June 2011

(Giving everyone code names, by the way: these are what my family went by in my journal ^^:

My Sister: Ruffnut
My Mother: Astrid’s Mother
My Father: Snotlout
My Grandfather: Gobber
Me: Astrid)

Astrid was the last to climb from the back of her dragon. It was raining, and she loved the rain, but she also didn’t want to get her journal wet. It was full of important plans she had sketched of the Portugese camp. Her dragon’s saddle had a collapsable roof for just these occasions. Figuring that she had better be heading into her tent, she tucked the joural away and jumped out. She sprinted to her tent, but–before she could enter–Ruffnut cried, “Astrid, don’t touch anything! The tent’s leaking!”

Astrid’s heart sank. Her books on the surrounding hills ((recreational reading books)) and the books full of drawings that Hiccup had given her were in there! She ignored Ruffnut’s warnings and bolted inside, kicking her boots off as she went. To her anger, she saw that her side of the tent–the far right–was the only place where the water was dripping in.

“Son of a half-grown, mud-mucking TROLL!” she shouted, her hand flying to her forehead. She wanted the bed to the left of that one, but Ruffnut had sat down on it while she tried to put her stuff down. She rushed over to her bed to see the damage. Her blankets were wet, her sheets were wet, and her pillow was wet; but the worse part of it was that the water had pooled right where she had set her knapsack. She moved it as Snotlout and her mother stretched a tarp over the tent.

The next night, when they had room to spread out while staying at someone’s relatives (who, conveniently, lived right along their path), she took out her books. Only two of them were soaked, but they were very important! Her travel book was warped beyond repair, and her smaller book on Celtic Languages had curled pages. She left them out to dry overnight, which fixed the Celtic Languages book’s pages, but the travel book was still wrinkled and waved.


That’s what happened to my sketchbook!

But I got a magical necklace (yes, ANOTHER one ^^”), but the string broke so I have to fix it:

And my patriotic ice cream, which was VERY good:

And my mammoth lollipop, which was not very good (It was so bad, I only ate a bit of it! But I kept the mammoth ^^):

And, during our trip, we visited:

21 States
Bear Lodge, WY
Custer State Park
Mount Rushmore
Jewel and Wind Caves
Cades Cove
2 Sets of Friends
2 Sets of Grandparents
The Corn Palace
And more!

((Back into Character))

Astrid’s mother gasped as she realized she’d forgotten the music. “What will we do?” she cried. “I’m the only one who can lead our procession, and I don’t want to lead a bunch of dragons for twelve hours a day without music!”

“We could stop in a village or something and get some song ideas,” suggested Ruffnut.

“I know some songs!” Astrid piped up, but no one listened.

“Good idea!” Astrid’s mother exclaimed. “But let’s stop somewhere, I have to use the bathroom.”

The group landed and rushed inside a rustic-looking village. While Astrid’s mother went to use the restroom, Ruffnut looked around.

“Oh, look!” Ruffnut cried. “I found some music! It’s by that Dolly Parton lady–say, Astrid, doesn’t our trainer love Dolly Parton?”

“Yes,” Astrid sighed, “but so what?”

“I think we should get this music!” Ruffnut said.

“O.K.,” Astrid replied hesitantly, “but I think you’re making a mistake.”



((breaking character))

And that’s how my sister got addicted to Dolly Parton.

It’s been raining since like 10:00AM and now it’s about 5:00. There’s a mini-flood in the driveway…. And in the yard.

Also, my hair is almost Blonde… Well, Cause I’ve been outside a lot and I got natural highlights. (By the way, my hair is brown.) This means I can put the darker colored streaks in my hair.(Like purple or red.)

In my room listening to parodies. Again.

I can finally lift my arm I fell on 3 weeks ago above my head.

Question: Do you agree with this quiz result? Cause I don’t.




Why I don’t agree.
1. I don’t have a boyfriend. (Don’t need one.) And if I did, he wouldn’t be convincin’ me to do anything.
2. Why have a knife when I can have something like a spear?(They’re long and you can poke at stuff with them.) Or maybe a Tazer.(Who would trust me with a tazer, anyway? I’d probably run away with it and then taze someone like Justin Bieber.)

