Life Updates & Nanowrimo!

Oh my golly goodness! It has been an absolute while folks! I know, I haven’t posted in here since what… March! Holy Tardis! Wow, I am extremely sorry everyone. I just didn’t find the time anymore to write a complete post, I found it waay easier to be on Tumblr and Instagram. But I suppose I may be back for the summer, since I am not doing anything special.

So, what has been going on in my life you say? (I know you didn’t ask but I will force you to ask anyways.)

Not much really. I am so ecstatic to get eighth grade over and done. It was probably the worst year of middle school for me. All my friends (minus a few) ditched me, and I felt myself feeling increasingly alone and unwanted. As well, due  to my annoying so called ‘friends’ they got me (forced) into some drama. Which hey was not great at all. As well, I failed a lot. Like I did not make AP Biology (which is a good thing because I’m doing Marching Band AND Volleyball. We will get to that in a bit) and I did not make Symphonic Winds which is the second highest band but not my fault the stupid band director did not tell us there was no room for bass clarinets so I am wait listed. I am crossing my fingers that one of the bass clarinets is going to move into Wind Ensemble and I shall have my rightful, earned place! Due to this my GOAL is to make All County and All State and be absolutely flawless in band so I can laugh in Mr. Benner’s face when sees how good I am and put me in my rightful place. I am not egoistic just revenge driven no worries.

So high school? Yep, I am going next year and I am not really nervous. I mean augh the work load I am worried about  but I am overjoyed to meet new people and have a fresh start. I am going to go to marching band which I am SO excited for! It looks so fun and everybody was so sweet. (I had a mini camp two weeks ago and so long story short for now I am known as “The Girl Who Likes Doctor Who” and/or “The Tiny Indian Girl Who Can Fit Into A Sousaphone!”) And then I am trying out for the volleyball team which would be cool but I have been thinking if I do not get in I could do cross country or whatever to get in shape. God, I have to start practicing running that mile. Oh JOY.

And ever since I have last saw you I have been fandom CRAZED. I am part of what tumblr would call SuperWhoLocked. I am watching Doctor Who, just finished Doomsday. Which oh my dalek  was soo sad, I was sobbing a waterfall. And then theres my books, The Maze Runner, Divergent, and others I cannot name.

I am SO obsessed with John Green right now, I have read The Fault in Our Stars, Looking For Alaska and half of An Abundance of Katherines (which I had too return) And wow I just love him so much, his writing too! TFIOS made me cry too 😦 Why am I reading so many sad books? No clue.


So Nanowrimo! I am going to participate in Camp Nanowrimo in July. And I am absolutely confused. What is with the cabin mates, what are you supposed too do, is it just like Nanowrimo?  What do you get when you finish, does your book get published?

So if any of you could explain I would be very happy 🙂

My story for Camp Nanowrimo is called “The Strings of Fate” and it is about a center of disabled/troubled youth. It revolves around the life of 4 students. Wyatt who is a drug addict, Teresa a girl with multiple personalities, Amelia a former cheerleader now sent to the bottom with depression and Reed your average everday rebel you would not want to mess with, who thinks setting things on fire is a hobby? And it simply goes through their lives and such. It is going to be a lot better when I write it, I assure you!

And for Nanowrimo I probably will enter A Game of Bloody Hearts, just so I can rewrite and just plan and yeah.

I have this lovely Word Document with my plans for my story. I was just working on the characters next I will move into the school and yadada.

So have a lovely day everyone 🙂 See you all sometime later!


4 words. I am so sorry.

It has been a year everyone! I apologize greatly!

But it seems to me I don’t have much time for blogging anymore minus reblogging posts constantly on tumblr. So you may find me not on as much as I used to.

I thank this blog, this is where I made my first internet friends.

And I think I may start up my story blog again so huzzah!

Well goodbye for now (I hope)!


Wow guys! It has been a quite a while, hasn’t it?

I apologize greatly! I have made 2 OC character’s from Rise of the Guardians and working on making on from Once Upon a Time. You should watch this movie and tv show. They are both amazing.

I took a little break due to the fact many people were commiting suicide and I just could not handle it.


