair out. Tuesday is my APHG exam, and I have not been studying as much as I should be! The practice exam was so easy, but then again, that doesn’t necessarily mean the real one with have the same content! Even with my textbook open next to me, I’m still on Tumblr and WordPress!!

The Biology exam was actually sort of hard, and the English exam was alright, but all I know is that they’re the deciding factors for whether I meet or fall short of my semester grade goals! Recently my Biology grade dropped three whole points, all because of two quizzes on the same day that, er, I didn’t really study for.

I guess I sort of have a good reason? I mean, the Fault in Our Stars tour came to Nashville on Thursday, and I simply had to go (by the way, it was a ton of fun)! I got a free poster (even though I have no more space in my room) and Ansel Elgort dancing was the best thing ever. And it turns out John Green’s hero when he was younger was Kurt Vonnegut, which is super neat because I really, really like his work! But then again, “Kurt Vonnegut” is the most cliche answer to the question “who is your literary hero?/who is your favorite author?” because everyone always says Kurt Vonnegut, and there was a part of me that just knew John would say exactly that.

I got home around 10, and after showering and eating, I was just too tired to do anything else. So that sort of explains why I didn’t study, even though I have adequate time to do so while waiting three hours in line. Truth be told, I didn’t go because I’m that interested in the movie, the Nerdfighter part in me just really wanted to see John Green’s dorkiness/awesomeness in person. He does the “running his hands through the puff” thing so much! And then John asked everyone to say “Good morning Hank, it’s Tuesday” while he filmed and even though I promised myself not to be an obnoxious fangirl like the 7th graders two rows behind me, I screamed and jumped so loudly at that point. I’ll cry so much if it turns out I made it into a vlogbrothers video, even as a tiny speck in the crowd. I can already find myself in a photo on this article!


Alas, not too many fun days ahead of me at this point. I want to go back to when exams were a breeze and the final weeks of school were comprised of sitting around outside and goofing off.

But then again, as a freshman, I have it easy. So the jovial voice in my head tells me that it’s only going to get worse from here!

ggghhhhghhhhh (that was the sound of me slumping forward and gurgling in anxiety)

How’s your school year been? I hope your exams are alright! (this is a sidenote to say that I use parenthesis too much)

BotB Tumblr

Sorry for the random post, but it would not allow me to edit Kathleen’s post unless I locked her out of it, so I figured this would be simpler ^^;

Here’s the link for the Tumblr roleplay! If you want to be added, just comment with your Tumblr account email. Once you accept, you can be bumped up to an admin!

If you’re a bit confused, I found this random Tumblr roleplay from a quick Google search as an example. I also have this pretty old Tumblr of my own, where I originally posted some quick graphics I made, but then it turned into me reblogging a bunch of pretty dresses and of characters from historical dramas that reminded me of BotB characters. I never intended for it to be shared, so apologies if I chose a faceclaim that you found inaccurate. It was originally for my own inspiration and notes, so no harm intended! The “Welcome to Mir” Tumblr is perfect for you to post your own thoughts and character ideas if needed.

April tears bring May fears


So, basically I stopped caring during the first half of the second semester. But as the end of the third quarter neared I got knocked from my reverie and actually started working as hard as I could with classes before the grades were finalized. And I, surprisingly, made my grade goals!! Minus Spanish. But at least it was an A (at the bare minimum), so that’s really great! And I also apparently got a 100% on the proficiency part of the National Spanish Exam, so even with the most-likely-45% I got on the vocabulary part, I think I might actually qualify for one of the awards maybe maybe?? But maybe-maybe-not because I hate Spanish and the proficiency part was really easy so everyone else in the country probably did a ton better then me. It’s totally putting me on edge but I just want to know! (whoa I’m totally bragging here I’m sorry)

If you’ll excuse another stoking-my-ego moment, it turns out I’m in the top academic 5% of my school, which is really rad and a trend that I dearly hope continues!!

And then spring break arrived, and I went to Memphis to visit my sister, and I was super awkward the whole time, and I literally stuffed my face whenever any food was around, and I cooed over cats and dogs, and yeah basically it was fun fun fun. And I got a lot of volunteer hours in working with kids who came from refugee situations and were learning English and even though I was supposed to be serious most of the time I just goofed off and taught them a bit of Spanish and Mandarin and they taught me some Somali and then I got totally schooled by 6-year-olds in chess but YEAH I’M SORRY FOR THE RUN-ON SENTENCES

But like as I mentioned once, April is by far my busiest month!! Also I kind of want to balance Camp NaNo even though I can’t? And the weather is so much warmer so I want to go outside but I can’t because time and laziness??



Anyway, so, to the point. May is exams and April is me pulling myself together. And actually doing homework before 11PM. I’m really, really anxious about my AP exam because, to be honest, I don’t remember anything from the first semester?? The nice thing is, APHG is what really brought my GPA up, and it’s SUPER interesting, so I’m taking European History and Art History next year, because, #YOLO. (cringe) I heard the workload is thrice the amount in APHG, so, we’ll see how that goes?

