… but NANN is on hiatus

(probably forever)


I’m STILL working on that cartoon, but the thing that’s kind of come to take first priority for me is a DATING SIM



it will obviously be the greatest thing ever created, and it features several of my friends in my animation class, as well as speed racer



anyway, i am using Renpy and i know that it’s kind of cheating because basically all of the functions have been built in for users, but i’m starting to learn Python’s syntax! I’ve been taking computer programming classes at school, but we’ve only learned C++ and i want to start learning more languages!

but, as you can probably tell, this game’s gonna be a BLAST

cameron merjock mermo

you will get to choose between these eligible bachelors in the game

this was not-so-secretly an excuse for me to draw weirdly colored shirtless guys

Since people are writing hello-again posts, I figured I should I write one too. My last post was in February! D: Not much has happened, I do have some updates though:

  • I procrastinate so much. This isn’t anything new, but the severity of it is. I NEED HELP.
  • Still not over the fact that I’m in Grade 11 and everything is happening so much and I can’t even.
  • I have so many new TV shows and I think my inner fangirl is about to combust from feels. Does anyone here watch The 100?!?! I need to lie down just thinking about it.
  • In November I’ll be finishing Maths forever (providing I pass the exams) and I’m so nervous, oh god…
  • I’m only 14, someone save me
  • I went to school camp and it was pretty fun. Our little group woke up at 4am and walked down to the jetty to watch the sunrise, only to realise that the sun rose on the other side of the island. We’re idiots. XD But apart from that, we had fishing, making obnoxiously tall sandcastles, competitive/nerdy Chemistry contests, games of Bull—t and Snap… Fun times.
  • Doctor Who and Sherlock are back soon oh my lord
  • I go to university now! :D (I get to skip high school every Friday and go to lectures instead which is awesome.) It’s fun, I can’t wait to be there as a full-time student rather than a part-time student. I’ve been doing Anatomy & Physiology there and it’s really interesting, even if I am pretty crappy at it.
  • It is currently 1:40am and I’m procrastinating on going to sleep even though I have to wake up at 6am otl OK BYE

I was reading over these recent posts and I was reminiscing over the great and fun times we all had 4 or 5 years ago, it’s really sad that we don’t really get to talk to each other as much anymore, i remember how much fun we used to always have on xat. I was thinking maybe we could start a skype group where we could talk about anything we want and just have sort of a reunion and have good times again (by talking I mean instant messaging, calling is optional, I use skype primarily for talking to my friends in a group). So yeah, I’m starting High school this year, which is slightly spooky but I’ll just have to live with it, I suppose. I’m going to the Pacific Beach for vacation on Monday for 2 days, I’m super excited for that because I really love the beach and I love sleeping away from home. I really want to talk more but I don’t know what else to say. I love you guys so much! <3 So yeah I would like to have a skype group for us. Edit: The thing I was getting at about the Skype group is that I’d like for all of us to be closer friends, and with Skype we would all be in a circle

So not only have I picked up a NEW project, I have not worked on the NANN at all.

but it’s fine, it’s whatever, it’s COOL ITS NOT LIKE I ACTUALLY WANTED TO DO IT ANYWAY


anyway, the other night my friend came over and we watched series of unfortunate events, which was a TOTAL THROWBACK!! that was my favorite movie for ages!! I was violet for halloween like 3 years in a row, but klaus was my ultra favorite character!

the look of the movie got me thinking, and it made me want to make something really steam-punky, but i have nooo idea what i want to make!

i know i want it to involve people being awesome.

so if you want, you can give me a character design or something and maybe i will make an animation of them or a drawing, idk?? i just want to try out different styles, but i have no idea what i want to do (definitely nothing super long, haha)

so even if you just have a steampunky dress you want me to draw someone wearing, or if you want your BOTB character to swing an axe at someone with gears and stuff everywhere, let me know! after a week of creative stagnation i am suddenly getting hit by this wave of “OMG DO THINGS DO ALL THE THINGS AT ONCE”

this is kind of the style i am inspired by/aspiring towards? end credit style stuff

so just let me know what you guys think/want/idkk help what am i doing

It’s that time of year again. Minimal updating, and fixing broken links.

Sheet taken from here. There are fun links everywhere. Either they hold a pronunciation key or more information.

Name: Camille Nefertari Cameron
Alias: Camille, Cami
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Demigod
Birthdate: February 29th, 1996
Country of Origin: USA
Birthplace: Nashville, TN
Ethnicity: Egyptian and Caucasian
Occupation: Full Time Student
Language(s): English, Two years of crappy High School Spanish, Can write in Hieroglyphics
Native tongue: English
Religion: Worships the Ancient Egyptian deities.

Culture: Practices traditions from both sides of family.
Political affiliation: None, as she hasn’t registered to vote.

Education: High School diploma, One year of college toward Astronomy major finished.
Weapons/Offensive equipment:  A spear that is disguised as a cat necklace [Changes when unclasped. Super stupid concept on my part, but still pretty cool.], her own two fists.
Items/Defensive equipment/MiscFighting style–  Hair pulling, biting, scratching, pretty much catfight combat. She’ll also stick you with the pointy end of her spear, or shock you with lightning. You can read about Egyptian weapons here: [X]
Money/Amount of: 3 bucks and a gum wrapper.
-Funds (In bank): Whatever’s in her College fund, minus a year’s tuition.
Transportation: Walking and/or Borrowing the car.

