TypeWith.Me Adventures

These are the stories made by two or more people together, from the site typewith.me

Most are Battle of the Being stories.

We hope you enjoy!

Friend or Foe? by MT and RCG

Sophos Returns by Grantm56 and RCG

Them Trolls (Crack RP) by RN,  RCG, and Hland7

More to come!

Note: These links link to chapters that are in the comments, not individual posts or pages.


5 thoughts on “TypeWith.Me Adventures

  1. Friend or Foe? Chapter 1

    Raven Avelina was walking through the forest, scanning around. She felt as if she was being watched. A blond boy with horns popped up of the bushes scaring her.

    “Boo!” He laughed.

    RA turned around abruptly. A scowl spread across her face. She was certainly not amused. “What do you want?” she snapped. “Geez,” he sighed, “I’m just playing around. My name is Magesto and I’m bored.”

    “Well then,” growled RA. “Find something useful to do. You’re being the nuisance of the forest.”

    “A nuisance?” he raised his tone, “What’s your problem, lady? It’s just a prank.”

    RA glared straight ahead. Usually her acidic stares would make grown men run off, but this strange boy did not seem to be affected.

    “You’re awfully bold, aren’t you,” said RA coldly.

    “I’m very powerful, but I prefer to abuse them for fun reasons,” Magesto smiled.

    RA felt herself growing very irritated. However, she wasn’t one to blast someone into ashes simply for jumping out, despite how much she wanted to. She sighed. “Magesto, what are you doing in Mir?”

    Magesto cleared his throat, “I just joined the war a few months ago, but I’m not very active in it – or good in my opinion.”

    “War isn’t something to just jump in when you feel like it,” RA said, ice dripping in her voice.

    “Tell that to Rain,” he rolled his eyes, “she’s the one who persuaded me to join in the first place.”

    “Rainbow Nightmare…” said RA faintly. She felt her fists clench. “You listened to that egotistical fool?”

    “She picked on me for no reason,” Magesto started pressing his palms into a fist as well, “so I tried to destroy her. I don’t like her. I’m not even sure I like anybody here!”

    I’m not even sure I like this guy myself, thought RA. “Why so?” she queried.

    “Everybody here is all about power, like me. I find everybody an enemy, but I wish I had friends like I did back in Anistereo.” Magesto had the same feeling running through his head. Mixed feelings about RA started to dictate his brain.

    RA frowned sadly. “Friends,” she said gloomily. She looked at Magesto. “Power isn’t all,” she said, her voice growing cold once again.

    “Do you need a friend?” Magesto asked, smiling with hope. “We could make an alliance against these fools and rule it all ourselves.”

    RA looked up reluctantly. There was something holding her back. “Ye…no. Wait, I…” she glared defiantly. “I don’t need an alliance, or a friend for that matter.” However, her voice betrayed her. She did need a friend.

    “If you had a bad experience in the past, I’m not like others,” Magesto told her, knowing the tone in her voice meant otherwise. “See you later.” He ran through the trees, disappearing quickly as if he was in thin air.

    RA looked far into the trees where Magesto had disappeared. “You WILL be like the others,” she said, tones of harsh anger cutting into her voice. She knew no one was there, but she silently began cursing the world around her.

    When Magesto reached his treehouse on the other side of the forest, he felt saddened and rejected. “I don’t even know her name.”

  2. Unnamed just yet, Part 1

    Grant started through the forest where he always met RA and hoped RA would be there. And RA was, but she wasn’t in much of a mood to socialize with anyone. In fact, right there, in the middle of a dreary clearing, was RA herself, sprinting around as if to avoid an invisible force. Far off on the other side stood a dark, brooding figure, blades curved in his hands. Grant noticed RA, and noticed she was looking at something, but he wasn’t sure what. The figure gave one look at Grant, and flicked his fingers. Immediately RA fell over, like a pesky bug the man had flicked over. RA bellowed something in a strange language, almost as if cursing him, but the man paid no attention. He gave Grant a strange look, as if analyzing the best way to destroy him.Grant noticed the man, and stared at him, and wondered what he was doing. Out of comfort he activated his lightsaber, although it would be of no use. The man removed the hood that covered his face. His eyes, the most clear color of green, dripped like poison, and he smiled his the smile of a crook. RA gave an inward groan, cursing the man’s power, and gave Grant a look, warning him of the man’s strange abilities. Grant knew he had to do something, but nothing would pop into his head, so he closed his eyes, and thought. Quickly he thought he could use the Force on the strange man, but wondered what would happen. But the man, clever as he was powerful, merely laughed off Grant’s force.