I will most definitely continue A Game of Bloody Hearts which will be the one of two only stories I shall be working on. And my friend Olivia and I picked up our old story, Creators of the World. She is writing the chapter on Clark. We may have really messed up some of your characters *cough cough Tio* so we apologize TT_TT  You probably don’t remember since it was such a while back but you can read the first 4 chapters, Creators of the World. Though, I am also working on a school-fanfiction on the Hunger Games ._. So I am pretty busy. You can read those here. 

Also, I recall wanting to make a character for Nicola’s story. So I shall just put it here ^.^

Name: Adriana Kattan

Age: 16

Ethnicity: She is of mixed descent. Her mother was Bulgarian and her father an Arabian.

Status: Stoner or the girl that mostly everyone avoids xcept her gang

Appearance: She got the best qualities from both of her parents. She has long curling, black lashes which contrast with her large jade eyes. She has slightly tanned skin and long died jet black hair with dark red highlights. She oftenly wears ratty clothes or mostly black. She uses quite a bit of eye makeup and lipstick.

Personality: Due to many mistakes and wrong doings of the past Adriana, doesn’t quite trust many people. Maybe, only a few and puses people outside of her life if they find to much and end up caring. She is your typical delinquent  cutting class, cheating on tests, not doing homework, using drugs. She doesn’t care what people think of her, even her parents. They highly disapprove of this but it is too late now. She is a strict vegan. Many, of the people in her school think she is creepy and weird and the other half is scared out of their wits of her. {insert person here or not} She ends up turning herself around for this person, stops smoking and takes control of her life.

Talents: She is extremely musically talented, excelling in the guitar and various other musical instruments. She can pick locks, hack and break into the cars. Yeah, typical delinquent stuff. Did I mention she is a awesome liar?

Extra Info: She had a brother but he died, in a car crash.

Random Song For Inspiration!: Carmen by Lana Del Rey

I will make another one later >.<

Toodles everyone! 😀

Last Minute ~

Hey, Nireth, Foxface. Would you guys like to make characters for A Game of Bloody Hearts? I know you guys didn’t make one and I feel a little bad so go ahead and make one if you like! Your characters probably won’t be introduced until chapter 4 or 5 depending on which house you choose. So go ahead! ^.^!

Age (15 or 16) :
Relationships with other characters:



Excuse me while I drool.

So today I went and saw Rise of the Guardians. By gosh it was an amazing movie! All the characters were so lovable. My favorites were Sand Man, Jack Frost and Tooth. The elves were also really funny. Sometimes, I just bursted out laughing how funny it was xD.

I was really impressed by the animation too. It was just great.

I could go on and on with praise.

I would start talking about the plot I don’t want to give any spoilers!

I also really loved Jack’s background, I cried at that part. It was just too sad.

I had one question at the end of the movie, what were the other characters backgrounds? I would really like too know that. 

Never mind, go Wikipedia! It was definitely interesting too read the histories of everyone!


A Game of Bloody Hearts

I have honestly have procrastinated this story way to long and after reading Nicola’s Nanowrimo story I have been inspired to continue this! I am going to stop writing all my other stories and just stick to this and Lost in Reality. Just a reminder. I am going to post all of your characters and other misc. information. I took out Winter and Luke’s character thing since they are my characters. Previous Chapters.

Winter- Jerome, Best Friends
Winter- Nessa, Best Friends
Luke- Michael, Best Friends
Luke- Ryan Good Friends
Katie- Jerome, Dating
Esme- Michael, Dating
Kelsi, Avery, Taylor, Good Friends


Name: Jerome Nicholas Martin
Age (15 or 16) : 16
Appearance: Jerome is tall and has a pale tint to his skin. He has short length brown hair, green eyes and usually wears grey.
Personality: He can be quite cunning and often manipulates his small posse into doing almost anything. You could say he’s almost evil. When he isn’t with his posse, he enjoys playing practical jokes on the students.
Weapon: He prefers to use knives, but if he needs to, he often improvises.
House: Red, Academic
Weakness: The revelation of a dark secret from his past (I guess the secret could be like he knows witchcraft, but nobody finds out until the end)
Relationships with other characters: Jerome doesn’t get along with the other students at Thomas Jefferson Academy, except for Winter and the rest of the group. He usually uses his free time thinking up practical jokes to play on the ones he doesn’t like or get along with.


