Battle of the Beings


It used to be a small city called Poptropicalthunder, or Mir. There was a queen, along with many many other superpower beings. Soon many left, others disappeared– only 4 remained, and the once thriving Mir, now Thunder Roars instead of Poptropicalthunder, became a ghost town. But newer people appeared, and they were, in fact, accepted at first. But tensions grew, and Machine Lord and Lady Raven began a bickering feud full of chaos. As soon as they resolved, however, several other “beings” (their titles) decided to rise themselves. No one knows exactly why, whether for power, for riches, or for attention, but it turned into a war dubbed “Battle of the Beings”.

This page contains:

  • The Beings (and Secondary Characters)
  • Adventures
  • Roleplay
  • Art
  • Training
  • Facebook
  • Rules – Please PLEASE read before creating a card for your character! (scroll down.)

The Beings:

Below are the images and descriptions of all the beings fighting in the war .

α∂у яανєη ανєιηα тнє ¢ℓєνєя:

Lurking through the forest or sitting among with the dragons or fairies, Lady Raven Avelina the Clever is one of the most renown and oldest beings out there. She is a warrior/adventurer, quite good with nature, one of the best sorceresses (she’s a demigod daughter of Hecate), and an adept fighter. Her title “Lady Raven Avelina the Clever” speaks for itself, as she is wise, cunning, and knowing. Her powers include that of elements and magic, her skills archery and wit. Despite being critical and distrusting, Lady Raven Avelina often tires to do the best for everyone, though they might not be to the best of everyone’s preference.

MΛch↑n≡ LΦrd:

Machine Lord

If you are in the presence of the Supreme Machine Lord, you are either bowing or dead! He is not to be fooled with, for he is dangerous and untrustworthy! If you dare try to outwit him, remember, he is just as intelligent as he is powerful, and there is a reason even doomsday machines bow down to him in fear.

Pandora Jekyll:

Pandora Jekyll is as flexible as a string. Her whole body can stretch three centimtres. Pandora’s DNA structure is very different from that of a normal human; her bones are unbreakable and can be literally tied. They don’t have any muscle; they’re their own muscle. She is also a descendant of Dr. Jekyll, and his genes have been passed down to Pandora. Rarely, Pandora’s evil side, Hyde, takes over and thinks of nothing but evil. It also has the power of darkness, while Pandora’s good side has an extremely weak light power.

ninja girl☺SNOW~Randy:

Randy is your typical ninja. She has a set of wicked moves and a mysterious ruby dagger to accompany her. She is oftenly assisted by Dawn and Master Chan. She quiet  and stealthly, but not shy.

The Shaded Lady, Maiden of Mist:

The Shaded Lady was once a girl living in a small village of England. However, on her 13th birthday, little did she know it was a day of chaos. After discovering the Eclipse Staff, she became the Shaded Lady, Maiden of Mist. The SL controls shadows, darkness, fear, and secrets. She can also summon the dead. Nothing is EVER hidden from the Shaded Lady. She finds out everything you try to hide from her powerful view.


Phoenix is a phoenix with a young female counterpart. She has lived in secret for many centuries. She plays with fire, soars the sky, and her tears can heal. She fights with two long, lean, fiery swords and her wings. She is the Keeper of the past, and one of the last Phoenixes out there. She’s immortal, and has a wicked glance, for her eyes are filled with flickering flames. Phoenix was brought to Mir by her friend, Lady Raven Avelina.

 Nireth Racetsdotter:

Seeming;y ditzy and uninhibited, Nireth is more then she looks. With a good memory and an open mind, she can be very intelligent. originally from a viking village, Nireth is a cartographer and a navigator, normally comfortable with viking ships. She fights with a sword and shield.


Basically, Camile is an average teenage girl– an average teenage girl that can summon lightning, rain, hail, thunder, the winds, or anything that usually rains down from the sky. Camile is a Daughter of Nut, Egyptian sky goddess.


Radiance is a simple demigod, daughter of Eris, the Greek goddess of discord. But Radiance goes far beyond that. She was experimented on, being dark and light at the same time…

Fern Koa:

Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Fern Koa, formerly known as Natalie Milla, became a Jardinian when she encountered a magical flower which gave her the power to control the plants. She can be formal at times, but she can be strong at will. However, there is a darkness inside of her: the flower also contained the Rosaoscurian princess Heidra, who calls herself Ivy. Fern’s darkness is good because it can be helpful in battle, but bad becausee sometimes, Ivy makes Fern unsure of herself.

Vampire Lord:

Vampire Lord is a Cahill, one of the most powerful families in history of time.

Pinkie Pie!:

She’s your best friend! She knows everypony in town and is glad to throw them super parties!
When she throws a super party, everyone’s health has been restored!


Madhatter is a human who uses a hat sling as a weapon and a hat shield for defense. He is extremely dangerous.


Tridah card

Tridah Belinda Lane is a young elven girl around the age of twelve. She’s unrealistically upbeat, overly naive, and determined to make everyone recognize that she is powerful in her own right. It’s not the power she’s after, but instead the recognition and respect by others. What others think and feel about her is really important to her, and she constantly wants others to be happy. She also seems to be under the impression that everything can always take a turn for the best, is usually excessively forgiving to whoever she cares about. Her powers are centered on Fire and Light, but Tridah is able to preform several miscellaneous spells. Tridah has a major weakness- she’s soulless.. Because of this, Tridah is a hollow ‘shell’ can easily be possessed. She was first possessed by two sisters, Akuji and Ravenblood, who she quickly befriended. Ravenblood passed away in a storm of acid rain, trying to protect the others, and Tridah was left with Akuji. Poor girl. Oh, and did I mention? Tridah met the man who had killed her race, ML, and forgave the guy. Who does that? There’s got to be something going on here.. 

Secondary Characters:

These are the characters whom are not beings, but are either secondary characters or simply a major character in an adventure story. Major story characters are never used much, except for stories, and are only given optional cards.


Eliana is a heat mage, able to manipulate high-energy temperatures and generate damaging solar blasts. She also has the ability to summon a small amount of rain, a skill taught to her by RA, because often her heat creates out-of-control fires. After the discovery of Celosia, she became murderous and vengeful. –secondary character

Kalyypso is a supernatural being, known to haunt winter nights and dreams of mortals. Her cryptic songs are usually either unimportant, or could affect the future greatly if not taken in caution. She is not allowed to reveal the meaning of her prophecies, but often offers guidance to those who need it, as she carries the keys to the portals of time and the Lantern of Oversight. –story character


Aren was a warm person, normally humorous and carefree, even a very good friend of Raven Avelina’s. However, he became steadily ambitious until finally basking into more suspicious regions of magic and murdering several others who suspected his plans to rise to power and rule Mir. Upon being confronted by RA, he escaped and destroyed their long standing hometown, Astewell. –story character

Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Demetra is a Jardinian who teaches Fern how to use her powers wisely. She has the ability to change her hair and eye color at will, as well as the ability to control plants, like Fern can. –-story character

 Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Miranda was born an angel but turned demon by an evil soreceress. She is kind hearted but oftenly viewed as cold hearted. She is a dark soreceress and is the countepart of TN. Or the split personality of her. Her weapon of choice is a moon staff and animal is the bat.


