Sorry for the silence!! There’s been work stuff going on that’s just kept me busy, and I’m working on some projects for people at home so there’s not much time between the two!

Just wanted to say hi, howsit going, and ask–

  1. Ana, what does Tridah look like? Is she similar to her old design or is there anything new?
  2. What would ur characters’ DREAM formal wear be because we HAVE to have a fancy dress outfit occasion DUH.

Random Bits and Bobs

Oh hey! I still exist? Dope!

This post isn’t really meant to do much of anything except tell you guys that I did in fact set up that Discord server I was tentatively considering to make! You can find that here. 

Anyway, that’s pretty much it! I hope to see you guys there!


let’s get fleshy with it


So, before we can go any further with this AU it feels like we need to get our world rules down a little more solidly!!

Let’s start with the school–is it super powered kids ONLY? Or do our characters just happen to go there? Is it a prep school with a secret underground training program? Is it secretly a fortified rich people fortress in prep for an oncoming conflict, and our/superpowered characters are there on “scholarship” but are really more of a bodyguard squad?

And our world too! Do our characters come from all over, like their being counterparts? Or are we kind of starting from scratch, and have the bgs of yer average prep school attendee?

(EG: Is Nireth a viking who sailed in from another dimension, or are her parents just capitalists who could be called “vikings” because their unsavory business practices?)

Also, assuming Tridah, VL, and I are in–we probs need some side characters to flesh out the school! Here are a couple ideas I had:

Cass Monette

{illustration coming soon}

2 years older than the oldest of our characters, she’s a highschool student who’s a hardcore rebel. As our crew so far is skewing Harry Potter-levels of “fuck the rules”, I imagine she would serve as a role model, and would respect our characters too even if she had to keep it on the DL. Probably modifies her uniform with buttons and patches, and is always chewing bubble gum or something equally disrespectful. Calm and collected, she keeps her head in even the most of intense situations and has dat action gurl grace.

Potentially could kick off the major conflict–if she goes too far or finds something she shouldn’t, our characters would def want to investigate. Also potential deus ex machina for saving our characters from “mean girl” type conflict, as I’d imagine EVERYONE would think she was cool as hell.

[i’m bad at names but insert rival ladyyy naaame]

{illustration coming soon}

OBVS, as a group of girls in school we need a mean girl nemesis! But to be an equal/worthy opponent, we would probably want someone who could keep up with us. She wouldn’t be a mean girl in the classic sense–sure, her posse would give us shit, but we’d give her shit right back. Our rivalries would exist more in competing for better grades, better scores in training–oh, yeah, and she’d definitely have super powers.

She’d be smart, resourceful, and not a BAD person. She’d be incredibly focused, a straight-A student, and an excellent tactical fighter–all because of her super hard work. Maybe her super power is kinda nerfed, so she looks at our characters’ natural gifts as a “cheat code” in a way.

She values honesty, integrity, and really has no patience for our characters’ fucking around. She wouldn’t snitch on us tho–she’s better than that. She’d just resent us silently, study really hard, and kick our asses after we wasted the night goofing off while she studied the blade. Kinda Astrid-esque–“Is this some kind of a game to you??” attitude.

I also imagine the members of her posse would correspond to our characters’ weaknesses, so we’d each have like… an individual nemesis. Let me know if you think she’d be a good nemesis match for you, or if you wanna change her up a bit to fit your character more.

Alexandre Monette

{illustration coming soon}

So this guy ONLY works if our school is an all girls’ school

Cass’s bitch boy brother!

He’d be the fucking rich kid whose parents paid Lori Loughlin levels of money to make sure he’s safe from any kind of war or conflict. He’d be the only boy, and would probably EXPECT that to make him instantly popular with the ladies…

except he’s a huge wimp, a snitch, and like… so not fun. He’d pretty much be the go-to school punching bag. Our characters would probably hate him for his pure spineless nature and he would be snitching on us whenever he could for SURE. He’s our crap tier villain lol

If he does exist, Cass for SURE is super embarrassed of him and doesn’t want ANYONE to know they’re related.



And so the eternal struggle began…

Hey! It’s me! Actually making a second post and not just disappearing into the abyss like the past four times I’ve blown into this blog! The apocalypse is near! Buy gold!