Name : Ryan Slashnigher
Age : 15 and one day
Appearance: Brown hair, Caucasian, between tall and short, wears a hoodie and sunglasses all the time, blue eyes. Boy.
Personality : High Self Esteem, proud, has a temper problem. Charismatic, has royal blood. Can be kind, to one that deserves it.
Weapon : Impregnable, invincible sword if he uses it well. Made from Demon blood. Stained with blood, and tends to gross out younger girls when it drips blood.
House : Green (sport)
Weakness : Death of cousin. Really got to him.
Relationships : Just the group.


Name: Avery Glen
Age (15 or 16): 16
Appearance: Avery has light brown hair and light brown eyes. Her hair is layered and an inch or two above her shoulders. She has a couple of freckles across her nose and a well-tanned complexion.
Personality: Avery is bold and a bit of a magnet to trouble. She loves adventure and searches for any opportunity to go beyond the standard norm. She’s a bit wacky and known to be quite crazy, but she has a lot of courage and spirit. Avery’s ego is large and inflated, to the point where she thinks she can do anything. Despite this, she’s self sacrificing and willing to even die for someone in need. She’s also slow to anger, but her temper will eventually become extremely reckless and violent.
Weapon: A slightly curved knife that she likes to show off.
House: Purple – Literature
Weakness: She can never back down from a challenge, even a hopeless one. She’s arrogant enough to think she can defeat the odds.
Relationships with other characters?: Umm…you can decide! ^^;
Fate: Death


Name: Taylor Alison Marie
Age (15 or 16) 16
Appearance: She has curly strawberry-blond hair, loves to wear cowboy boots, and causal clothing but also loves red/white dresses. Caucasian, and she is tall. (5’11″-over 6 feet in heels)
Personality: She loves to sing and write songs with the help of her guitar. She loves to watch romantic movies. Her favorite color is white, and her favorite number is 13th. Loves animals-born on a farm where she rides horses and helps her parents. She has confidence in herself. Is not atheletic at all. Loves to act to help “stage-presence.”
Weapon: She has a sword given to her after her beloved ex-boyfriend died after a horrible illness. (weakness-she still misses him)
House: Blue-(Arts)….music?
Weakness: She’s afraid of having her heart broken after relationships, but she’s love the concept of “love” and is fascinated with it. She was often teased for having “frizzy” hair in elementary school.
Relationships with other characters?: she’s a true romantic…, yeah if you want her to..she can.


Name: Katie Azote (azote means nitrogen in French xD)
Age (15 or 16): 16
Appearance: Waist-length dirty blonde hair, mischievious green eyes, slightly pale skin (of English descent though has an accent of whatever country the story is set in).
Personality: Katie loves a good laugh. She’s incredibly cunning and can pull off a prank in ten seconds, but she’s also good-natured and nice to most people and is very loyal to her friends. She is outgoing, funny and loves to make jokes, and that’s why everyone loves her. She can also be a bit cheeky at times, or she can tease her friends (though in a good-natured way), and she will become very sarcastic when angered. She is very fit and enjoys sport; she’s also a bit of a tomboy and is ruthless when playing football.
Weapon: Katie can use almost anything to make a weapon but her most-used weapon is her trusty Swiss army knife.
House: Green (sports)
Weakness: Katie has trypanophobia, a phobia of needles. Needles scare the rational parts of her brain into hiding.
Relationships with other characters?: You make this up. I suppose Katie could have a best friend, and be good friends with the rest of the group, though it wouldn’t hurt to get her a boyfriend… ooh la la!

