Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long. I guess this blog is pretty much dead, though. It’s pretty sad. :( I’ve been busy at my new school (well I guess it’s not new anymore, it’s been a year). The workload is crazy heavy! But I’ve made great friends, which is awesome. And it is totally acceptable to be a huge nerd like I am.

I found so many great TV shows, which is a curse because they eat into my time so much. BUT I LOVE TV SHOWS!!!??!?

If anyone else posts, maybe I’ll post something more substantial later on. But this blog really seems like it’s hit a dead end! ;(


Can you believe it’s been nearly two years since I last posted here? I apologize for the hiatus, I still actively read all of your guys’ (Is that the correct plural?)  posts, but there’s not much to post.

Heylo to whoever finds this post, yes, it’s me. Me, me. Woo.

Sheesh, a lot of things had happened between this post and my last one… Which I posted…….. *click* a few days over a whole year when I was talking nonstop about the SOM movie?

Holy crap.

Well anyways, in the balance of a year, a lot had happened. Fun. Drama. Life-changing birthday gifts. Being 16. Wow.

Well, I’ve been drawing a lot more lately, and not just old-fashioned fanart. I also now got a few copic markers along my prismacolor ones- they’re fun and vibrant to use :P

Writing…actually, something I haven’t done much of in a while. I do have an idea, but I’m kinda being a lazy bum and not doing anything.  It is an original one though.

I’m going to be a junior in high school in September and it’s…a whole lot of weight. Well at least I got to read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and the topic of the year is Brit Lit. I’m actually 25% British, so that’s gonna be an awesome literary year. I hope. Also, sophomore year was probably my most dramatic school year ever. A friend was lost, boy drama, I got asked out for the first time, but at the end of the day felt it was best to friend zone him. So yeah, pretty eventful.

As for the summer, it’s been a lot of fun! Been places, here and there, Summer summer summer. And as a birthday gift, I got, like the best present ever.

Let’s just say some of you are gonna be mighty jealous of me.




See ya whenever!



this post is split into three parts just so you know what yer getting into

  • summer
  • the tumblr dilemma pt. ii
  • battle of the beings ish

(also hello!! i’ve been meaning to post all summer!)


I watched HTTYD2!
It was really awesome, but I can’t stop wondering.. (If you haven’t watched this, it’s not spoilery as much as it is confusing so don’t worry)
Where was Drago Bloodfist even FROM? Where are any of the places, really? And how many dragon riders are there in the world, other than Hiccup and co? Also, there was that line, “practically the last of his kind”. Doesn’t that mean.. Toothless actually ISN’T the last night fury?
Also: how are they gonna feed all those dragons? You can’t expect me to believe that there’s going to be enough sheep and algae. I bet within a few months, there’ll be no more fish to eat in that area, and then the ecosystem-
Well, whatever, I guess I’m kind of just nitpicking a beautiful movie at this point. But it would be nice to have a movie that explains more about the world and how things work there and what’s happened, etc. instead of having to focus so much on a plot. Some really cool concepts were introduced, and I won’t knock em- I’m just saying it would be nicer if we were given more information, now that we know [insert spoilers here] exist.

So my brand new iPod has been giving me problems. Yeah. 6 months with this thing and it’s already screwed up more than my old one.

Anyway, I’ll be gone until further notice.

Copied from the post of the same title on My Crazy, Beautiful Life. I hope you had/are having a wonderful 4th of July.

• Just wanted to let you know that I’m way better today. I’m still upset about Cookeh, (It’s a bit weird around here without her. I still catch myself looking for her in her favorite places when I wake up.), but I’ve been keeping myself busy with guitar, and an attempt at making friendship bracelets and music mixes for my friends. I suck at everything except knowing what kind of music my friends are into, thanks for wondering.

• Anyway, I’d like to thank everyone for their sympathy, and your strange ability to somehow tolerate me while I was incredibly tired and emotional. It helped more than you think. ❤️


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