..Yeeah, you might not want to mess with her. Autumn is a vengeful spirit with a lust for adventure and a powerful dislike of whatever decides to get in her way. Although she’s not evil and will usually do the right thing, Autumn isn’t exactly good either. Whereas she’s usually quite strict and won’t usually start some chaos just for the heck of it, she’s just as likely to burn you to crisps as she is to help you cheer up on a tough day. She may occasionally (albeit rarely) mess with the minds of others for her own amusement, but Autumn will otherwise take everything with the utmost of seriousness– even if she’s merely trying to find a pen to write with. Consider her chaotic neutral, putting her feelings above all else.


Stone is a statue on a quest to recover the Diamond, which she had been ordered to guard and then lost (well, technically it was stolen by elves) over a million years ago. She taps into an alternate wave of existence, and was created solely for the purpose to use it. However, her makers the dwarves couldn’t foresee the problem- although she was given tremendous power, the signal is unpredictable! One moment Stone will be in a humanoid form and on the move, but the next she’s a statue frozen in place! Anyway, Stone is determined to recover back the Diamond at any cost- once she finds it, she’ll retrieve her feelings, and the happiest memories she holds dear! But until then, she seems quite cold in demeanor.
Stone is the second adopted daughter of ML. (Note: She was awakened by ML and RA, and does not get along too well with Tridah due to suspicion she harbors towards the young elf girl.)


Greacandra is a mysterious woman that claims to have a huge love for chaos. She is well-versed in creating darkness and brewing potions, as well as is skilled in acupuncture and several basic medical treatments. Likewise, she is skilled in brewing poisons. But her only goal.. is to spread chaos and amuse herself? Huh!? Well, no, actually. Grea claims to be the long-lost sister of Nireth.. But then- how could she have ended up in this time period, in this place!?
Nobody knows what her deal is, but for now, all we can do is grin and bear her crazy antics.
Greacandra has a bunch of tricks up her sleeve, right? So she may end up helping us all one day..
But then again, who knows?


Sarcastic? Check. Anger issues? Check. …Dead? Check. Wait, what!? Akuji’s been dead and gone for at least 200 years now, and she just couldn’t be more annoyed by everything around her. Not only does she have an annoying twelve-year old girl as her host, but that girl is annoyingly cheerful. Not only is she stuck with a bunch of people she doesn’t know (nor does she want to know them), but they’re either too friendly or too dangerous.. And sometimes, they’re both! Although not getting teased for being a mix of so many races is a plus, and she doesn’t have to interact with people since she’s a spirit, Akuji has to watch over Tridah (the girl whose mind she’s inhabiting). A while ago, she and her sister Ravenblood had reunited. Ravenblood’s dead now, and Akuji’s tried her best not to go paranoid over it- would she be next? The question keeps tugging at her mind..


Here are the records of the adventures in the war. As you may have noticed, some do not have an adventure page. That is because they have not recorded their adventures. We hope you enjoy!



What is it?
Roleplaying is creating a character, and then acting them out amongst others.

Ooc is speaking Out Of Character. To speak ooc, just add speak within parenthesis. (like this)


RP is primarily in third person POV. These are other styles:

Script and Paragraph. Script style is where it is laid out like, well, a script, with actions in asterisks. Paragraph is more story-like.

Ninja Girl: *waves to RCG* Hi!
RCG: *waves back* How ya doing?

Ninja Girl waved to RCG, saying ”Hi!”
RCG smiled and waved back. “How ya doing?”

Do not control others.

Don’t control the outcome of events.

Not acceptable:

  • “Rainbow Nightmare punched Machine Lord in the face, knocking him over.”
  • “Grant kicked Maroon Thunder, right in the stomach.”
  • “The Shaded Lady engulfed RCG in darkness and she fell into river.”


  • “Rainbow Nightmare. swung her hand towards Machine Lord.”
  • “Grant raised his leg, aiming it at Maroon Thunder.”
  • “The Shaded Lady generated a form of darkness, pointing it towards RCG.”

This gives others a chance to decide what happens next.

No godmodding/powerplaying

You probably want your character to dominate in a fight, or maybe kick that other character’s butt. But keep within limits. Stay reasonable. Stick to your character’s strengths, remember their weaknesses. It’s not that fun being the best.

No killing

Under no circumstances should there be killing! Beings are supposed to be allies (at least before the battle broke out), yes, and they are supremely powerful, yes, but killing other beings without their creator’s consent is strictly forbidden. You see, long ago there was a pact made to prevent ruthless killing. Break this magical treaty and your being could be destroyed by the forces of magical oaths.

The RP Chat:


Some of us here have gone beyond adventures and roleplay, and drawn the Battle of the Beings characters! We hope you enjoy our art.

Art Page


If your character wishes to become stronger, wiser, or simply practice fighting, he or she can do so at the training page. Also, beings who wish to share wisdom, strength, battle tips, or take on an apprentice can do so here.

Training Page


That’s right! Even Beings have to interact over social networks too.

Below are all the Beings with Facebooks, along with others to go with them.


Yes, there are rules to creating a character!

  1. As of July 2011, no more characters are to have ATK above 7000, or a level above 9. (this is to prevent too many powerful beings, as the original would most likely be the more powerful.)
  2. Please do not copy any histories/descriptions/powers/traits/etc when creating characters. People don’t generally like to be copied when you’re making a character for the same story/thing!
  3. 2nd roleplay characters are okay, but they can’t be major or help too much in battle. Please limit your characters, as too many would be no fun. (Background characters without a full profile are okay. Ex: “My followers love me!”)
  4. When making cards, it’s best to ignore these parts and delete the date. It’s not necessary, but makes all cards look similar.

BotB Art Trade: Spring 2012:

Find out more here.


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  1. Please keep them in author order…P:
    And to explain Ninja Girl: Her gravatar was blurry when I tried to blow it to full size, so I emailed her for the original picture. MF: I don’t have enough info on him >.< Sophia: Same reason. x_x

  2. How do you make one of those adventure pages because I have gone on some adventures but have been too lazy to write them often 😛

  3. Celestial

    Celestial was an angel, who managed to escape when Heaven started to fall in the mid 1500s. Because she is the last angel, Celestial consumed the powers from Heaven and managed to become one of the most powerful forms in the universe.