But, after May, I’m free! Maybe? Even though it seems I rarely leave my little bubble, apparently I’m going to the beach as soon as the school year ends, which will once again result in extreme awkwardness from me. Then, I’m going back to Memphis again and I’m probably going back to working with kids again. It isn’t too bad, but I’ve never been good with kids! You’re supposed to be a leader in these situations, but I’m just like, “Um, please don’t do that, if you don’t mind. If you want. Now, follow me. If you want!” I’m the kind of girl who steps on a pencil in the hallway and mutters, “Sorry.”

Wait. I kind of strayed again, didn’t I? Either way, this blog is near and dear to my heart, and I don’t want to be the kind of person to just forget it! But I just may have to for the following weeks. But fear not (or fear do), Rainfall will return, because she’s the hero that Gotham deserves and when she does she’ll be much more active and less of a zombie! I realize that I’ve said this at least 10 times already, but each time I mean it even though I have serious commitment issues.

Very, very, serious issues.


Anyway, it really looks like there’s a BotB revival going on, and I’d love to participate! Even though I really shouldn’t be saying this while my unfinished homework sits beside me, maybe I’ll write about RA a bit more.

Just yesterday I made a mix for her and other events in my story. I just compiled a bunch of stuff I already had on my iPod’s playlist, but it’s pretty long! Each song has an annotation that lets you know what it’s related to.

If you’ve noticed a change in my music taste, you’re definitely right. When I was younger, I was obsessed with music with a harsher edge. I loved rock and blaring music that shook my eardrums. If it wasn’t rough, then it had to be scratchy. Sex Pistols, Nirvana, the Killers, Green Day, the Offspring — yes please! Now, I seem to be all about mellow music and soft, vocal singing with clarity and feeling. I can’t stand going past three notches on the volume of my iPod, and everyone asks me how on earth I can hear my music like that.

Another change in music is how I’m a lot more attached to pop and Top 40-kind of music. I used to trash talk it a lot for being repetitive and emotionless, but now it’s grudgingly growing on me. Of course, there are still a lot that are cringeworthy, but I rather like the chart-topping songs now. Maybe it’s because my bus driver plays the local pop station every morning and afternoon and I’ve been exposed, or the general public’s taste has gotten better since I was younger.

So there’s that. I don’t usually listen to music when I’m writing because it distracts me, but I’ve been listening to the above playlist while I draw, so that’s fun!

If you want me to make a playlist for your character, I’d be happy to! Compiling a bunch of songs together for no apparent reason is one of my favorite things to do. Or you can just create an 8tracks account and make your own.


It’s cold. It’s really cold!

The weather here has subsided a little, but just yesterday we got out of school because of it. I remember looking at the thermometer and thinking — what the heck??

It was 7°F! That’s not factoring in windchill, which apparently went into the slight negatives overnight. I used to think anything under 35 constituted as scarf weather. That’s a pretty big deal for a southern state, but in the north the low windchill was like -65°. I feel so horrible for all the homeless people and stray animals out there, and I’m quite fortunate to have a warm home. (P.S — in case your town is severely affected, remember to stay safe!)

Anyway, I may have gotten an extra day of winter break, but it’s back to school again tomorrow. Guh. I’ve gotten used to the whole waking up at noon and watching Netflix all day thing. I started watching Breaking Bad and Parks and Recreation, and they are both SO GOOD.

There’s a 0% chance of snow right now, which means 0% chance of no school…but who knows, maybe the pipes will freeze over and we’ll get lucky! I don’t really feel like sitting miserably in a classroom while the teacher makes cheerful quips about the weather. At the moment, school’s only starting one hour later. Which is still waking up six hours earlier than I have been.

I got to catch up with so many amazing books and TV shows, but I did notice that in the months of August to December (aka school), the number of books I read really dropped. So I guess I’ll have to place all the reading materials back in the closet, close out Netflix, and forget about them until summer. I sure hope this isn’t what adult life is like.

I mean, usually in study hall I open my iPod and browse around using the school’s wifi, but my spot is in the very back corner of the classroom and that classroom happens to have absolutely horrible service, which makes my internet very shaky. Some kids take their laptops to school, but if I brought mine I’d probably misplace it!

Speaking of TV shows, I liked the second episode of Sherlock! It jumped around a lot and replaced the suspense I love so much with a bit of cheesiness, so I think I prefer the first one more. Mycroft’s bits were so amazing! I love learning a bit more about the brothers’ background, and it goes to show how much Mycroft really did teach Sherlock.

Sherlock is slipping. I managed to figure out both the victim and the murderer way before he did — but then again, being a viewer gives you quite an advantage, doesn’t it?

So, my last point is for all you people who want to keep resolutions!

There’s this really cool site called HabitRPG where you have three lists: Habits, dailies, and resolutions. Habits are the things that you frequently do and want to stop or the things you need to do more frequently. Dailies are the things you must do everyday. To-do is basically what it sounds like — your to-do list!

hoggy hoggy hogwarts

It’s kind of like a video game where you have health and experience. Neglecting to do your dailies docks health, as does committing a bad habit. Doing your dailies, to-do, and good habits gives you XP! You also get coins for the tasks you do, which in turn you can spend on the rewards you spend. For example, the rewards I set for myself include a Breaking Bad marathon and finally buying Sirius Black’s wand.

I’m not a very good explainer so it probably sounds pretty lame, but I urge you to check it out! I, for one, definitely need as much organization as possible in my life, and maybe this can finally bring a bit of it.