ANYONE WHO HAS RED DRAGONS PLEASE READ (specifically if you have a Magi that’s able to Teleport)





Nevermind. But please come to the RP chat anyway! P:

Randys POV
All of a sudden a swirling black cloud appeared with Hades standing in the middle. “Tacos? I have tacos! Try these new Cerberian tacos made by Cerberus my two headed cat.” The smell of tacos woke me up and I pretty much devoured them. “These tacos are AMAZING!” I exclaimed. “I know right? Oh, by the way, Sabrina and Puck are innocent unless you wanna die, Jeremy” Hades said. “What?!” Jeremy exclaimed “Haha sucker!” yelled Puck. “Olivia,” I whispered “on the count of three we run. One, three!” Thankfully at that time everyone was staring at Puck which gave us a chance to run away. We ran into a closet and stayed quiet until the sound of running footsteps faded. We stayed there breathing hard but then my cell phone rang. “You had your cell phone with you all this time!” exclaimed Olivia. “Wait I have to find it.” My entire arm disappeared onto my pocket. “Whoa, I forgot that I had magical pants!” I said. “Hello? Oh hi mom! Ya, everything is fine.” “No its not! were trapped in a volcano!” yelped Olivia. “Oh um mom were kind of trapped in a volcano in Annabii running away from people who want to kill us so can you please help us?” I asked. “Well I am a bit busy here but I’ll try to help as soon as I can.” Hecate answered. “Ok thanks. And by the way Izzy died. I included. “ok..” She replied. “Anyways she also works out with Ares.” I said then hung up “So?” Olivia asked “She said she is busy but she will try to help as soon as possible.” “What about your weird pants” “Oh, these were just a gift from mom on my 10th birthday. I can put anything in it.” “Wow that’s so cool!” I looked around some more in my pants till I could find something useful. “My old wand! I had this since I was 2 years old!” I exclaimed. “I remember almost decapitating Justin Bieber’s head with it. Good times! Hey there is killer oil in here! Wait… what’s Paul the talking penguin doing in here? Uhh… nevermind.” “Can I go into your pocket?” Olivia asked. “I think so.” I watched Olivia shrink and fall into my pocket. That is so cool. I burst out the door and ran. The guards saw me. I took out the killer oil and spilled it onto the ground and looked behind me to see freaked out guards with their feet sizzling. I ran until I ran into a zen garden where I saw Puck, Sabrina, and Snape. “Hey guys!” I yelled “How did you guys get out of the court room?” “It involved a lot of kicking.” answered Sabrina. I took Olivia out of my pocket and she became her normal size again. “Geez Randy! You really need to clean out your pocket, I actually met a worm crossed with a cheddar cheese! I know my room back home is messy but I never saw a cheese-worm there.” “Whoa! “How did you do that?” asked Puck. Everyone seemed pretty freaked out when the saw Olivia come out of my pocket. “Magic pants.” I explained

8 years later

Olivia stood up staring at the sky, “Why the heck is the sky red?”

Back to the present…

Izzy was in the underworld getting judged by a bunch of historical dead people. “She did care for a little brother you know.” said Thomas Jefferson. “Yes, but she did hate him deeply and fought with him.” said Lincoln. “Many children do that these days, besides, she’s a super hero right?” Jefferson explained, “She also-” “Spaghetti!” interrupted Shakespeare. “What?” said Jefferson and Lincoln at the same time. “Thou art, thou shall, thou, thou, thou moo-” “Good point!” said Lincoln “We don’t have enough ghosts in Sock Land. She can haunt the people there!” Izzy was then teleported to Sock Land. “Whoa! Does that house have legs?!” she exclaimed. “Well hello! I’m Miley Cyrus! I’m pleased you like my new home!” said Miley Cyrus. “Your house has legs.” said Izzy. “No dibs Sherlock. Hey, why are you transparent and floating?” “I’m dead.” answered Izzy. “Oh… well do you like being dead?” “It feels very strange. How does your house work?” “It walks and runs. I love my house, more than anyone, EVER!” “Wow your creepy…” (awkward silence)

Back at the volcano…

While we were all talking about my pants Puck started getting bored and pushed Olivia and me into a pile of flowers, Snape into a bush, and Sabrina into a pile of manure. Then he tripped and fell into 3 feet of water and started drowning. That time the guards came in but passed us because we were all hidden. After the guards left we all came out and Olivia said “Wow, Puck’s stupidity actually saved us! His stupidity is a gift!” “No its a curse!” Sabrina yelled “I am covered in MANURE! How gross is that?” “Well he did save us from being seen by the guards. We would have been caught if it weren’t for him.” “I’d rather be caught than be covered in MANURE!” While Olivia and Sabrina were fighting, I started rummaging through my pants’s pocket and found a nest with three eggs. “Olivia was right, this is just plain strange…” I thought. Then the eggs hatched and out came Luke, Lucy, and a random owl. “Whaaaaat theeeee……????” I yelled “They must have died and been reincarnated.” guessed Olivia. “Your probably right, I haven’t been feeding them enough.” Lucy was the bird of Aphrodite because she was beautiful and tons of birds liked her and Luke was the bird of Hermes because he is so mischievous and he is a messenger bird. Then I got and idea. I took out a pen and piece of paper and wrote down a message. I told Luke to bring it to Sara and Che Che. I tied the message to his foot and he flew off. “I call keeping the owl!” yelled Olivia.


