Machine Lord’s Training Camp

Machine Lord’s camp is NOT bound by the law, as this is more of a battle.

I already know the rules. They are:

NOTE: For each battle, I’ll make a post about it where both players can fight. ONLY THE TWO PEOPLE BATTLING AND MYSELF CAN COMMENT ON THESE.

First off, no godmodding.

For a battle to be concluded there must be a minimum amount of comments of 25 and a maximum of 100. If you reach 100 without any major blows, I have no choice but to flip a coin. In actual time, each battle should last about one week. See to it that your battles entertain me.

Mainly, if the audience knows that you got K.O.’d, we’ll declare the other opponent winner. You also have the option of surrender.

Remember, after you beat all the participants, you have one final battle with me. I’m going to go all out, so I hope you do, too.

This is rather urgent: you must pick your opponent before you go to battle. That is what today’s all about. Please pick your opponent beneath this post.

Now please hurry and pick your opponent TODAY. Not tomorrow, today. If you do otherwise the other participants will have to wait, and they’ve waited a long time just to come here, and they aren’t even close to victory yet.


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