    “Grant,” said a clear voice in his head. It was RA. “You cannot win this fight. He has the ability to create illusions and mess with your mind. He is immune to most powers and has as much brains as power.” Grant could feel his confidence waning, but he knew that this man would not allow anyone to leave the forest alive. He raised his lightsaber, feeling its power, and prepared for the man’s next move.

    But it never came. He watched as RA barreled into the man, a scowl on her face. Grant watched, hoping this meant the man would be hurt even though he knew he probally would not be hurt. He wondered if RA and the man had encountered before, because they seemed to share a mutual hate. RA grabbed her daggers, stabbing forward but the man took his own and counterblocked. Grant ran and tried to stab, but he jumped away. Grant knew that his daggers would be worthless against lightsaber which would slice it to bits, but RA didn’t have a lightsaber! Grant knew 2 against 1 wasn’t supposed to be a fair fight. If the law of logic played out RA and Grant would win for sure. But then he realized this was no ordinary man, and that what if…RA, her powers as a sorceress combined with his lightsaber power could defeat the man? But then Grant remember something he shouldn’t have forgotten. He had 1,200 lightsabers, although he mainly used one. He yelled to RA, “Close your eyes,” RA clamped her eyes shut, though decided to watch through her mind. She still wasn’t very sure she trusted Grant.Grant , sure that RA’s eyes were shut, pulled off his chestplate and pulled out one of the extra lightsabers he kept. He Forced the chestplate back on, and then yelled, “I’m ready now,”

    To be continued.


    Yupppp. If you’re wondering why RA doesn’t end up attacking everyone like she would normally do, she’s kinda deranged and lacking sleep right now xD We had lots of fun. 😀

    By RN, RCG, and Hland7 😀

    Raven Avelina found herself bounding through the woods, feeling as if the whole world had gone on her shoulders.

    Just earlier, Machine Lord had preposed an alliance. She couldn’t help but think: would this benefit her? Benefit Mir, benefit the other villagers?

    Ariah heard a soft noise coming from a long distance away. It was a soft, steady beat. As the sound got louder and closer, she realised the sound belonged to a pair of running feet.

    Ariah climbed one of the many dark, towering trees of the forest and perched on a branch, waiting to see who the pair of feet belonged to.

    As RA padded on, a realization began to hit her. Surely, if ML had proposed an alliance to his dearly hated enemy, this meant that he was planning to destroy her later on?

    Machine Lord wasn’t very bound to a set of rules of contract, and he surely wasn’t the type to set up an alliance this quickly.

    As RA began swimming in her thoughts, she began to feel as if a presence was there. She glanced all around, until her eyes hit a brightly colored girl. She squinted.

    Ariah finally saw the runner, a young female warrior with cold eyes that seemed to be made of glass. She gulped when she saw that the warrior was staring at her.

    “Oh, um, h-hi,” Ariah stuttered, a little frightened.

    “Hello,” said RA, her voice faint and shivery. Her mind was frazzled by all the thoughts swarming like bees. She could tell the girl was scared, and didn’t blame her. When RA had to crack down on her jumbling mind, she would be left sleepless, and in an appearance like a corpse.

    Ariah could tell the warrior seemed to be lost in thought. She jumped down five feet from the tree branch and landed as soft as a feather on the mess of twigs and leaves.

    “Uh, I’m Ariah. I just came to Mir from Fiern and I’m… a little lost,” Ariah managed to say. The warrior’s piercing dark blue eyes, dark as the night, fixed on Ariah’s own.

    “Hello,” repeated RA. As the girl stared at RA quizzically, she realized what she had just said. “Lost?” murmured RA. She pointed towards the ground. “That should show you the way.” As the girl continued staring, RA began to feel uncomfortable. “Um, right. That way, sorry.” Her finger pointed itself straight at a tree.

