Ahhhhh !

Oh hi .
I totally forgot about this and I have no idea what happened , but THANK YOU whoever did this .
I’ve just been on Facebook and YouTube too much .
Well . Sorry for the short post but I have no idea what else to say and I just didn’t want people to think I was dead . So I’m not dead . (:


SchoolStory. (I was bored as shakalaka. Whatever that means.)

DING DING DING DING DING. The alarm on my phone went off. I flipped it open sideways and turned it off. I stayed in bed for a few minutes and slid down my stomach out of bed. After getting dressed, brushing my teeth, putting my hair in a ponytail, I ran downstairs to eat. It was pitch black, so I walked slowly with my arms out so I wouldn’t smash my face into the wall or something. I found the lights, flipped them on, got milk, bowl, Cinnamon toast crunch and poured the milk and cereal into the bowl. I gobbled it down, and since my parents weren’t awake, I turned on my laptop to check facebook and YouTube. Nothing. I cleaned out my backpack for a while and woke my mom up.
Apparently I fell asleep in the car, so once I was outside of the school building, my mom had to wake me up.
I walked into the gym and ran up the second row of bleachers. There were four rows. A seventh grade row, normal+cool people row, a boys row with the nerdy at the bottom, weird boys above them, normal ones above, and the ghetto ones at the top. Now the last row… Which used to be where I sat.. But it involves punching. The row of girls. Normal at the bottom to halfway, but the other half was another story. Queens of the school at the top row, and the “Princesses” from halfway to the second down. I sat at the second down. But since my friend Samantha sat in the second row, she’d be at the top calling me to come there. So I did. More of my friends sat there. Just my best friend was still sitting at the last row, so I had told her to come to the middle… Which is pretty much the perfect place to sit.
Once the long fifteen minutes was over, we were dismissed to homeroom. I walked with Bianca and Samantha. Homeroom’s my favorite class. I went in and sat at my usual table, Eliam (yes him omfg),
Justene, Beyonce, and Jonathon. It’s supposed to be the last year table, but beyonce didn’t have anywhere else to sit so she sat at our table. Of course it was over too fast. I grumpily walked to second period, language arts. We went through warm up, and read some book.
Third period. History. This place wasn’t so bad, especially when we watched videos, I’d either fall asleep or draw, or do origami. But sometimes we’d read form the book. I really wouldn’t pay so much attention, but I’d try, in case he called on me to read.
Fourth. I hate this THING. My teacher is annoying, we do a bunch of homework every night, and do boring worksheets. I look up at the clock to see what time it is, thinking class is about over, but no, it’s not even halfway through. and when it is I run like the wind out of there and downstairs to go to lunch.
I have lunch with bianca, which is the only thing I have with her. We always go in the pizza line and get cheese pizza. Once we get it, we sit down at the last row, second table. I don’t eat. I just get chips, eat the crust, sometimes I’ll eat the pizza when it’s looking good and I’m hungry, and drink chocolate milk.
After that, I have P.E. We get dressed, come out and the 7th and 6th graders and seperated. I go to the 6th grade side… Obviously. We play volleyball. Everyday. I’m not such a pro, but I don’t suck either. I’m usually on a team with Samantha (she’s pretty good) or with the BEASTS at volleyball. We usually play once or twice, maybe even three times if we win twice. Nothing hard, because I love P.E. I guess it’s my second favorite, opposed to homeroom.
After that, I have Science. I’m no so interested in that. I hav emy favorite teacher, my homeroom teacher, but science isn’t exactly my best or favorite subject. He said it was hard to get an A in his class, and hard to fail it. I just though, Psshh yea I’ll make an A. Err no, I made C’s. I’m usually too lazy to write in my journal, so I’m not too keen.
Wow. The last thing I have is drama. This is my third favorite. We do games, watch movies, make things.. But it can be annoying and boring sometimes.

Aggaahh i was so bored so I made this xD
It sucks and I probably have 200 mistakes, but I dun wanna check it. (:


Gah! Really lol thanks to whoever got a bunch of authors on here. (:
I was seriously like wtf when I was looking for my post and there were like 30 posts before it? It’s only been a week.(:

I like cheesee.



Hey guys..
Um, for some reason making a post here. It seems HOMEY and.. ancient. Even the look of WordPress and just shoot a memory to my head…
I’m sorry if you thought I left, I would never.. I thank those only.. About 4 people that actually post, so thanks you guys a lot… for making the blog not just still, and lie there, as if it’s dead. It’s still moving very slowly, like it’s about to die.. But we’d have to give it surgery to make it faster… Healthier, better… But it seems like it’s so old, and the memories are gona, it’s already had a chance, and it slowly will die and, if lucky, go into a second life..

I don’t know, don’t ask. I just think in weird ways.. but I guess that’s just my point of view, like the “puzzle pieces” I meantioned.

I’m still proud of this blog.. I’m sorry if I was dramatic and stupid back then, but i was YOUNG. I changed. If that was the cause for so many people for going away, i regret ever acting like that.. but I still have that kind of spirit.. A free spirit, but angry, just willing to bring on some kind of fight. It’s always been that way, always will be that way, nothing I can do to change it, but everything else changes..

poptropicalthunder is the word I can type FASTER than ANY word I type. Poptropicalthunder poptropicalthunder poptropcialthunder poptropicalthunder…

Well, bye I’m gonna go eat pie (literally).


This blog has been here for almost TWO YEARS. It was created on April 16th, 2009, now it’s October 9th/10th 2010. There are still about 30 people on the authors list, and not even 50% post anymore. :/

Some never even posted.


Well I haven’t posted in FOREVER. And no one even come shere anymore, so I’m just talking to myself..

But I guess this blog will remain lonely like as it is. I give up on trying to gain things that this blog had before, sometimes there were 20 people on at the same time.. Now, there’s 1 person, that’s all there’s been, that’s probably all there’s ever going to be, and that’s it.. I wish someone would help re-gain this blog, but like a puzzle, SOMEONE had to mess up all the pieces and SOMEONE I know will put all the pieces back toghether, and a puzzle piece represents a person. But there are some people that I don’t think will ever come back, like Golden Eagle..

I almost quit being on all this stuff, like blogs, chats, and the PHB. But I couldn’t resist, I could never back away from my friends.
If you quit from the blog being lonely.. Please think because I will try to get the blog back again.