It’s been a while…

I forgot this was still in my bookmarks! I think a couple of you might remember me? Maybe? If not pay no attention to the girl talking to herself on a post. I should probably go back to writing my paper anyways (gah finals week).


Cleaned room

And other stuff. Haven’t been commenting but I do check this place! I was going through my room doing a severe deep clean and I found some old drawings that I thought it would be cool to share. They might be small cause I’m doing this from my phone though.. So if you want any of them bigger just tell me I guess! Enjoy your spring break!






A frivolous attempt

Long time no post? I’m mostly on Tumblr. Busy with Supernatural and such.

I just want to tell you my experience at a semi-local McDonald’s.

Got 3 happy meals to take home, asked for Batman toys, got Rise of the Guardians. I really wanted Batman. I was getting the food for my bro and mom, but the deal was I got the toys. The lady almost forgot the milks anyway, so I didn’t want to bug her.


All in all, I got a Tooth twisty top and no Batman. Oh well. How are you guys doing?


My Chemical Romance split up. They didn’t specify reasons, I respect their decision even though it makes me sad. I can only hope that they get back together. 

That’s all..