    RA began to feel sorry that the girl had to encounter her in such a state. “I am Raven Avelina,” she said, smiling very slightly.

    “Um, Raven Avel-” Ariah found the warrior’s name had slipped her name. “Can I call you RA? I- um, are you okay? I don’t… really think I’ll get anywhere with a tree.”

    Ariah noticed RA seemed so far away in her thoughts and pondered on what she was thinking about.

    Suddenly, hland7 appeared out of nowhere.

    “Hello, friends!” said hland7 enthusiastically.

    RA turned around and glared straight through her. Turning abruptly had left her dizzy. “I… what?” she muttered.

    “Um, I’m not too sure I know you,” Ariah said quietly to the newcomer. “I just want to get to Mir!” she cried.

    “I’m hland7″, she said. “I’m new here. I was just wondering where this is.”

    RA, confused at the new concept of two conversations at once, blinked several times. “Your name is…’Wannagetomirhlandnewcomer?’”

    “I’m pretty sure this is… well, I don’t know, I’m new too, I feel I’ve got just a little of the road,” Ariah said to hland7. She saw RA looking deranged and cocked her head. “You alright, Raven Avel-… RA?”

    Hland7, confused, answered RA.

    “No, my name is hland7. Odd name, I know.”

    RA was busy counting the polka dotted trolls that were dancing for her up in the trees. She glanced up. “I thought my name was Raven Avel RA.” she cried. “Who are you?”

    “You know that saying, ‘The more, the merrier’? I’m kinda doubting that now,” Ariah murmured.

    “I’m really confused”, said hland7. “How did I even get here?”

    “Look, I don’t even know, I don’t know anything about here or any of you people! Please, could you just lead me to Mir?”

    Realising how rude she had sounded, Ariah apologised and cursed herself for speaking before thinking.

    Hland7, being the ignorant person she is, suggested the obvious.

    “I suggest we try to get out of here before anything really bad happens.”

    “Bad? Bad? Bad things always happen.” laughed RA with mirth. “The trolls even agree!”

    “TROLLS?!” Ariah squealed. She sat on a mossy rock and looked around with a terrified face.

    “The trolls,” nodded RA. “They dance around. Up in the trees!” RA pointed up at the invisible treetops.

    “Argh! STOP TALKING ABOUT TROLLS!” Ariah squealed, on the verge of frightened tears.

    Out of the blue, Hland7 shapeshifted into an eagle and soared into the invisible trees, flying around the sky.

    “Darnit, hland7, come back here! They’ll eat tear you to shreds and eat you up!” Ariah cried out.

    Hland7 didn’t listen. She rarely ever listened to people, and flew into the strangely colored sky above.

    Ariah stood up. “Wait a second. What dancing trolls? Trolls don’t dance! Hland7, come back!”

    Ariah sighed and flopped down onto her rock again. “I should have read the map better.”

    “Silly girl,” RA giggled. “The trolls dance their little jigs when you whistle a tune!” she formed her mouth into an “o” and began blowing out air that made no noise. “Watch! They’re dancing!”

    “RA, I think there’s something very wrong with you at the moment. There are no trolls on treetops. And you’re, um, kinda failing at whistling,” Ariah said.

    Hland7 flew back to the ground, shapeshifting back into her original form.

    “Why did you make me come down here? I was having fun up there.”

    “No,” insisted RA. “Watch, the trolls love fire.” she began to light the moss on the rock Ariah was sitting on alight.

    “RA, STOP!” Ariah squealed, jumping off her rock. “THERE ARE NO TROLLS!” she roared.

    At the constant mention of trolls, hland7 tried to shapeshift into one, but turned into a toy troll with brightly colored hair instead.

    Ariah screamed. “A RAINBOW TROLL!” She ran into the tangles of trees with her hands waving in the air.

    “What?” said RA confused. “Since when did that horse get there?” she pointed at the toy troll, her voice full of genuine concern.

    Hland7 shapeshifted back into a human.

    “I’m not a horse, I’m a shapeshifter.” she said defensively.

    Ariah appeared in the little clearing again a minute later, panting and frustrated. She was dealing with a deranged warrior and some shapeshifter with a stupid name who turned into rainbow trolls! All she wanted to do was go to Mir and enter her hotel, and have a nice, warm sleep. The sun was setting fast, and it was beginning to get quite chilly.