    Her biggest weakness is the color red, which reminds her of Satan and puts her into shock. Another weakness is the Red Sword, a sword that Satan used himself when he conquered Heaven.

    Her main attack is to moon-talk a power to encourage her thoughts into her opponents head, changing their desicions. Another power is to predict what other people will do by reading their mind.

    Celestial carries the White Sword, which will never dull or break. Celestial can also fly – she has wings.

    (No attempts at shaping religion were made, I just thought this would sound interesting)

  4. The Stickfigure

    Originally named Sticki, but due to some minor issues, I decided to call her Stickfig. 😀

    Stickfig was a original doodle drawing, beating up people with her creations made by her Magic Pencil. But sometimes she fails and makes a burger to eat in her down time. *om nom nom nom*

    Her biggest weakness is the eraser, the thing that erases her life as we know it. You know, since it’ll make it disappear. DUH. 😀

    Stickfig can draw anything, but they have to have adjectives, so for example, she draws wings, but she didn’t have adjectives, so they’re completely useless. To delete something, she uses the doodle erase, a power she can use on things, not herself.

    Her main attack is nothing, which means she has to wait for her opponent to make their move, then she does it. The rain. The rain is full of singing bubbles, singing the most obnoxious songs ever, which makes the opponent weak, if doesn’t like obnoxious music. If does, well, fail. D:

    Well, that’s all I can think of because I’ve been drawing stickfigure battle scenes on my hands. 😀

  5. Hmm… Ok, I got one.


    Skylee is the element of the Skye, completely made up of air. She takes the form of a girl, though sometimes it doesn’t work. Her weakness is nothing. This probably sounds o.O, but it’s not like it sounds. To take the form of something, Skylee needs to have air and aura to create a solid looking figure, or otherwise, she is nothing, because her particles are all over the air, too weak to come together. However, she can’t be somewhere full of air and aura either, or else she’ll have to take in too much particles, and there’ll be nowhere for her to go. She’ll explode, and become nothing. Her helpful things are that she is made up of vapor, so usual weapons can not harm her, though they will scramble her molecules, and she’ll have to recall them. She looks like a normal girl, usually with her white dress and a rainbow sash. Her hair is black, usually, and here eyes are blue, but if she can’t find the right particles to make this, she’ll settle for another color. If you see anyone looking totally random, or a little vaporish and not completely solid, it’ll be Skylee. She fights using using the air, creating so much air pressure, that she can vaporize normal humans on the spot.

    1. Awesome! Okay, to not give RCG a headache, go type in Yugioh card maker and make a card for your dood! (Sorry, I call everyone a dood. lol)

  6. I have been training in the Mechanical Underworld. After many failed attempts at escaping, I charged myself up to full power and blew up the Mechanical Underworld. (And, unfortunately, my home planet.) Having destroyed my own planet, my thirst for power grew uncontollably and I attacked the ruins of Mir. My first target is the one known as Skylee. She doesn’t seem so tough… *Launches energy blast at Skylee*

    1. Aha, the warring machine is back again, eh? Does thou remember Raven Avelina?

      Your disappearance has not assured the standing of our alliance. Decide whether or not it is over, and immediately, or I shall do it myself!

      1. I see that there are many new advercarries, (Ooc: did I spell that right?) so , though I hate to admit it, I’ll need all the help I can get. I have no wish to annal our alliance. I’ll be your ally as long as it takes to defeat the other beings, but then I expect there must be a final conlusion. But until then, I shall protect you with my life, and I expect the same from you.

  7. AIEEEEEEE! *blast launches though Skylee, spreading her molecules apart* I… I shall admit it. You surprised me. I was trying to free Mir of air pollution. *gathers molecules back together* I may not be the toughest, but I am not as weak as I appear. *makes 99 more Skylee’s, and targets Machine Lord with lighning*

  8. *blocks lightning* Though I was already increadibly strong, My power has increased from 9000 to 14000 since I last appeared. Though extraordinary, I do believe you are a worthy opponent. Would you like to see something I learned in the Mechanical Underground? *hits ground with both fists, creating a fissure, summoning 99 mechanical demons* These demons only have a power level of 3500, but in swarms they are highly lethal!

  9. HA! You expect to defeat my demons like that! *one demon explodes* … He wasn’t the strongest…

          1. *Launches power blast into sky, creating tornado*

            I must admit, I expected much more of a challenge… *laughs mockingly*

  10. *Hurricane rages on for days. As the storm passes you can first see the shadow, then the outline, and then Machine Lord standing there, straight up, with not even a scratch on him, with an evil smirk*

    *Laughs lowly and quietly* You are going to need much more than that to even think about challenging me! That move was good for one thing and one thing only: kicking up dust. So you say you ARE the sky, huh. I have never found myself bowing in fear of the sky. The sky has never killed me. The sky never injured me. I actually don’t know anyone afraid of the sky. I do know something most people fear, though. THIS!!!! SUPER HOMING BLASTS !!!*

    *A super homing missile blast is an attack where Machine Lord fire deadly blasts of pure energy into the sky and back down upon any target he wishes. If they attempt to run the blasts follow them and won’t give up until they make contact with the target.

  11. Umm… I’m made up of aura and mist. All your energy can do is fly. And hit someone else. Did you know that your aura is very light? I’ve never seen someone with such a pale aura. That means that you could be a good person. Or machine. Or whatever you want to be called.

  12. Ahhh… So you’ve seen my aura, eh? Would you like to here a story? I come from a warrior race of machines. They conquered and destroyed many other worlds. As you may have figured, I am their king. Anyway, when a machine is about to “die”, they build their “children.” It is usually a new design. But my father put a little bit of every design of my forefathers in my design. I am a mix of all my ancestors! It is what makes me so incredibly strong. Anyway, the reason why I have a white aura is because some of my ancestors were actually kind and forgiving. But do not be fooled. I have no mercy!

    You know, I have the ability to transform into another form! My power level increases up to 30,000! Fortunately for you, I am not ready to transform. I must raise my power level up to 20,000, and even then I can only transform due to extreme anger or frustration.

    I’m still much too powerful for you, anyway. Hit me with all you’ve got!

  13. Curse you. I don’t think you realize that I am only putting out 4000 of my true power right now? I don’t know if you realize this or not, but I am toying with you. *bends head over, baring neck* Go ahead. Attack me. I won’t even fight back! 😈

  14. (Falls out of nearby tree) Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt–or eavesdrop–but, uh–Ow, jeez, that hurt!–anyway, I–Jeeeeez!–Sorry. It’s just I kind of like to climb trees and stuff and you were there–O.K., well, anyway, I just wanted to say that you (points to Skylee) should stick with the blue eyes. And maybe we could avoid a fight? (Awkwardly stands in silence, ready to flee if need be.)

