What happens when you follow a band on tour?

So, as I said in my last post, I’ve taken up the hobby of following Twenty One Pilots on tour. Why? Honestly, I don’t know, but it always ends up being a very fun, crazy, challenging, rewarding time.

I also have quite a few wild stories that have come from tour. So I want to write them all down.

Feel free to read if you want, but it’s also totally fine if you don’t. I’m doing this mostly for myself and my shitty memory, and I have nowhere else to put this.

Warning: this is a very, very long post. (6,174 words, to be exact.)

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Oh my god, I haven’t posted here for three and a half years! In the past couple days I’ve been reading back through my old posts and getting very nostalgic. How are you all doing? I hope life is treating you well, my old friends.

I figure I may as well provide you all with an update on my life, if anyone is interested!

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I haven’t made a post here in over a year. Thought I’d check in, see how everyone’s doing. My family and I had a rough couple of months, but things are getting better. My New Year’s Resolution of going back to the gym is being postponed to Lunar New Year because of this.

Anyway, here’s some pics of my trash gremlin. Her name is Midge/Margaret, and she’s 4(ish).

She wanted to play hide and seek immediately after I took this. 
Right after making several catnip fueled mistakes. 

Just in case any a’ you come back here

hi my dudes!

I’ve been seeing a lot of negativity in the news and on the internet and just wanted to give you guys a little bit of a pep talk.

Remember how we were all angsty middle/high schoolers together? How life sucked and school sucked and nothing was ever how we wanted it to be?

If I could offer any piece of advice to anyone who wants to be happy, it’s follow what YOU love. It doesn’t need to be your career, it doesn’t need to be something you’re an expert in. Just never be ashamed of fully dedicating yourself to what you enjoy. You like cartoons? Go to cons, make friends that want to talk about cartoons, study films and artists’ blogs, maybe even make one yourself.

Even if you feel like everyone else thinks you’re super weird, keep at it. Because they’re probably just not the right people, and you won’t find the people who are good for you if you pretend to be someone you’re not!

signing off, for now!


more introspection!

i dunno about you guys, but when i look back on the characters i used to make for these stories i see… pretty clear self inserts. I mean COME ON:


I’ll be darnged if that ain’t just highschool me.


I’ve also realized that I used to make said characters… SUPER boring. I had a lot of self esteem issues and had trouble looking at myself as an empowered person.

I mean, perfect example is just comparing old Nireth to even my revamp from 2 years ago:


Back when I was writing her in middle/high school she was super lame and cool stuff just kind of… happened around her. She never had any real agency.nirethupd8

6 years later I gave her an axe, an objective, and a real personality.

Now, I have either gotten over that self-consciousness–or at least come to understand myself a little better, and it’s just weird to look back on how I used to see myself.

How about you guys? Do you think making empowered characters helped you be more confident? And if you could re-write those character bios, what would you write now?


*would also like to note that this photo is PRE-FROZEN. ANNA copied ME!!



so, if you didn’t know, I’m old

like full blown adult almost 22 old

and through watching some people very close to me i’ve started to remember that growing up is… really freakin’ hard. and it SUCKS.

Now i’m not talking about the “growing up” that’s like “oh i only wear grey now and watch exclusively lifetime movies–UNIRONICALLY–because those things are made for adults and also nerf guns suck”.

More like… just figuring out where you fit in the world. Figuring out how to handle pressure when you’re suddenly 800% accountable for your actions. Takin’ care of business–by yourself.

and i just wanted to let you guys know that if there’s ANYTHING i can offer you by way of advice–maybe not even life stuff ask me about art or storyboarding i’ll talk at you for 3 hours even though i’m severely unqualified–feel free to ask. because i’ve been to the bad places, but I’m doing pretty great now (mentally, i mean) and if I could help even a little it would mean a lot! 🙂

bored and procrastinating

this feels like highschool except my “homework” is finishing drawings so I can GET A JOB SOME DAY

and i just realized that my thesis main character is just a slight evolution of Nireth (this time featuring magical axe!)


but i guess it’s nothing new as my viking obsession started when i was 5 and my mom got me a kids’ book about ancient civilizations

I was basically sick all winter break and it was a real big revisitation of childhood stuff. I watched old youtube horror game lets’ plays and even played a little poptropica!

I also did some writing because i took a lot of nyquill and expected funny results (like my bronchitis script… but that’s another story for another day.) but instead just ended up writing a story i’m actually really fond of! i’ll probably post it here since my other blog is kind of accidentally turning into an industry advice/personal blog.