    “Shapeshifting?” wondered RA. “Like this?” she shrunk slowly into a mouse. “See? I’m a squirrel.”

    “You’re not a squirrel, you’re a mouse. There’s a difference, you know.”

    As RA began to grow more humanoid, she waved Hland7′s words away with an air of mocking. “No, mice have no tails.”

    Ariah flopped back down on her now burnt rock and sighed, exhausted. This is going to be a long day… she thought.

    Hland7 shapeshifted through many different forms, including an elephant, a falcon, and a panther, before deciding on a cheetah. She ran around the forest, chasing small animals and playing with them.

    “Blibbering justles,” sighed RA, her words slurred and sleepy. “You must be a warlock.”

    “What are you, RA?” Ariah asked. “HLAND7, LEAVE THE POOR ANIMALS TO THEIR OWN BUSINESS!”

    “I am a unicorn hunter,” beamed RA. “I think I was once a Mongol…hm, maybe a gladiatrix.”

    “You shouldn’t hunt unicorns,” Ariah scolded.

    Hearing Ariah’s comment, hland7 shapeshifted into a rabbit, hopping around. Then, at the mention of unicorns, she changed into a pale gold unicorn.

    “Unicorns?” asked RA, a bit more confused once again. She pointed to a tree. “But why shouldn’t I hunt those?”

    “Oh my gosh, a cute rabbit! I want to eat for dinner, though, because it does look very tasty.”

    Hland7 cocked her head, confused as to why Ariah would ever want to eat a bunny rabbit. She just pranced around, admiring the beautiful color of the sky.

    “Where the bobble did that bunny go?”
    Hland7 wrote on the ground with her horn. She seemed to have written, “I’m the bunny”, but it was very unclear.

    (unfinished for eternity, because it’s a crack rp xD)

  4. Unnamed, Chapter 2

    Grant was in the forest again, staring in thought. He was thinking of RA, and how he tried to be in an allinace, and this just caused more hate from her. He wanted to be nice, since he ran last time RA and him had to fight the strange man she called Sophos. He wondered why she hated him Okay, he had been a little annoying at times, but he thought most of the time he had tried to be nice, even though nothing seemed to make RA like him. “Darn that RA,” he said, just then noticing that she was in the forest near him.

    But what he also didn’t exactly know was that she was right behind him as well.

    “Yes?” a cold voice answered.

    ” Nothing,” he said quickly wishing he could just disappear.

    RA stifled what seemed to be a snicker. She smiled, but not at all kindly. “You seem to be fond of showing up whenever I don’t feel like talking to you.” she said. “I’d really appreciate it if you’d stop being such a nuisance.”

    “Me too,” Grant mumbled.

    Grant really started to hate RA’s annoying comments, and replied, ” I’d like it if you stopped appearing where I want to talk alone!”

    “Talk? To whom? Are you so deranged you wish to talk to yourself now?” she responded snarkly. “Don’t mess with me, Grant,” she warned.

    “You know what I mean!!” Grant yelled. ” You are the magic one, why don’t you just disappear or something!”

    “I could easily make you disappear just as easily!” she snapped. “Stop being an airhead. You know, we’re sorta in this together, or do you expect you can beat Sophos yourself?” She glared at Grant, folding her arms in typical RA fashion.

    “Well I ran the first time, do you expect me to better this time? And who said I even want to be here? Go ahead, use your stupid magic on me. Just make me get away from you!”

    “If you don’t want to be here, you can simply just walk away,” she snarled. “It’s called logic.”

    “Then how come I don’t? Is there something tht keeps me here? Even though I feel I hate with all my guts right now, I want to stay, and I don’t know why,” Grant confessed.

    “Go ahead and walk away,” she said, all poison dripping in her tone now. “If you’re so full of air and illogical words, just go.” She didn’t particularily care whether or not Grant WANTED to stay, she was so fed up.

    “I can’t. Something makes me stay. So please help. I need you help, RA, I feel I’m stuck here. I don’t want to be on Mir anymore, but something binds me here, and I don’t know why the heck I stay, but I do. I’m a sucker , and you know that. Inside I don’t deserve to be a Jedi. I just…GO AWAY. YOU DON’T CARE, SO WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS?” Grant said.