    1. Ah, you wouldn’t be much of a challenge. It won’t matter if her eyes are blue or green, because when I’m done with her she won’t be in existence to think about what color her eyes are.

      Ahhhh… So this Skylee does have friends. Oh well, you all are weaklings, I could take you all on with one hand tied behind my back! HA!

      1. (Puffs out chest angrily, then deflates) Yeah, you’d probably beat me without any trouble. If we were at sea, maybe I’d have a chance–but do we have to fight? I’d rather be both of your friends! (Goes to put her arm around Machine Lord’s shoulder, then stops and embarrassedly tucks her hands behind her.) I’ve–I’ve just had enough of the betrayal, fighting, the horror… (voice trails off, she clears her throat) yeah.

        1. Hmm… I see that it would be no good to attack you, there’s nothing I hate more than a push-over challenger. Alright, it wouldn’y hurt. But remember, once I do in all the other foes, I will come after you, so I advise you train.

          1. (Nods happily) Thank you! But I still don’t understand why you have to destroy your foes. I mean, unless they’re trying to destroy you, but what good does it do you to kill someone who has no interest in you? I don’t mean to be insolent, sir, but–Well, I guess this sounds weird coming from a Viking, but we only raid when we NEED to. Why would you kill someone that poses no threat–like Skylee, who declined to fight? Just for game? (Covers mouth with hands quickly, eyes wide and scared) I’m so sorry–I said far too much!
            (Looks around for possible sheild or cover)

  15. You still don’t understand why I fight do you… You see when this site was created, a series of relics were created to ensure the future of the blog were hidden, never to be seen again. When they are brought together, they have the power to grant one wish. When I gather all 11 I plan to wish for infinite power, enough to shape the entire universe into my pawn! 😈 I have recently discovered that a powerful magic has sealed them in a tomb that can only open when there is only one undefeated being left. Don’t worry, I don’t have to kill everyone, I just have to defeat them. hen I will be supreme ruler!!! 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈

    1. (Is still a bit unsure) All right… well, if you just need to defeat them, I guess that’s O.K. Please don’t kill anyone! I’d be sad to see blood shed over this! (Cocks head curiously) But what do you intend to do when you’re ruler of the universe? I’m just curious; I’ve never thought much about running everything. (Realizes how nosy she’s beeing; Quickly speaks up again) I mean, not that you HAVE to tell me, I’m just new to all this and I’m not quite sure I understand!

    2. *Slowly Backs away until out of sight*
      *Returns, Running.* Oops. I forgot Cookeh! Hehe.
      *Scoops up cat and runs*

    3. Fool! I shall not allow you to rule over the universe! No matter what happens, even if you defeat the others, I shall still stand in your way! I refuse to allow
      you to rule, lest Mir divide into chaos! The world needs a…ah…less rational regime.

    1. I didn’t have anything to do with that… *Nervous Laugh*

  16. *sneezes, making invisible form visible* Aaaah! Curses.

    You are all intent on fighting a rubbish war! I demand to know what knowledge is gained of it, for nothing without knowledge is worth it.

  17. I have no intent on fighting you now RCG, but if you continue this futile resistance you may not be alive to see me as ruler of the universe.

    *draws sword* You see this sword? It was once my father’s sword and before his father’s sword and so forth. It is so sharp, that not only could it cut through a hair but also a needle in midair. It never tarnishes, never dulls. It can never bend nor break. If someone were to steal it from the owner, it becomes dull and breaks easily. I have had it examined many times and yet I have never been able to discover what material it is made of.

    1. Futile resistance?! I am trying to stop you from ruining the earth!

      *draws bow and notches and arrow, allowing it to fly into the air before disappearing* See this bow? Carved in it are little wooden vines, but they are not just for decoration… And my arrows, as well. Each arrow is handcrafted by me, with deep magic within its willow and birch foundation. Each rune carved upon it has a special meaning, with unique powers. My shots are painless, but extremely powerful. And my two dual daggers– they were, yes indeed! Crafted in the River Lethe! So you see, you would have to be very daft to go against my weapons and magic.

      You see, your sword is not the only weapon. It may be powerful, but if you try and attack me, know that I have several other surprises up my sleeve.

          1. New to Mir, ’tis true. But not knew to the world, no. I am the first. I am Space, Air, Nothing. Whatever you want to calm me. You are a very good warrior. I’ve seen you at archery. But, yes, you can be a bit narrow minded sometimes. I’va no wish to quarrel with you. Now, do you want that Steam Bath, or not? (Oh, and can I have the Author’s Only Page pass? Pwease?)

              1. *Has iPod cranked up to a Brain Shattering volume*
                [Yelling Because of high volume] Is a steam bath like a steam room or something? And why are you offering Lady Avelina one?
                ‘Cause All I heard through the sound of Ke$ha was Blah, Blah, Blah Steam Bath.
                But If it’s like a steam room, I’ll take one!

              2. Okay, okay. You’re “open minded”. But you’re aura is a dark blue color. Stay away from SL. Her aura is pure black. Did you guys know I’m scared of the dark? That’s why I made the Aurora Borealis! Pretty colors on a dark night! 😀

  18. RCG, is this Skylee irritating you as much as she is me? With your magic, her special ability would be useless.

  19. *Points to Lady Avelina.(I’ve been spelling this right, Right?)*
    You Can mimic powers? That’s so Cool!

    1. ‘Tis foolish of you to read color auras yet not the meaning.

      You see, I sense a fierce loyalty and a strong will, yet you do not set it to mind.

      As you claim to be a newcomer to Mir, I must warn you that I don’t take rational arrogance well. Tread lightly, for your mist would dissolve if it met Shaded Lady, the creator of mist itself. Your air pressure would transform into oblivion if it met the songs of Rainbow Nightmare, who’s voice can turn nature around. Your aura readings would crush under my ancient spells woven under words other sorcerors, even the most cleverest, have not figured out.

      Your power merely impresses me, it does not impose. I suggest you do not call me narrow minded again, for you know nothing of me. I know secrets guarded so closely that not even your mind scouring could break into. I can crack riddles not even the Sphinx could understand. And I find the fact that you would doubt my mind highly irksome… I am incredibly open minded, as long as your tolerance is shared as well.

      I warn every Being of Mir. I hope we have come to an understanding. I am no fool, and I am no force to reckon with.

      (Ooc: Ah…I’m sorry. I was in a highly poetic mood with time to kill ^^;)

    1. (Backs away slowly) Ah, you’re treading on dangerous ground, my friend; (looks at Raven Avelina knowingly) I’ve encountered her before–I’ve seen her in battle mode!–you do NOT want to provoke her!