Recent pictures: I’d say she looks somewhat similar to these three ladies. [X] [X] [X]
Height: 5’1
Weight: Somewhere between 110 and 115 pounds
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Black, wavy, long, messy. Style reference: [X]
Skin: See above pictures. Skin is dark enough for her foundation to be named after a food, i.e. “Cafe Au Lait”, or “Caramel”. Thanks, Covergirl.
Shoe size: 6.5 or 7
Figure/build: Skinny, small bit of muscle from moderate exercise, and hardly any curves. Straight up and down, basically.  Could be described as ‘flat chested’, though she likes to argue that she definitely is “Not in any way associated with this body type”. Bra size is an A, you creep.

Distinguishing marks: 
Tattoo(s): None.
Scars: Various cuts and scrapes. Has a scar from an emergency appendix surgery.
Piercings: Several up the ear, small diamond in the right side of the nose.
Clothing style: Kind of grungy. Think late 90s/Nirvana groupies. A quick search on We Heart It will give you the right idea:
[X][X][X][X][X][X][X] [X]

Currently lives: With her dad.
Living Arrangements: Studio loft apartment. Has 2 bedrooms.
Description of daily surroundings: She has a room with a cool dutch door, and a cat.

Hobbies: She is a good singer and actress, and can kind of play tennis. Astronomy.
Talents/Skills: She can summon anything that usually rains down from the sky: Lightning, rain , hail, thunder, men(Just kidding.), etc.
Strengths: Her spear, loyalty, pure tenacity.
Weaknesses:  Very stubborn, rarely gets along with people, and always puts things off until the last minute. Has a hard time controlling powers when angry.

Love interest(s): None, as having Egyptian gods and goddesses as family is very hard to explain. Currently not looking for a date.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Dominant Hand: Right
Diet: Eats a healthy diet, but has a weakness for barbecue potato chips.
Virgin?:  Yes.
Drinker?: Socially, yes. Has never been one to become completely hammered.
Smoker?: She’s too broke for that kind of habit.
Drug user?: No.
Other addictions?: None.
Pet peeves: Chewing with your mouth open, popping gum, and making noises while eating are all something she cringes over.

Basic description:
Personality: As long as you’re not annoying or creepy; Camille can at least tolerate you. Very stubborn, rarely gets along with people, though is unconditionally loyal when she does. If you betray/wrong her in any way, she will undoubtedly get revenge in some form.
Disposition: Tries(and usually fails) to see the light in situations. Doesn’t care about much, but is incredibly passionate towards what she does.
Likes: Sleeping, cats, mythology, songs with dirty undertones, the night sky.
Dislikes: Annoying people, pointless arguments, being woken up before 9 in the morning, extreme heat.
Motivations: Money, positive outcomes, breaks from training, recognition for her hard work.
Morals: Will never betray her allies, Hates killing things, monsters included.
Fears/Phobias: Big dogs, snakes, other people’s blood, escalators.
Favorite food: Barbecue chips
Favorite drink: Cherry Pepsi
Favorite color: Blue.
Favorite song: Anything with dirty undertones.
Favorite movie: Any cheesy 80s movie centered around dancing. [Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, etc.]
Favorite sport: Tennis. Kind of.
Favorite book: Egyptian mythology/Astronomy in general.
Other favorites: Animal- Cat Subject- History, or Star Mapping.

Parents: Mark Cameron [Human], Nut [Egyptian Sky goddess]
Siblings: Osiris, Set, Isis, Nephthys,
Other close relatives: Horus is her nephew. Relatives on mom’s side are hard to trace to an actual relation.
Friends: A lot of Egyptian gods and their children. Has a few mortal friends from High School and College as well.
Partner: None
Offspring: None.
Enemies: Ra and Set. Sometimes Geb[Earth god].
Pet(s): She has a cat named, Hatshepsut, after the woman pharaoh.

Special Body Augmentations: None.
Official/Personal Training: Depends on who wants to put up with her. (Some people are bad at Rock, Paper, Scissors.)
Important Additional Notes:  Flexible, can put foot behind head and do the splits.

History: Very few people know she’s part goddess. Camille can easily pass for a regular citizen, and blends in pretty well with the average person on the street. She used to hate her mom for leaving, until she was finally told why.
Early Childhood: Didn’t know her mom, dad struggled to take care of her. Things started out rough for both of them, but her dad got a job in an observatory, and it all went uphill from here. This later sparks Camille’s love for Astronomy.
Adolescence: Mom is now in her life, has to deal with monsters and other strange things. Dad gives her weird books to explain what’s happening to her body. Those were a joy to read.
Adulthood: Everything remotely strange is seen as normal, mom visits on a regular basis, is learning to live on her own.

I haven’t made a post in almost a year! I feel terrible.

Life updates:

  • Sophomore year sucked, and words can’t describe how glad I am it’s over.
  • I got two new cats after Cookeh died. I got a little calico and a little tabby. Calico is a nasty little beast who craves attention, and tabby is crotchety. If someone told me that she had a plan to kill me; I would not be surprised.
  • I got my first car. My dad literally paid $400 for it. …It needs work.

It’s nice to be back. :) I apologize for neglecting this for so long.

I think it’s become apparent that the NANN are kind of on a brief hiatus ^^” mainly because I have been working ever since I got back from Sarasota and Ringling, but also because I have like 20 OTHER THINGS TO DO!!!!

one of which i am super excited about! My friend and I are gonna make an animated mini-series in which we are paranormal investigators… but we are really bad at it, and only investigate things that have to do with fish


here’s a quick sketch of our characters i did in my down time at work

also, i’ve been procrastinating, so have a few sketches I did because I didn’t want to be productive:

gross katie gtfo why


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