Super Thunder:

Name: Nessa Levelle
Age: 15
Appearance: Caramel long hair, wears in a headband. Very pretty face, but unfortunately people don’t bother looking into her because she’s in a wheelchair and they don’t want to haul her around. She’s short and very skinny with a lot of arm muscle, but no leg muscle (obviously xD). Her eyes are light brown. Shelooks a lot younger than she really is.
Personality: Nessa can be the sweetest person ever, and is generally quiet and kind. However, she’s dependent on her wheelchair and she’s always either reading a book or doing something else that’s quiet, because she doesn’t talk much. She can be very sweet and kind, until she’s driven past her breaking point where she can pretty much go insane with anger and do something she’d regret very much. Like kill someone or something. Just an example. xD However, this has never happened, and nobody knows she can be sort of crazy.
Weapon: I’m thinking… xD A small pistol, I guess.
House: Yellow
Weakness: Is in a wheelchair because legs are paralyzed (yes, I’m going through a Wicked phase. Don’t judge)
Relationships with other characters?: I don’t really know. If anyone wants to be my friend/something else, just comment!

Brave Tomato

Name: Esmerelda (Esme) Rosso

Age: 16

Appearance: She’s a tall and thin fair-skinned girl with long brunette hair with a single red-violet streak in it. She has decently large brown eyes with makeup usually on it with an oval shaped face. Most of the time, she wears her cheerleading uniform under a denim jacket and black skinny belt.

Personality: Off the squad, she’s kind and allowing others to take leadership besides her, but on the squad, it’s like a Jekyll-Hyde transformation: she becomes bossy and a perfectionist. If even one person messes up. Esme takes notice and has a talkthrough with that person, strict and worridly. Both on and off the field, at times, she could be a little show-offish.

Weapon: A crossbow her dad gave her

House: Green (cheerleading)

Weakness: Despite her ability to confront people for their mistakes on the squad, she can become cowardly when it comes to serious situations. That’s why she uses a ranged weapon.

Relationships with other characters?: Other members of the squad are divided on what they think of Esme (some appreciate her, while others hate her for her perfectionism), but she feels her strongest with the group


Name: Michael Miller
Age: 15
Appearance: tall, a bit muscular but not ripped, medium skin, short curly ice-blond hair, angular face, warm hazel eyes
Personality: brotherly, natural leader, the type of person who lives by goals and achieving them, well rounded, humble, discreetly domineering (controlling), overcritical, makes anyone feel welcome, people-smart, great intuition
Weapon: jus’ a sword
House: Yellow-general knowledge
Weakness: pride, loyalty to others, protectiveness of gang
Relationships with other characters?: *shrug*

Cassandra Riley

Name: Kelsi Colette Spree
Age: 15, almost 16
Appearance: Bright blonde hair, blue eyes, she is 5 foot 10. She doesn’t like looking like that, she would rather have brown or black hair. She usually wears a t-shirt, sweat pants, and a jacket. She always holds on to her chemistry set and tiny but expandible computer which she carries around in a satchel or shoulder bag.
Personality: She is horrible at physical activity, but her knowledge makes up for that. She is great with using computers (hacking, making software and programs,etc) and fairly good with chemistry. She is kind, but worries way to much, and passes out sometimes if she thinks to much.(This character is mostly from one of my favorites series: The Specialist)
Weapon: Mostly using her computer to hack, but is making chemicals to make tiny bombs and poisons okay? (If it is she is scared to use chemicals, but if she has to she uses them, if not… blowdarts or a dagger)
House: Red
Weakness: Planes(her parents and her were on one, terrorists rigged it to go down, she swam up with out being noticed since she was wearing blue, but the terrorist shot the parents in the sinking plane), her klutzyness.
Relationships: I don’t know… Probably just being friends with the group.


Hey hey hey everyone!

I know it has been a while since I have posted here but whatever.

Sorry, about changing my gravater so much xD.

School Life

Life’s been real weird lately. Like really crazy.

So, I liked my best friend let’s call him David. Well, some girl and her big mouth started telling everyone so he found out.

Same thing happened to my friend. So yeah he hasn’t really talked to me that much anymore. And when he texts me it is like a victory for me. So yeah.

It isn’t that great and I miss talking to him normally.

Also, I have so many projects. IT ISN’T FUNNY. Science Fair, Contemporary Artist, Oral History and Scrapbook TT_TT Thanks a lot 8th grade.