    2. Fool! Anyone with a decent power level can defeat you. Contrary to popular belief, There are actually FIVE states of matter (ooc: NO JOKE!) Besides solid, liquid, and gas there is also a state of matter that exist right before you hit absolute zero. More importantly, there is plasma. No, not the stuff in your blood, plasma can only be created under high voltage or extreme heat. When an object gets that hot, it may take thousands of years to cool off. When an object gets hot like that, not even magic (well, unless you’re extremely skilled) can cool it down. And anyway, you can’t even use magic, since you are of the Skye ( Ooc: you spelled that wrong… unless you are Canadian maybe? They sell stuff weirdly. Like colour. What is the u for? 😕 )
      You’re ego is too strong. I may have a huge ego too, but I can back it up. Have you seen my card lately?

        1. (Blushes excitedly) Wow, you want help from ME!? (Is absolutely giddy) Oh, Thor, I don’t know what I could help you with; I’m not a very good teacher!

          I guess the main thing is just letting stuff pass you by. Say, uh, some random man calls you a Troll Lover. Instead of getting mad at him or anything–even though you’d have the right–you just think, ‘He doesn’t know me, so he couldn’t possibly know if I’m a Troll Lover or not! Thus, his insult is ineffective.’

          (Takes a deep breath) Oh, sorry, I didn’t even let you ask for help!

          1. Ooc: You’ve been using “rationality” wrong. Being rational just means you are acting normal; with sanity; calmly . I believe you mean irrationality. Sorry, I am a human dictionary. 🙂

              1. Ooc: Not crazy like Jump Off Mt. Everest, but the Good Kinda crazy, Right? I just realized I don’t use very many big words, but I could If I felt like it… )


  20. Hmm… I’m the strongest being here and yet no one is taking me seriously. I’m afraid the margin between me and them just isn’t broad enough… If one of these fools were somehow able to tap into their true power I would be trampled. If only I had achieved my ultimate form… time’s running out. I must achieve it by any means neccesary. *whips out tail* I’m afraid I must absorb some of my foes’ energy. It’s my only hope…

    1. Machine Lord, if I set my mind to it, I could blast you into smithereens. Unfortunately I am not that cruel, but your ambition troubles me.

      1. Nonsense. I can sense a great power roaring within you, waiting to be released. Unfortunately, I think you misunderstood me, I cannot unlock your potential. Not yet, anyway. First, you must train. Then come back to me. I have a technique that can unlock your potential.

        1. You evil monster! Using your power for the sake of evil! Shame shame! *shakes head* I knew it would come down to this I saw this with the power of concentration which I haw worked hard to achieve! I see you have not a sense of wiseness in those gears of yours! Petty machinary! Useless!

          1. Hmmpphh… So the little RAT has come to die??? Whatever you wish! 😈 And by the way, what would your world be without evil? There can be no heroes without conflict… no right if there is wrong… good cannot exist without evil. I’ve been observing your planet recently, and it almost overcome with evil… It’s tearing itself apart so, I might not even have to destroy it myself.

  21. I know I have asked this question before, but I don’t think I’ll ever understand–why is everyone fighting over these relics? Don’t you think that we should protect them from the outside world? Imagine–what if one of you struck all the others down and unlocked the relics, but someone else got there first?

    And, of course, there’s the age-old idea that everything happens for a reason. These intensely magical objects must have had something negative about them for the need to arise that they be locked away!

    1. Ah, but you see, magical bindings are never permanent. No matter how much protection is ensured upon them, someone will break through them. (Ooc: I sound like the Sphinx [Fablehaven] now…^^;) Despite the reasoning some of my allies have…*eyes linger disdainfully upon Machine Lord* my goal is to find them before some fool with only a blind ambition to rule the world does. I protect the world, I do not destroy!

      (Ooc: By the way, where are we and how are we talking to each other…? Are we in some conference room in the castle of Mir? xD)

    2. Only the victor of the war can enter. Anyone else would be blasted back via a forcefield of magic. You are right about the negative effect of the relics, though. Not only were they sealed away because of their evil potential, but they were sealed away because a dark spirit lurks within them. At first they were pure, and could grant an infinite amount of wishes. Sadly, an evil entered Mir. It caused the people to start arguing. They later used th relics to seal the spirit within the relics. It all started when the source of the evil took over a poor soul named Comical Turtle. Fortunately, His will too strong at first, causing him to turn into a being named Two-Faced Turtle. He was half good and half evil. Unfortunately, the evil eventually took over him and caused him to morph into different beings. He destroyed Mir by sparking many arguments. When they sealed the evil in the relics, Comical Turtle became kind again. He helped people and also helped reform the blog. His own hidden personal cruelty (not the evil spirit’s) caused him to change into a hideously evil form. Check the archives to find out who I’m talking about. Check 2009.

  22. I need a battle!!! I need to absorb someone to acieve my ultimate form… Hland7, I could probably take you on with one hand tied behind my back! In fact, that sounds like fun! *ties hand behind back* Hland7, I challenge you!!!

  23. Curses…curses..curses,curses,curses,CURSES, CCCCCCCCCCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! *caniption* *blows up ground all around himself* I AM MECHANO, LORD OF ALL BEINGS MECHANICAL!!! WHY DOES NO ONE FACE ME! COWARDS!!! YOU’RE ONLY DELAYING THE INEVITABLE!!! *breaths heavily, then calms down, and laughs with a smirk on his face, then face becomes serious once more* You all sicken me.

    (Ooc: Hey Super Thunder, scared now? 😆 )

  24. I have a loss of trust in a any of you! A warriors code! Pah! As useless as any scrap of metal. Why must the fates be of so cruel? *unsheathes dagger in a guarding stance* YOU DARE NOT UNDERESTIMINATE ME! (OOC: I wish I could get on cat but you guys are never online or it never works for me. Can we please get a new chat?)

  25. *chuckles lowly* So there is a challenger… You don’t even have any powers… I think I’ll absorb you!!! *launches blast at ninjagirl*

    1. You can absorb people? I really need to know more
      About everyone’s powers… *Slowly backs away*

      1. Ooc: Excuses I have a name? Randy xD.
        *nods stands in a straight not moving fighting position. Stares you down hard and closes eyes. You hear a loud crackle and a flash of lighting. As the blast launches I skip meaninglessly out of the way* I hope I jumped in time if not then here! *a flash of lighting hits* I did my homework! I have summoned a storm. That’s why I am the thudner ninja, after years of training I have developed the physic ability. I have not anazyled you fully but i knew which direction to go. (OOC: Black belts do go through hard vigorous training. And you can decide ML if you possess me or not. Or if I did jump in the nick of time. Oh my Zeus this is long!)

