Hey guys? Remember me? You know, Blake, the chubby, socially awkward 10-year-old? Well, it’s been about 5 years now, and while I am still both of those things, I have matured a lot. And I figured, since everyone else seems to be revisiting the glory days of the good ol’ Thunder Kids (I’m calling us that now. Thanks, Nireth.), I would join the flock.

I really want to get back to the way things were, guys! For example, I really wanted to at the very least do a small revival story for BoTB, possibly revealing what’s gone on in Mir since we last journeyed there? I even wrote a small plotline which details what to expect, given I get the rights to use some other characters beside my own in the story:

Five years after Mir was last seen by human eye, the magic that holds the world together has begun to drain. Evil begins to take over the realm that the Beings call home. It is up to the small band of Beings that are left to go beyond the boundaries of Mir, and into the realm beyond to find a way to save Mir, and the realm it stands in, once and for all.

Right now, I can really count on VL being in the story (if I ever get up and bring it to reality), since I did create him and all, but if you’re fine with me using your Beings in the story at all, just let me know!

(Hmm, I wonder if using ML and ST’s characters would technically be plagiarism..)

Four years ago, I made a post that basically said “I can’t believe I’m 13!”. Honestly, this makes me laugh.

Being 13 seemed so grown up to me, like, look at this:

Things I can’t believe:

-That I’m a teenager.

-That I can finally see PG-13 movies without my parents.

-That I can finally do all these amazing things like sign up for Facebook and YouTube now.

And then I turned 17 and can do all of these things my 13 year old self could only daydream about doing. So here, younger self, is a list of things you probably don’t believe either:

  • You’ll be a legal adult next year.
  • You can buy M rated video games by yourself.
  • You can finally rent/watch/buy R rated movies without your parents.
  • You can also drop out of school, but you have freaking goals so you’re staying.
  • You are the Dancing Queen. (If this were measured by actual skill, you would not be the dancing queen. Not by a long shot.)

The bakery is closed today, but hey, I get an early dismissal day tomorrow and may or may not be having cupcakes for lunch.

Hi. I’m Grant.  You probably don’t remember me.


I really enjoyed this blog.  I spent way too much time here. And I really miss the feeling of community that this blog had.


When I was posting on this blog, I WAS TWELVE. 

I go back and read all the things I posted, and I find myself annoying.  I guess that’s natural, but wow.  I thought I was cool, and I thought I was in charge, and all that kind of thing.


This is rambly because I can’t write worth a wookiee’s dingleberry, but you know.


That’s what we do here at WTR.

… but NANN is on hiatus

(probably forever)


I’m STILL working on that cartoon, but the thing that’s kind of come to take first priority for me is a DATING SIM



it will obviously be the greatest thing ever created, and it features several of my friends in my animation class, as well as speed racer



anyway, i am using Renpy and i know that it’s kind of cheating because basically all of the functions have been built in for users, but i’m starting to learn Python’s syntax! I’ve been taking computer programming classes at school, but we’ve only learned C++ and i want to start learning more languages!

but, as you can probably tell, this game’s gonna be a BLAST

cameron merjock mermo

you will get to choose between these eligible bachelors in the game

this was not-so-secretly an excuse for me to draw weirdly colored shirtless guys

Since people are writing hello-again posts, I figured I should I write one too. My last post was in February! D: Not much has happened, I do have some updates though:

  • I procrastinate so much. This isn’t anything new, but the severity of it is. I NEED HELP.
  • Still not over the fact that I’m in Grade 11 and everything is happening so much and I can’t even.
  • I have so many new TV shows and I think my inner fangirl is about to combust from feels. Does anyone here watch The 100?!?! I need to lie down just thinking about it.
  • In November I’ll be finishing Maths forever (providing I pass the exams) and I’m so nervous, oh god…
  • I’m only 14, someone save me
  • I went to school camp and it was pretty fun. Our little group woke up at 4am and walked down to the jetty to watch the sunrise, only to realise that the sun rose on the other side of the island. We’re idiots. XD But apart from that, we had fishing, making obnoxiously tall sandcastles, competitive/nerdy Chemistry contests, games of Bull—t and Snap… Fun times.
  • Doctor Who and Sherlock are back soon oh my lord
  • I go to university now! :D (I get to skip high school every Friday and go to lectures instead which is awesome.) It’s fun, I can’t wait to be there as a full-time student rather than a part-time student. I’ve been doing Anatomy & Physiology there and it’s really interesting, even if I am pretty crappy at it.
  • It is currently 1:40am and I’m procrastinating on going to sleep even though I have to wake up at 6am otl OK BYE

I was reading over these recent posts and I was reminiscing over the great and fun times we all had 4 or 5 years ago, it’s really sad that we don’t really get to talk to each other as much anymore, i remember how much fun we used to always have on xat. I was thinking maybe we could start a skype group where we could talk about anything we want and just have sort of a reunion and have good times again (by talking I mean instant messaging, calling is optional, I use skype primarily for talking to my friends in a group). So yeah, I’m starting High school this year, which is slightly spooky but I’ll just have to live with it, I suppose. I’m going to the Pacific Beach for vacation on Monday for 2 days, I’m super excited for that because I really love the beach and I love sleeping away from home. I really want to talk more but I don’t know what else to say. I love you guys so much! <3 So yeah I would like to have a skype group for us. Edit: The thing I was getting at about the Skype group is that I’d like for all of us to be closer friends, and with Skype we would all be in a circle

So not only have I picked up a NEW project, I have not worked on the NANN at all.

but it’s fine, it’s whatever, it’s COOL ITS NOT LIKE I ACTUALLY WANTED TO DO IT ANYWAY


anyway, the other night my friend came over and we watched series of unfortunate events, which was a TOTAL THROWBACK!! that was my favorite movie for ages!! I was violet for halloween like 3 years in a row, but klaus was my ultra favorite character!

the look of the movie got me thinking, and it made me want to make something really steam-punky, but i have nooo idea what i want to make!

i know i want it to involve people being awesome.

so if you want, you can give me a character design or something and maybe i will make an animation of them or a drawing, idk?? i just want to try out different styles, but i have no idea what i want to do (definitely nothing super long, haha)

so even if you just have a steampunky dress you want me to draw someone wearing, or if you want your BOTB character to swing an axe at someone with gears and stuff everywhere, let me know! after a week of creative stagnation i am suddenly getting hit by this wave of “OMG DO THINGS DO ALL THE THINGS AT ONCE”

this is kind of the style i am inspired by/aspiring towards? end credit style stuff

so just let me know what you guys think/want/idkk help what am i doing


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