Ha ha, I haven’t posted in a while.

I apologize for my past behaviour, it was childish of me.

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….I hate breaks. Though, I love Christmas :) (LATE POST! >.<)

Okay, this is post is late, it’s because I was getting really mad at my mom for not giving me Skyward Sword.
HELLOOOOO, I know you bought it. Stop making me cry each night. 😦
Anyways, I’m bored and I don’t want to watch pony now, because I just feel so sad and stuff. And I’ve had a overdose of nostalgia, I just don’t feel good. And the best part is… I’m sick! 😀

I thought I saved the princess, but I actually got a cold. 😐

I miss someone. I REALLY miss someone. I miss boop. 😐 I don’t drink pee. Why did you have to give me the cartridge? NOW IT REMINDS ME OF YOU. I think the other part of this ‘post’ is just gonna be some poop, so I put the more button thingy here. 😀 CLEEECK it! (If you want, It’s optional.)
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Sir Lord Pickle, you have eternally failed…

So, at school I made this thing called the Other World.
It’s where everything is the opposite, well sort of.
People who want to be robots can be robots, and people who want to be girls can be girls…
There are 5-6 founders.
1. Me (Bob)
2. Ethan (Boop)
3. Aliza (Okay)
4. Max (The Big Jug of Milk)
5. Trinity (Lord Pickle)
6. Michael (X-fee-us <—that’s how you say it… lol.)
Sadly, Lord Pickle has very low intelligence with video games! Shame!
Boop: Hey Bob, have you heard of League of Legends?
Bob: Yeah, I haven’t played it though.
Boop: Okay.
Boop: Hey Trinity, have you heard of League of Legends?
Lord Pickle: No, but it’s legend of zelda related, right?
Boop: *facepalm*
Bob: pfffttt *snicker*
Michael: WOW
Boop: And even Leianne knows that’s not true.
And don’t ask me who Nurse Akali is…
She’s this nurse ninja that Ethan’s obssessed with.
What am I supposed to do here?
Oh yeah, Does any of you play chobots.net?
If you do, you should play it. Wait no- if you don’t, play it.
PS: Someone at my school has a awesome slogan- Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, don’t vote for him,  vote for me. (Not mine, LOL)

SHORT POST! Don’t have a lot of time…I gotta beat that dungeon soon!

Sorry for not posting!
I’m just REALLY HAPPY!!!!
1. Ethan just gave me a copy of OCARINA OF TIME! *fangirl squee*
2. I got to play it on my Wii, but it’s not the same.
3. Mr. Bob is really nice right now!
4. I FEEL LIKE SCREAMING! Just because of over-Zelda exposure and extensive heeyeeeayeeyeyayay
5. Got on too much sugar! 🙂
6. this song is now gonna be something I would play at my wedding

Sorry for not doing anything for you Pheonix, happy birthday!

Anyways, here’s something I did right now…

There’s a big fire outside.
My shield is burning.
My Ocarina is failing…
Gravity is increasing on me…
But when I look outside…
I see a firey bird…
with a big flute…
playing the Bolero of Fire,
flying as high as the goddesses can go…
(The end?)

Happy Birthday Pheonix!

;-; :D

Reason for title?
Um, bruh…I don’t really know.
So, on Halloween at my school I went as Link and everyone called me an elf.
😐 These kids really need glasses.
So when I went trick or treating…
Peter Pan, Keebler Elf, Elf, Zelda (Well at least they got some of that right) and only one person got it right. I started crying tears of joy when she said that.
So…the awesome part is that…
I am dying of Z.A.S (Zelda Anticipation Syndrome)
Next, since the holidays are coming up…
I’m giving everyone what they want! (But It’s just gonna be a drawing.)
Just comment and I will work on it..
I’ve also taken too many nostalgia vitamins.
Watch The Awesome Series! It’s awesome 🙂
Oh and watch this video one of the kids in my class made:

Sadly he didn’t make a movie. 😦


Sorry for…uh almost double posting?
I’m just have so much awesomeness being poured into my mind =_=’
Wind Waker. =_= I need that game =_= I SHALL PLAY IT WITH MY WII! HAH HAH…
I will get one…I will save up some money for one…
$20.00 saving mission is at go!
I mean really…I just want one for the picture (But then there is no use…oh well. :D)

Or do you think I should just pay $1.00 for a reservation card for the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword?
Also, Today’s the Halloween Party! (Not at school)
YES! 😀 Except I didn’t make a sword because at SCHOOL you can’t have swords, and besides, we made my costume really late -_-‘
So then next year I might be Zelda or Twilight Princess Link! 😀
Speaking of TP…
I get shivers if I die, then I start making a rampage. It has happened. xD
And also,
I am gonna play the Legend of Zelda. I WILL.
(on the piano ;3)

OH MAH GAWD…(fangirl squee)

I’m gonna be Link! 😀 Well it’s Toon Link, so what?
Anyways, back on buisness.
Today we went on our orchestra field trip…
A waste of 11.00… 😐
So, basically we just drove to Chicago-watch boring concert-go to Rock n’ Roll McDonald’s with a bunch of other kids, and come to school, right when the bus leaves.
The only thing that was good, was almost sleeping, and playing with our DSs on the bus. (With Christine and Ethan)
Hm…has this ever happened to you?
I think it has to me… 😐