        1. Ah, so this is your power! Hmmph, I was already able to do that, but I could use more training! Once I absorb you I gain your powers!!! (idk, I’d feel bad if I decided to hit you. Oh, well, you only live once, I guess. O_o
          *blast hits Ninja girl, I guess*

  26. Hmm… Ninja girl, you claim not you have powers but I fear you’re words are just as conceiling as your actions… I sense a great power within you waiting to be unleashed. Not only can I sense it, but it would be foolish of you to mock me seeing that I am over 3x more powerful than you… but again, this could be just another one of your tricks and I am but paranoid… but, yet again I am sensing ths power…

    (ooc: Oh my lord, I am so indecisive 😆 )

    (When talking in character, do you have a specific voice that you use? I do. I think my character would sound kind of like an evil british tone, but sometimes mockingly with a sometimes reptilian hiss, but only when I’m angry. What do you think your character sounds like?)

    1. I do have powers. Just I am not a show off. I keep my powers within me only to be revealed in TRUE need.
      Yes, I understand I am “MUCH” weaker than you. I am not strong but I am determined, aggressive and speaks for myself. You claim oh your so strong and everything. Everyone has their flaws and weaknesses. So your not a perfect person.
      *nods* Bewares I have been training harder and pushing my limit and there’s not stopping me now. (OOC: Augh. Am I offending you? Please tell me I feel so harsh -_-. And in real life I am training quite hard. Seriously. Also, I have the rebellious, “whatever” voice. I stand up no matter how powerful and I don’t care what you say I will ALways back someone up or say for the right. Like a cop! Get it?)

      1. Augh… You’re mockery grows tiresome… Once I reach my ultimate form I AM the perfect warrior… but as of right now, no, I’m not. But, you must understand this: even if I was wasn’t strong, I would still be incredibly intelligent and my techniques are legendary… do NOT underestimate me…

        (OOC: Yes, you did offend me. I complimented you and you return me with harsh mockery?! Also, I’m rather annoyed, everyone acts like I’m weak, but I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE STRONGEST ONE HERE!!!)

        I challenge you, pathetic, ancient assassin!

        1. And don’t underestimate me. Cause good always overcomes in the end. You are storng and powerful which I fear against my meer self. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and say everyone is much better than me and what can I do. I still do. I have much less faith in myself than I show to the world. I shall never be evil, I stay for the right law and power AHEM.(ooc: GODS WHY AM I SO LAZY! aUGGHHHHH)

  27. Lord of Darkness
    Level 11.
    ATK: 9000
    DEF: 8000
    Description:The Lord of Darkness rules over all Dark-Powered beings.On the nights on the New Moon,his strengh grows to remarkable rankings,enough to win ANY battle.

          1. I thought about challenging you, but since you can absorb people… I think I’ll pass.
            I can’t even control my powers yet, anyway.

    1. (Ooc: And Camile’s got some of Nut’s blood in her and has a slightly weaker version of her powers. But, Yeah she’s also mortal.)

  28. *Is attempting to make it rain with small cloud.*
    Hey, I think I figured out how to work my rain powers!
    *Tries to make rain stop, but instead makes it rain harder, drenching the person next to her*
    Oops… Or not.

  29. (Waves arms madly) Guys, guys, look what I found! (Points to a complicated root system on an old, gnarled tree)

    I couldn’t see it from the ground, but I caught a glimpse of it in the tree. There’s something gold ensnared in the tree roots!

    (Stares curiously at the shiny, exposed metal) I wonder what it is?

    1. Listen here, you are to put that right back where you found it, if not, you could be releasing things more powerful than you, or even me, and much more sinister than I could ever be. If you don’t put that back we will all be at risk!

    1. I don’t know–(looking up at tree)–but it’s odd. It’s like… like this tree grew around the whatever it is.

      (Reaches out to touch the bark, face goes pale) This tree isn’t saying anything. All the other trees are whispering, chattering; this one is silent.

      (Looks back down to mysterious gold object) Could this tree be some kind of prison for that–that thing?

  30. Nireth, I didn’t always used to be like this. I used to be much stronger, and actually, kind. I was one of the last of a noble species, who protected the universe. That object was the reason for my current twisted form. I found it on a planet on the far reaches of the universe. I found that if I wore it, my power level would increase substantially. I used it to defeat Nrolyeh, the demon behind the destruction of my home planet. I never took it off. I started having twisted dreams about killing people and destroying planets, always with a metallic figure at the end. I started freaking out, and started hearing voices in my head. Finnaly I blacked out in the middle of the day, and had a dream. In this dream I tried speaking to the same metallic figure that was in my dreams, only he wouldn’t speak back. When I awoke, I found myself encased in metallic armor, and with my last motion of my own will, I tore the object off myself and hid it in that tree. A dark spirit flew out of it and went inside the temple of the Mir relics. My power level decreased to a mear 9,000. That metallic armor is my current form, and now I can’t do anything but evil. Right now I’m doing too much by telling you this- *Huge migraine* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. OH! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean–I mean, what? I don’t even–I can’t–I–what? I have no power, how coul I have woken it?

          (Gasps) Can it posess us? Can it posess you? (Swats angrily at air and grasps kransen desperately) Thor, save us!

        2. Step down, Machine Lord. My pressence may cause more discord in this place, but no matter. It could also cause joy, happiness, and tranquility.Since I gave Nireth the apple, I have nothing to give you. I am sotty. But I could give you an apple of discord. Discord can destroy anything-anything that is not protected by immortality. The Golden Apple tops Discord. Use it as you wish. Please though, do not hurt the mortals. They are ignorant and weak. Just let them be.

    1. (Eyes fill with sympathy) Oh, no! That’s awful! There has to be some way to heal you. We’ll find it, don’t worry!

      (Steps daintily away from golden talisman) I’ll be steering clear of that.

      Thank you so much for telling me that, Machine Lord. I’ll mark this on my maps, and make sure everyone knows to steer clear of this place!

      1. *Suddenly Nervous* D-Dark S-Spirit?
        Is there a way to stop it? Please, Please have a way to stop it…

        1. *smiles*
          Do not fear, we shall all find a way to get rid of *stops talkins, and faster than light has two knives taken out*
          Leave, Spirit! You have no buisness here!
          Just… just for a moment, I felt the pressence of a dark aura. A dark spirit. But maybe my senses are hyper aware after feeling Nireth and her light aura…
          And… Camille! Your aura is blue too! But darker. More serious. I wish I had an aura like yours.

  31. Well… I’m sorry about that. I feel bad for you both. I managed to get another Aplle of Immortality. It will increase your power level, but only once. Machine Lord had one yesterday. And now, Nireth, I offer this to you. *a Golden Apple of Immortality flies into Nireth’s palms*
    Feel better.