Well, there are so many awesome new animated movies! Well, one good thing of 2012! 😀

This movie looks great! I was watching part of it and I really enjoyed it! I was also reading the synopsis and it sounds amazing! No spoilers hehehe. Hopefully, I will be able to watch the whole thing :3

I have watched numerous trailers and I have wanted to watch this SO badly. It is such a creative idea!

I have heard this movie is really and good and I am really excited to see it tomorrow! May I mention Jack Frost is like super cute. Oh fictional men. They will always be better than real life men! Without a doubt! The elves are so cute too xD.


Why must 2013 be so cruel?

On tumblr every Hunger Games blog is filled with pictures of the cast and I am just so excited! It looks like it is going to be amazing! The first movie was really good well for a movie based off of a book! Except that they cut out Madge which honestly disappointed me! But still I am really excited for this! Now, I see that the cast is PERFECT! Well, if Grant Gustin were Finnick I would have been a lot happier but hey Sam Claflin is doing a great job.

I heard they were cutting out Annie TT_TT They can’t do that. It showed that Finnick was not just a capitol doll! It gave his character depth!

Green Day

So I took my time today to listen to all of Uno and Dos by Green Day.

I fell in love. It is such a great album. The song that really stuck out to me was “Oh Love.” But I loved all of the songs though Uno was definitely my favorite c:

I would have embedded the music video but it is really weird stuff so yeah TT_TT But it is still a great song and I am most definitely going to save up my allowance for a nice gift card to buy this album then Dos then Coldplay and all my other music obsessions. Or I can just download it but it takes forever. I usually use it to download one song than a whole album.

Ok, well that was my sort of rantish post c: I hope you enjoyed it.

I am really scatterbrained so it helps to narrow my post to topics xD.

What do you all want for Christmas?

Well, I dont celebrate Christmas. (I have been called Scrooge. Ignorant people I am Buddhist) I get New Year’s presents! I am asking for a new phone or a camera and iTunes giftcards! Nothing crazy. But I really want a Nikon camera they are so nice =_= so expensive though.


Mortal Instruments

AHHHH. Oh my god. I can’t even. I am crying. The trailer is perfect. The actors are perfect.

I need a time turner. I need to watch this movie.

Lily Collins is amazing. She makes me actually like Clary and that is weird.
Jace Campbell. I didn’t like him at first but his accent is so cute! C: He totally makes Jace look more mysterious and have a more in depth character than in the book. In the book he is just a hormonal kid in my opinion.
Simon’s actor isn’t Logan Lerman. Sadly :C BUT HE IS ADORABLE. HE LOOKS LIKE A CUTE LITTLE NERD. Now, imagine his transformation too a vampire. Total hotness.
Alec is good! I like him!

Though, I love both of them. Magnus’ actor is hot. Like omg. And Izzy is beautiful!

I am dying.

I need Divergent, Mortal Instruments and Catching Fire movies to come out. Like right now.

Anyways, have any of you read Divergent? I suggest you should.

If you liked the Hunger Games you will love this. Another dystopia. With 5 factions. Dauntless, Erudite, Amity, Candor and Abnegation. At a certain age you must choose what faction you live in for the rest of your life based off of an aptitude test. There is a certain result that puts you in danger which I can not say.

Tris Prior who lives in Abnegation the selfless faction gets the aptitude for Dauntless and realizes she does not belong in her faction transfers to Dauntless. Her brother Caleb transfers to Erudite which is the enemy of Abnegation.

When Tris arrives there she meets various other iniaties who must pass an iniation with 3 stages. If you are ranked at the bottom you are kicked out and put as factionless. The higher your position the better the job you can choose. Of course the transfers must compete with the Dauntless members who have been their since a child.

By the end, everything looks hopeful. Tris has a boyfriend and her friends (Will and Christina) are together. Tris has a nice position and you would think everyone lives happy ever after (I wish) but there is a big plot twist!

You should read it C:

I am stuck between Erudite (intelligent), Abnegation (selfless) and Amity (peaceful) I belong in all of them. .__.

Mk bye bye everyone c:

  • I may have given up on Nanowrimo. Unfortunately, November is the most busiest month for me.
  • Ok, so my band has a trip to London. And my parents won’t let me go. -.- I really badly wanted to go and I am really sad my parents aren’t letting me go :C