    RA patted Grant on the back very awkwardly. “It’s okay, Grant,” she said softly. “I think you’re a really good jedi, okay? You’re not a sucker.” But the words came out oddly, as if she was forcing herself to talk. She straightened up. “But if you wish me to go, then I shall go.” she said coldly.

    “You don’t beleive that, right?”

    But RA was too busy walking away, fuming.

    “Wait!” Grant yelled at the top of his lungs.

    RA ignored Grant. Could he be anymore annoying?

    Grant yelled,” I know you hate me, and I know you think I am stupid, but please wait. It’s important!”

    RA slowly turned around, secretly promising to run as soon as Grant would began mindlessly yelling at her again. “What,” she said dully.

    ” It’s just…that… the idiotic Jedi… the guy who keeps afros in his pockets…. the guy with mixed feelings… I CAN’T HOLD IT IN ANY LONGER!!! I LOVE YOU RA, AS YOU PROBABLY HAVE FIGURED OUT! THAT’S WHY I FOLLOW YOU. THAT’S WHY I ANNOY YOU. I KNOCKED OUT OF MY SENSES. AND I KNOW YOU WILL HATE ME FOR THIS…” Grant yelled.

    RA blinked. “Um.” She hoped Grant wouldn’t be upset at her lack of reaction, but this wasn’t really what she was expecting.

    “You can run from me now. There’s another reason to run.” Grant said.

    RA felt herself shrink. Despite how much she really wanted to turn Grant into a guinea pig, she decided she’d save that for later.

    “Uh, Grant?” she said.

    Grant started bawling. Then he saw something RA would not like. He said, ” Look behind you!”

    RA took her fists and swung at whatever Grant seemed so shocked about. And she wasn’t really surprised at who it was. After all, Sophos did tend to try and destroy RA every other day.

    He looked rather shocked at the punch, but immediately he smiled. “Is another fake confessing his love?” he grinned. “You know what to expect, RA.”

    RA raised her hand, as if conjuring either a giant smack or a typhoon, but Sophos immediately pushed it away without effort. “Don’t,” RA snarled.

    “Heartbreak,” he continued. “Hurt, loss, sorrow,” he laughed maniacally.

    Grant didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t sure how to react so out of habit he activated his lightsaber, and swung.

    Sophos jumped several feet, amazingly missing the lightsaber by a couple of inces. He glared at Grant. “A puny Jedi,” he snorted. “Easily destroyed.”

    Grant ignored Sophos, and knew what he had to do. He ripped off the cloth covering to show an armored chestplate, and lightsabers flew out of his arms.

    Sophos glared as a lightsaber nearly missed his head. Another one scorched his hand. He flicked his uninjured hand and watched as the lightsabers flew back towards Grant, his eyes full of rage.

    Grant watched, and jumped as the lightsaber flew towards him. Suddenly one hit his chestplate, and sparks started flying off. He knew what would happen. If someone didn’t fix this, within an hour he would die.

    RA spat several curses, and began to create several fires, several illuminating the color of violet, others flashing between blue and white. Sophos’ eyes widened, as if he knew what was about to happen. As soon as the fires combined, Sophos ducked.

    A giant blast burst, sending sparks flying everywhere, smoke shooting everywhere, and bright flashes of light shooting off like a celebration.

    As soon as the grey haze cleared, Sophos was gone. “Blast!” RA cried. Teleportation! She had hoped that this trick would’ve worked, but apparently Sophos had expected it.

    She glanced over at Grant. “Are you okay?” she said, concerned. “Not really. I need to get to the Jedi Temple, pronto.”Then Grant noticed Sophos was gone. ” Where is he?”

    RA sighed sadly. “Sophos is too powerful for me,” she admitted. “He can’t be beat, no matter what I try. This time, he simply teleported off.”

    She glanced back at Grant, her eyes narrowing. “Well, then, I suppose you ought to be off to the Jedi Temple,” she said briskly. “It was nice talking to you.” With that, RA was gone.

    Grant tried to walk to his house, his legs wobbling. He needed to get to his ship.

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