    1. (Stands there with mouth hanging open, catching apple absently) Uh… thanks!

      (to Machine Lord) I’m sorry, I’m SO sorry!

      (to Jennelle) Are you sure you want to give me this? I mean, I’m, uh–I’m kind of useless, and you have power. You’ll need it more in battle. I’ll just get over-run in the first second– (reality crashes down on Nireth and she starts babbling incoherently, talking about how to cook meat)

        1. (Deep breaths) O.K., I should be fine now. Thank you so much for all your help–I don’t think I can ever express how gratefull I am to you–(stops short and begins to dig around in secret pocket hemmed into dress)

          Aha, here (pulls out a map). Take this–I’ve been mapping out all the parts of Mir I could reach that I couldn’t find labled on any other maps. I hope it serves you well–you probably know all this already.

          (Carefully examines apple) I think I should save this for a time of dire need–or has the spirit come back? (looking around anxiously)

          ((Out of Character: I’m about to go swimming for a bit; I hope I return soon enough to keep role playing with you guys! TT_TT))

          1. (Ooc: Have fun swimming! Do backflips and stuff!)
            *takes map cautiously*
            I… I’d heard stories of a map… That supposedly had all the parts of Mir in it. But it was made by the one of the most clear minded, cleansed person ever. I cannot believe it. Clear and cleansed do not go together. But I have found you. A rare combination. A most powerful force. Nireth of Normandy, you are the person I’ve been searching for. Thanks so much for the map! I wish for you to train with me. Would you like to? I am not the most powerful, but… I am a rare mix. Like you. Please say yes!

            1. (Beaming with delight) I would love to train with you! Although I may not be strong enough (hangs head).

              And the map’s not finished yet (blushing) but I hope to complete it soon!

              ((Out of Character: It was super fun! I just kind of swam back and forth, though; no one wanted to play Harry Potter, Mermaids, or Vikings with me TT_TT))

              1. (Ooc: Aww… But the water feels so good on your skin…)

                Thank you for training with me. I shall tell you when we will train.
                And the map looks great so far!

                1. ((Out of Character: It does, it does! ^^ And it’s also very fun to swim in circles and pretend you’re running away from something–or searching for hidden secrets!))

                  Thank YOU for inviting me to train with you! I can’t wait to start!

                  Aww, thanks! I still have the entire southeastern corner to explore and map; and the “Foggy Coast” to the north as well.

  32. *cries* YOU’VE REVIVED THE SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!! *SREAMS*spirit regauns control* NEVER!!! *regains control for moment* I may be able to shape my words, but I can’t stop the spirit’s influence, I still feel like commiting acts of villainy, but the spirit won’t be taking over my body for some time, for I have chased it out of my body for now. But right now I feel that I can’t waste my relic wish on myself.

    1. (Stares in horror) Oh, holy Odin, what have I done? Are you all right?

      (Eyes dart all around; in a state of paranoia) When will it come back? Will it come back? Will we be all right? Will you be all right?–five minutes makes a raw, juicy meat…

    2. This is worse than I feared. I need… Someone of a pure heart. Nireth iss the only person I’ve ever seen with a Pure Heart. Please, Nireth, take the Discord out of here.

          1. (Nods solemnly and stares at the apple) It… it needs to be taken where the sea radiates light instead of the sky.

            (Looks up, startled) I have no idea where that came from!

            And don’t be ashamed, you have a very kind heart! And, besides, purity is fleeting; kindness stays if you want it to!

              1. You’re kind to me! And of course you may! I have a feeling your powers will come in handy, and I’d be very grateful for your company!

                Although, I must confess (shuffling feet) I really have no idea what that clue means.

                1. Yay! I… I get to accompany you on this mission/quest thingy!
                  I do not understand either. But.. as far as I understand, this means… we… you… shall return to the sea.

  33. (Ooc: to the first thing you replied to a second ago, I couldn’t read. Can we keep it to replies pwease?)
    Yay for training! One question: when?
    (Ooc: Could we make a training page? :s)

    1. ((Out of Character: A training page sounds like a great idea! ^^ And Machine Lord could make one for the training for his Games!))

      Hm, I suppose as soon as we get back from getting rid of this (Looking carefully at the Apple of Discord, as if expecting it to explode at any time)

        1. ((Out of Character: Sure, I’ll make one! And bye! TT_TT This was super fun! ^^ And do you think we should type all this up in story-format, to make it easier for other people to understand what’s going on?))

          Don’t worry, I will! I’m scared half to death of it!

      1. (Nodding appreciatively) Wonderful! I can’t wait for a new adventure, and I’m thrilled to have you as my companion. I say we set out now–I don’t know if I’m just being foolish and superstitious, but I feel as if that spirit could return any time (shivers).

        1. May I accompany you to the sea? Rather than go there for the radiating light, I’d like to have a swim, and my legs are itching for adventure. I would understand if you say no because three’s a whole party.

          (OOC: ^^ Please?)

          1. I’d like to come, too If you’d allow it. I’d like to see the evil spirit leave forever.
            Plus, swimming IS pretty fun.
            Four might be too much, but hey, Backup forces!

          2. Both of you–Rainbow Nightmare and Camile–can come! ^^ I’m honored that you wish to join us, and I’m sure we’ll have lots of adventures!

            And you have just as much authority as I do once you enter the team–This includes you, Radiance! I don’t make a good leader, and I think you guys’ll have very good ideas! ^^

            1. Radiance smiled widely, and put the backpack on her shoulder. “Okay,” she said. “Well go now.” She offered her shoulder to Nirety and Rainbow Nightmare who offered her shoulder to Camile. Then they started walking, shining with power.
              (Ooc: Dramatic, I know. Hehehe. And sawwy I spelled your name C A M I L L E before. I have a friend who spelled it with two L’s so yeah.)

  34. It is if Nireth so chooses. You are extremely powerful Rainbow Nightmare. I love your aura too… rainbow colored! And Camille, as I said Rainbow Nightmare, if Nireth says yes. But I would love you two for companions If it was me!

  35. (After a few minutes of walking) Hey, do you guys smell that? It’s odd–(inhales deeply) It smells like rotten eggs!

    Hey, I’ve smelled this before–the well water sometimes smelled like this!

    ((Out of Character: The scent I’m going for is sulfur, but I don’t know if Nireth would know what sulfur is ^^”))

    1. Radiance sniffed the air, unsure of what Nireth was talking about. “I… I’m not sure Nireth. I’ve never smelled well water. To me… It smells like some type of acid. I don’t know which one, though. Be careful. Chlorofome and sulfuric acid could cause mortals to fall asleep.”

