Guess who can’t go a day without singing? Me.

Guess who lost their voice? Me.

Guess who never stops talking? Me.


The doctor said the  maximum is 2 weeks. But they said if I’m lucky it’ll be a week.

Oh, well. I won”t nag about it.


How’s life? Lol.


Summer plans.

Hey guys.

hehe, i know i havent posted for a while.

Ive been kinda busy. and then others times I was too lazy,

but noww, schools out c:

so Ill be on way more. yay xD

Actually, schools been out for almost 3 weeks.

eh, whatever. Hows summer going for you? 😀 what are you gonna do?

My summer, surprisingly, is going really well (:

Ive basically just been hanging out with my friends.

In august, im going to a Selena Gomez concert with my 2 best friends.

Basically, my summer is just about being with friends && family.

OH, and Harry Potter is done.. forever. ITS THE END OF AN ERA. I CANT BELIEVE IT 😦

do you like harry potter? 😛

Track & Field.

Hey guys ! 😀

So, the official track and field day thing is on monday T.T

I was hoping it wouldn’t be a monday… I’m so lucky xD


Im hoping I win 1OO metres though. So then I could go to area for it 😀

ANYWAYS, I made a lil something to show my terribleness at running. Hope you like it xD 

p.s, I have no tablet so its horrid when I draw on my laptop. With a mousepad, too. 😛

Yes, that is what happens to me when I run 8OO metres practicing for track and field… xD

Hellooo! :D

Hii ^-^ I’m Romina, but you can call me Music.

Or Muse.

Or anything you desire.

I’m new here and this is my first blog post, so I thought I would make a “Introduction post”  :’D

Well, lets see… I’m 11 years old, I live in Canada. I love singing, and it’s my dream to become a singer ^-^

Lady GaGa is my favorite artist. Ever. And I like to write stories a lot so you might see some stories posted by me [: and I should probably warn you that I’m crazy xD

I like getting to know people,  and I’m pretty friendly so talk to me  :3

Oooh, K SO I’M OBSESSED WITH GRILLED CHEESE. LIKE, OBSESSED. OOOBSEEESSEEED.  People call me a monkey because I climb everything.  umm, lets see… Im having total writers block here . soo, Yeah, I guess I’ll go. and since i might have bored you, here’s an epic picture 😀

 ^ epic, ikr?