Guess what? I exist!

Heylo to whoever finds this post, yes, it’s me. Me, me. Woo.

Sheesh, a lot of things had happened between this post and my last one… Which I posted…….. *click* a few days over a whole year when I was talking nonstop about the SOM movie?

Holy crap.

Well anyways, in the balance of a year, a lot had happened. Fun. Drama. Life-changing birthday gifts. Being 16. Wow.

Well, I’ve been drawing a lot more lately, and not just old-fashioned fanart. I also now got a few copic markers along my prismacolor ones- they’re fun and vibrant to use 😛

Writing…actually, something I haven’t done much of in a while. I do have an idea, but I’m kinda being a lazy bum and not doing anything.  It is an original one though.

I’m going to be a junior in high school in September and it’s…a whole lot of weight. Well at least I got to read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and the topic of the year is Brit Lit. I’m actually 25% British, so that’s gonna be an awesome literary year. I hope. Also, sophomore year was probably my most dramatic school year ever. A friend was lost, boy drama, I got asked out for the first time, but at the end of the day felt it was best to friend zone him. So yeah, pretty eventful.

As for the summer, it’s been a lot of fun! Been places, here and there, Summer summer summer. And as a birthday gift, I got, like the best present ever.

Let’s just say some of you are gonna be mighty jealous of me.




See ya whenever!



I didn’t wait all year for nothing.

So the Sea of Monsters movie is coming out tomorrow.


Oh my gosh, it’s about time! I waited long enough for a trailer in April, then I made a countdown on my iPad. Oh gosh… *squee*

Mr. Freudenthal, the director, better not have screwed this up. Mr. Columbus already messed up The Lightning Theif when it came to the trueness to the books. Let’s hope this would be better. Blond Annabeth. Tyson. Clarisse. Mr. D. Already good signs.


Not so much a good sign. I hope that’s not who I think it is. If this is who I think it is, then there goes the possibility of any other movies. There goes any mentions of the Huntresses of Artemis (fun fact, a Huntress of Artemis group was my very first RP group!). There goes the epic battle in Manhatten in The Last Olympian. *sigh*

Well, I can only hope for the best. My mom dragged me to the first PJ movie (before you say anything, that was before I even discovered Poptropica). Now, I’m going to feel like I’m dragging her XD .

I’ll be prepared with an orange shirt and my lightning bolt earrings tomorrow. A huge grin on my face to boot.

And you’ll be glad that I can finally shut up about it since that’s all I’ve been posting about here XD… well, I’ll post a review and stuff. Then I can shut up about it XD.

Sea of Monsters Trailer #2

YESS, the second Sea of Monsters trailer is out!

Okay, let’s check this thing out…

Percy mentioned the prophecy about him!

*insert stuff from first trailer here*

THALIA!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀


Trailer over.

Um… between the two trailers, I haven’t seen Polyphemus yet. (Grover wasn’t with Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson in a lot of parts, which is actually somewhat true to the books.) I really hope he is there. So far, I’ve seen Charybdis, the mechanical bulls, a manticore (?), the Hippocampus, and that thing above this text.

Okay… I’m still excited for this movie, but I’m also a little bit nervous (I watched The Lightning Thief before I knew what Greek Mythology was, and my mom actually dragged me to see it.) Now that I’ve read the books and know a lot more, I’m scared to be disappointed.

BT out!

A series of rhetorical questions.



Why does my school end mid-late JUNE? While most of you end/had ended THIS MONTH? I mean, I haven’t even taken my FINALS yet. I haven’t done any end-of-year thing-a-ma-jigs yet. The only thing is a statewide Bio exam, blah blah blah… WHY BIO OF ALL THINGS?


Anyways, my birthday is getting closer asklgwgoah


Why does it have to be like this every year ever since I grew too old to play with toys? *sigh*

Why do I keep drawing the same things over and over again?  Why do I keep on talking about the same old things? Why am I thinking about the same things? Why do I jump around and dance in my room with my headphones on only to find Mom or Dad Tomato looking at me and I just stand there like an idiot? Why? These are all rhetorical (is that spelled right?) questions.

BT out from this topicless rant.

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Are my parents mind-readers?

I’m starting to wonder if my parents are starting to read your minds.

Like I said two posts ago, my mom and I randomly started watching Doctor Who due to curiosity. We haven’t caught up on the new eps really yet, but we will.

And then, not too long ago, something else made me wonder if your minds are being read.

So my dad put some new songs on my iPod and while I was looking through it, there was an extra album among the new songs:

I went up and asked my dad about the album and he said that he thought it would be something I would like. There were 4 songs in it at first: the first four tracks (Stargazers, Gethessame, Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean, and Sacrement of Wilderness). Something about the album cover looked vaguely familiar to me- I could’ve sworn I saw it before. After listening a little bit, I thought, “This reminds me of something Nirry likes.” I searched Nightwish in the blog, and found that Nirry had mentioned Nightwish numerous times and one of the albums she quickly reviewed was none other than Oceanborn! I ended up liking the music and then asked my dad more about the band. He explained to me about the changed singers, and how there are a ton of albums out by them. Looking through Youtube, I found Storytime and Amaranth, both songs I ended up loving. Dad eventually got me the rest of Oceanborn, Imaginaerum, and Dark Passion Play. Here are some of my favorites from each of these:


– Gethesame (I just liked the tune ^_^)

– Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean (the “sung” dialogue was just… wow)

– Passion and the Opera (Also liked the tune)

– The Pharaoh Sails to Orion (the opening had a catchy beat and feel xD)

Deep Passion Play (I just got this one, so I haven’t listened to all the songs from this one yet)

– The Poet and the Pendulum (Wow, just wow. XD)

– Bye Bye Beautiful (I love this song so much. It’s so rock.)

– Amaranth (That song had been stuck in my head for the past week.)

Imaginaerum (there’s a lot of songs I liked from this album o.o)

– Storytime (So much whimsy!)

– Ghost River (It’s both creepy and awesome! And that children’s chorus!)

– I Want My Tears Back (I love this song so much- especially the duets!)

– Rest Calm (I found myself randomly singing the chorus every once in a while XD)

– The Crow, the Owl, and the Dove (It’s just catchy.)

– Last Ride of the Day (Catchy. Again.)

– Song of Myself (I was shocked to hear that I memorized the dialogue from the “Love chapter. Still an awesome song XD)

So yeah. Nightwish. Woo. I figured I’d make a post about something. Has there ever been a time when you think someone else was a mind reader?

BT out!

BotB Character Change!

Hey guys, BT here. (Wow, it’s been a while since I posted here!)

I think I might want to change my BotB OC. I mean, change her completely. I mean, she’s not the same person anymore.

I’m thinking, “Goodbye, Fern, hello…. um… oh, I got it- Reena Prism!”

Abilities: Reena Prism is a 15-year-old artcaster. An artcaster is a kind of wizard that has a different type of wand, the pencil and paper. Whatever she draws would come to life. However, she has restrictions on what she can and can’t draw due to the artcaster oath:

“I cast only to protect well-being, others, and worlds. I am not to cast for a selfish or evil reason, or draw things beyond my level of training, or else I shall face the consequences.”

Currently, she’s a trainee for the order of artcasters, which is like level 2 out of 5 levels. She can draw basic weaponry such as swords, bows, spears, and shields. However, she cannot draw living things or any weapon with too much power.

Personality: Reena has a hyper personality, and is eager to be a student of the great artcasters. She’s friendly, but sometimes can be a little irresponsible and air-headed.


I might do more with her later, but I’m just sharing the basics.

BT out!