      1. It’s definitely not sea water (shaking head); clearly not what we’re looking for–wait, what’s that?

        (Stepping a bit further towards the smell; stops short and goes pale) What was that you said about asits–assets? Those things you were talking about? Can they–kill? (Points to bleached white skeleton half hidden by undergrowth)

        1. Acids, Nireth. And yes, they can kill bcause they can burn through anyth- *stops short after seeing what Nirety pointed at* Oh, Styx not good. We have to get away from here!

  36. You are all fools, a pure heart can’t stop the fiend, a pure heart is more vulnerable. We are all much too weak to attack it anyway.

    Besides, the pirit has not been released yet, but revived. The spirit cannot attack us yet. We must wait for it to make the first move…

    The ML game aren’t off. I expect you all to be present.

    1. No, we weren’t stopping the spirit, Machine Lord. We were just trying to stop Discord in this place, in general. I know we cannot defeat the spirit this way. But it is crucial that the Apple of Discord is destroyed.

        1. No, no. The Apple of Discord is a black apple, something extremely powerful, like the one I gave you. It can only be defeated by Immortality, and Pureness. The Apple of Discord can start war amongst allies, bloodshed, and can multiply darkness. That is what Nireth, Rainbow Nightmare, Camile, and I are off to do. To get rid of this wretched apple.

      1. RA shook her head grimly. “The Apple of Discord will not be destroyed by simply 4 beings. Not even several hundred beings. You must know that the enchantments I placed on the artifacts (OOC: …I’m not really sure if the Apple of Discord is one of the artifacts, I didn’t really read a lot about it in the above comments, sorry ^^;) aren’t quite as easy as simply plucking an Apple of Immortality off a tree.” She examined a rotten apple she had just picked off the ground. “I understand it is crucial, but surely you don’t expect to stroll into the place it is held and destroy it?”

        1. This Appple is not an artifact. It is something I planted. And if Nireth said that’s how to destroy it, then I’m sure it will work.
          (Ooc: Since some of us are on.. Can we RP on the Xat RP?)

          1. (Nervously) I don’t know if I’m right or not; it was just an idea that popped into my head! I certainly hope I’m right, though.

            ((Out of Character: I would love to! Which chat is the Xat Role Play thingy? Is that the one we reach when we click the link to the Chat page?))

  37. (Looking anxiously from the skeleton to Radiance) I concur! Let’s get out of he–(takes a step forward; a snap resounds through the clearing. A wall of vines breaks through the ground, blocking the path)

    (Falling back, startled) I–I get the feeling that something doesn’t want us to leave!

      1. (Tendril snakes out of the ground and starts to wrap around foot; quickly pulls foot away) Radiance, we’ve got to get out of here!

        (Starts running around, looking for an exit, but vines are rapidly blocking off paths; attempts to climb one and gets trapped by rapidly growing vines) Run! I don’t think we’re supposed to survive this! (Glance flickers back to bleached skeleton)

          1. (pulling arms free of the snare, pushing self off of the wall of vines, landing on the ground with a hard thud) This is certainly not good!

            (Looking around for something sharp to cut the vines with, suddenly has an idea) Wait, Radiance, that acid stuff is dangerous, right? So it must be protecting something! Maybe if I can get to whatever it’s protecting and back out again fast enough, we can defeat this thing!

              1. Nireth tugged her foot out of a reaching vine. “Just keep moving! It’s tenacious, but I don’t think the vine can get a very good hold on anything!”

                Nireth jumped from foot to foot, trying to keep out of the grasping vines. The smell was becoming more and more acrid as she walked away from the vine wall, but she ignored it. She took a lungfull of air and held her breath the rest of the way, hoping she wouldn’t have much further to go; the acid in the air was beginning to sting her eyes.

  38. Whoa- Where’d all these vines come from?
    Don’t worry, I’ll help you escape!
    *Runs over to help, but instead trips over vine.*
    ….After I get off the ground.

  39. As Nireth walked deeper into the acid-filled air, she began to notice that the vines were becoming lighter in color, and more tender to the touch. They reminded her of the tender part of the tree beneath the bark. She must be getting close!

    Then, she saw it–through her tear-fogged eyes, she could see a large, pale green mass that pulsed and writhed like a ball of snakes. The sword of a fallen traveler lay beside the knot, but his skeleton was nowhere to be seen.

    Nireth didn’t want to kill the creature, she just wanted to make it leave her friends alone!

    Nireth felt as if her lungs were about to explode–the lack of oxygen affected her thought process, making her hastier than she normally would be. She lunged forward and stuck her arm inside the pulsing tangle of vines and felt something hard with deep grooves, like a peach pit.

    Suddenly, the writhing stopped. Nireth exhaled and took a deep breath–the air was fresher than it had been before! But that didn’t stop the blackness from creeping in around the edges of her eyes. She had to take a moment to stop and recover her breath.

      1. Nireth wrenched the peach-pit-like thing out of the tangle of vines.

        Without warning, the ball of vines began writhing again, more furiously this time.

        Nireth was frightened at first, but then she realized–the plant was retreating! She looked up and saw one of the vine walls drop into the ground. She noted that many of the tendrils were sliced in half due to Radiance’s brave efforts.

  40. Nireth followed Radiance, “Thanks!” she said as her friend held out her hand.

    “Hey,” Nireth realized she still had the thing that resembled a peach pit in her hand, “have any of you guys seen something like this before?”

    Nireth held the thing out for Camile, Rainbow Nightmare, and Radiance to see.

    1. “It looks like something you might find inside a fruit.”, Camile said , leaning in to take a look at it.
      “Well, Uh… it might be something else.”, She offered.

  41. Nireth picked up a rock and peered underneath it. “Hm. Nothing.”

    She pulled a piece of paper, folded many times to make it smaller, and scribbled a few quick notes.

    She wiped some sweat from her brow. “I wonder if I’ll ever find those crystals?”

    1. “Hey, Nireth!” Camile said to Nireth, who was searching for crystals under some rocks,”You usually find crystals in caves, Right? Well, maybe the crystals you’re looking for are in a cave somewhere…”

      (OOC: It’s raining where I live! Finally!)

      1. “Thanks, Camile!” Nireth brightened, then grew sad. “I just hope they aren’t in the Caves of Lost Souls–I’m trying to map those out! I read somewhere that taking fire into the Caves is calling your own death! I heard of the crystals in another archive; they’re supposed to provide light without fire!”

        ((Out of Character: Oh, yay! Rain is the best ^^))

  42. (Off topic stuff) First, sorry for interrupting whatever you guys were last talking about, but I needed to knowz this. ._.

    Ok, how do you make those cards? >.< My brother has the site, but he won't gimme it. Tell me or die. :3 Lol JK

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