Pulled Down- Lady RCG

(half of story idea by Violet/Smiles)


There was a deafening silence throughout the entire city of Gorgovil. There was no screech of the creatures, no songs of rerals, no hovervannes racing through the streets.

There was something wrong.

Apparently, Mars used to have water, and scientists think that there used to be a thicker atmosphere, and may have supported life.

Does that mean Mars used to be like Earth? Advanced, just like today’s society? Until…something happened?

When the Mars world began to end, people started flocking to earth. These Marsians, (not martians) were people who were unbelievably intelligent, far more advanced then the humans could ever be.

The newcomers felt their way through the new environment. This place, it seemed to be exactly like their home planet of Mars. Except more barren, more colorless. The scent of this world was dull, the noises irritating. As the survivors wandered aimlessly through the land, they noticed they were not alone. One could almost quickly distinguish them. One side, graceful, beautiful creatures, with eyes like dancing water and minds whirring with gears. The other, blundering, misfits, with eyes that showed simple minds. The other average minded people raised their strange sticks with low tech sharp ends, and grunted, confused at the sight. The others, the Marsians, inquired to know why they lived in crude huts constructed of straw and sticks. Back on their planet, there were high tech cities, computers, hovervannes.

People like Edison, Einstein, Socrates, Curie– they were all descendants of these Marsians.

And now, there was Alison. Your typical nerd. Extremely smart and clever, always curious, able to construct anything, and displaying the same elegance and grace alien would have. Thought mysterious and very intelligent, one could see Alison as normal, simple, just a lucky child. This is not the case.

Little known to Alison’s vast knowledge, her ancestors were in fact, Marsians. The same people who invented religion and the gods and dinosaurs to throw humans off their trail, the same people who created fire, metals, language. Of course, there were the humans too. Not as advanced, they were still beings, and they did suspect there was something wrong. How do you think the witch trials began? The crazy, deluded cryptids theories?

Of course, the humans can hold a grudge to today. Everything has to come to an end, just as Mars had. And what other place to be destroyed, other then Earth? What other way to let loosen your grudge, then to hold Marsians hostage, demanding knowledge in order to save Earth?

Alas, It just isn’t possible.

Chapter 1:

There comes a time when you learn something incredibly hard to hold. Whether it be you have fairy ancestors, or there are such things as mutant peanut butter monsters, it can be hard to control your emotions.

Such was my issue as I met eye to eye with the stranger. With shaggy hair and baring fangs, he was the ideal image for a humanoid wolf. Sure, some people just inherit odd looks. Take my uncle, perhaps, with droopy eyes and blubbery fat hanging off his face and chin, you could mistake him for a bulldog.

Only, my uncle doesn’t have a tail or claws.

This dude does.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have believed him for a half human half wolf stuck in limbo. Then again, it might’ve been some fancy movie make up. I’m sure it can’t be that hard to steal it, when you can break into someone’s house without a sound

“I don’t care,” I finally snapped. “I don’t care if it’s all true. I’m not risking my life energy to save some evil werewolves.”

“You don’t understand…if you save us, we can protect you…”



4 thoughts on “Pulled Down- Lady RCG

  1. Thanks guys. ^^;

    I’m kinda brainstuck on it, though. P:

    If you’re wondering where I got the idea, I can’t take all the credit. The wolf/hybrid plot device is from this old author on this other blog called Violet/Smiles. She posted it on the Brainstorm Laboratory, which is basically a place where you post ideas and others can use them.

    The Marsian thing sorta came from a joke. Everyone used to ask me where I’m from (America…) and I kept saying Mars. 😛

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