Boy, allow me to say that you do not know the true meaning of the word “cringe” until you have to reread all of your old roleplaying notes, in an effort to try and revamp your character. I’ve got that type of cringe where my body is blinking in and out of existence. I wholeheartedly blame myself. After all, ’twas beauty that killed the beast.

I’m mostly just posting this as a way to try and convince myself that this isn’t just a one and done thing. I genuinely want to stay a while, help you guys try to renovate the blog. This is a huge part of my past that I essentially forgot about, and I’d like to recover that with those of you that are left here at my side.

So, uh… how’s my life been? I see a lot of you guys doing re-introductions, and I do indeed believe it’s my turn to finally throw my hat into that ring. So, ever since I stopped regularly posting here, a lot of stuff has happened! A lot of shakeups, a lot of development, character and otherwise… oh yeah, and I’m genderqueer now. The Vampire Lord has become more of a Vampire Lady. I couldn’t think of a way to lead into that, so it’s in my best interest to just rip that Band Aid off right away. Hope you guys had some Neosporin ready for that, sorry… but I’m still the same thing! Just in a different casing! Like an iPhone 11, without the obnoxiously large quantity of cameras.

But, you know what they say, the more things change, the more things stay the same. I blew back into town, huffing and puffing, dragging my substantial mental breakdown scorechart behind me in the wind… and I think this cowpoke might just stick around. If you guys need help renovating some parts of the blog, I could probably help there! I’ve essentially been reading over every word I can get my hands on planning for the future see me now as I stand on , really just soaking in the nostalgia that all of that 2010 content brings with it. I’ve even been trying to get into contact with some of the old crew! Ana, mostly; she and I used to be rather close as kids and I’d really like to get back into touch. But other than that, my life is more or less the same, shockingly. I’m still the B grade shitposter that thinks she’s way funnier than she actually is. But I’m happy to see that some of you have kept this blog alive! I am very, very proud of your resilience; and I’m sure if the rest of the authors could see us now, they’d feel just as proud.


So, gamers… are we doing this?

I swear I have you guys bookmarked in some place I can’t reach. Maybe it’s that. Maybe it’s me being lazy. Or maybe.. maybe it’s the universe guiding me home.

I’m gonna level with you here. Deep down, I miss what we used to do. I miss having this sort of fantasy world that we built together. But most importantly, even if I won’t acknowledge it myself, I miss all of you. You’ve left a hole in my heart that’s never quite been filled. So.. if you guys are serious about wanting to do a Battle of the Beings school days spinoff.. you can count VL and I in. Just tell me what I’d need to do and I’ll join you all at the front lines. We could.. probably set up a Discord server for this? I’m not sure, but it would help to kind of organize planning and all. Have a place where we can have our concrete thoughts gathered, instead of scattered across a blog like stars in the night. Of course, the blog would (hopefully) never be replaced by it, but it would be nice. Just to have some place to catch up. Have a place to return to Mir.

…I’d like that.


So if we WERE to do a BotB schoolyard dayz version…

How do you think your characters would play out?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’d do with Nireth since reading Tridah’s post!

I wanted to take her in more of a classic “viking” direction and give her a more athletic build, and make her SUPER tall for her age.

Here’s her basic profile:

Nireth, 13 years old, 5’9″. Blonde hair, green eyes, freckles. Prefers pants or shorts over skirts. Loud, stubborn, and goofy. High energy and highly reactive. Not intimidated by authority, impulsive, acts with her heart rather than her head.

In a nutshell, she’d be a bit of a horse with blinders on. With an imposing physical presence, and a booming voice, she’s a little intimidating at first. But she’s just a giant goofball who doesn’t know her own strength. She’s stubborn to the core, and tends to overreact when seriously challenged.

I know the world is kind of up in the air, but if it *IS* a thing of men go to fight wars, girls go to school, I think she’d be highly resentful of the institution coming from viking society, as young women often went out and fought with their fathers.

Pic’s from when I was crafting her to be more around 12 or 13, but if they’re older I’d say this still applies. I wanted to focus on broad shoulders, a very physical, athletic presence, etc.

Let me know what you guys are thinking for your characters!



oh yeah my dudes, how hype are you??

What costume do you think your being would wear for halloween?

I think Nireth would go for a goofy take on a mountain troll if we’re talkin’ back in the day, but modern pop culture stuff included…

MY costume this halloween is gonna be like… an evil feral vampire. Concept art coming soon.

What’s YOUR costume gonna be?


GOD i love halloween!!!