It’s going to rain…ALL WEEK. -_-

it’s been raining all day all week all the freaking time.

i can’t go outside D:

I wish it would stop raining :c

wheee, useless post is useless :u oh and does anybody play TinierMe or Adventure Quest?


Owl and birthday

welp, yesterday was my birthday, i’m 11 now 😀 i got a new camera so i took pictures of the owl in my backyard:

pretty sure this is a red cardinal:

yay to my new camera 😀


Bro Sisters and a whole lot more, p1

Solona was a young apprentice begining to be a mage. She reached her hand to the lyruim, and her hand glowed. Her eyes slowly shut, and she began the harrowing. She destroyed many wisp with a grip of electric. She used winter’s grasp on many things. Until she sensed a strange demon. It looked much of a rat. Strange and talking. Somewhat it told her to find the demon. Rage demon.

When she reached it, it felt like her silky white hair burned slowly, but it was just a feeling.  A monsterus laughter escaped out of the demon’s mouth. He looked as large flames, with long sharp nails. They were covered in blood. Her battle began. If she didn’t kill it soon, she’d be killed by templars for sure.

Her staff she found in this fade shot a crackling bolt of  lightning,  but only damanged the demon a bit. The demon came speeding towards her, but she used a grasp of ice to keep it away. But only for a moment. The rat transformed into a human, and that human gripped a long bow and shot a ice arrow. The demon was dead, and Solona was injured. She was sent to her bed, without her knowing, and she layed down peacefuly, as if nothing had happened. 


p.s. peoples who have seen my second blog, i posted chap3 of  heros or villans

Sisters, diary, 2

Cloe AKA The Choosen One Diary Part:

My sis is sitting on the wooden bench while I write inside my diary sitting next to her at the park, writting with my pencil. Not much going on. School is starting soon, going to be in 7th or something grade.. Zanco is probaly going to be in 7th too… Yawn. Nothing really to do around here in Omega Central… Just a quiet, peaceful town.. The other part of the town isn’t too good.. I went there when I was 7 and almost got lost.. Mostly dead birds and funky smelling air because of the many factories there… Strange and disgusting weirdos. Eeep… Zanco winked at me..  :0 Time for my sis to write her diary entry since Zanco just asked me if he wanted to walk alittle around the park…


Britt broke up with Lauren. I might get a chance with him! Now, I can feel the soft and cool breeze flowing onto my face. It smells so sweet and fresh, if air can have a scent. Oh! I am now listening to Jump Then Fall by Taylor Swift, it expresses my feelings for Britt! Britt is a sweet guy, but I think I may be falling for another person, Nathan. He’s not very talkative, but I’m positive that he’s an actually amazing guy deep inside. It seems like there’s nothing else to say, so maybe I’ll express it with drawings. I can hear the ice cream truck. Yum.