Sara, Che Che, and Percy and a couple of other random people were swimming in the hotel’s indoor pool when all of a sudden Nico appeared “Spinoodle!…… wait…. I wasn’t here before…..” “Nico! What the heck are you doing in the pool?” asked Che Che. “Good question… honestly I’m just as confused as you are.” All of a sudden a marble rolled from out of nowhere and said “I am the marble of the West… or was it East?…. I am the marble of something!” “This is just getting creepier and creepier.” mumbled Percy. “Umm…. Marble thing of the whatever, did you teleport me here?” asked Nico. The marble transformed into a witch. “Yes I did, so what?” “Well….. can I at least have my swimming trunks?” The witch marble thing took out her wand and waved it. “There!” she said. “Thanks that’s much better!” said Nico who was now wearing swimming trunk’s instead of wearing a T-shirt and jeans. “Nico…. those are my swimming trunks.” said Percy who’s face was redder than a strawberry and was hiding in a corner of the pool. “Marble, please give Percy his swimming trunks back and get me something else.” said Nico. “Fine!” she yelled then teleported away. “Oh, I’m so glad that was over!” Percy exclaimed because he thankfully got his swimming trunks back. “Percy… isn’t this Annabeth’s bikini?” asked Nico who’s face was redder than Percy’s. “Uhhh…. yup…. this is so awkward. That should have been the marble of awkwardness.

Volcano again….

We ran and ran trying to find a way to escape out of the volcano. Correction: I ran with everyone in my pocket. As soon as they found out that they could ride in my pocket everyone didn’t hesitate to hop right it. Then I ran into a little girl. “Stop right there!” she yelled. “Who the baboon fishie are you?” I asked. “You don’t know me? Well then I supposed I should be polite before killing a person. My name is Debra Marie Sancha, I’m Jeremy’s intern and I’m a demigod just like you! My father is Kronos, the king titan.” “I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo going to kill Kronos for not telling me about Debra.” I mumbled. I got everyone out of my pocket because I knew a fight was coming. “How am I supposed to do anything?” asked Olivia, “I don’t have my fart gun! Jeremy took it!” “She’s a little girl its not like she’s actually going to do anything bad.” “She’s daughter of Kronos! That’s just like taking the letters that make up bad, super-sizing them, and then shoving it into out faces!” “Fine!”I snapped. I looked around in my pocket and found the first sword I could find which seemed to weigh a billion nine pounds. I came crashing to the floor as I took it out. Olivia helped me and picked up the sword. “Wow! This is so light! Its perfect! Thanks Randy!” she said. “You gotta be kidding me.” I mumbled. Debra just stared at us, smirking. “Hey, isn’t Puck still drowning?” asked Sabrina. “Well are you waiting for a personal invitation or something? Go save him!” yelled Olivia. “Awwww! Sabrina is going to save her Puck! How romantic is that?” I said. She just rolled her eyes and ran off. I took out my wand and sent a paralyzing curse as Olivia swing her sword at her. Instead of hitting Debra like Olivia hoped to, the sword bounced off of something invisible and came straight back at her face. If Olivia hadn’t had the decency to duck her face would have been split in half. The paralyzing curse came back at me and hit left arm, but since it was already paralyzed It didn’t do much. “She has a shield!” I screamed. “How the heck am I supposed to paralyze her now?” Debra just kept on smirking at our dumb attempts to do any harm to her. Suddenly I saw a small flash of something behind her, a loud noise, and she fell back. That flash of blue was Luke holding a pan. “Luke, you got inside her shield…. wow you really are sneaky… you didn’t even deliver the message I told you to.” I said with my jaw dropped all the way as far as it could go. “Whoa, your bird just saved us.” mummered Olivia with the same disbelieving expression as me. “I actually thought we were going to die this time.” I said. “This is too much… even for ME.” “Well we should get going then.” I said. “Wait, what about Debra, she’s Kronos’s daughter, maybe he could knock some sense into her.” said Olivia. “Just put her in my pocket.” I mumbled. We ran until we almost ran into Che Che who was nibbling on a potato. “Che Che!” we screamed. “How did you get here?” I asked. She looked around. “I’m not actually sure…” she replied, frowning, trying to remember what had happened in the last couple of seconds. “I don’t even remember the potato. Hey where’s my ice sword? Who are you?” “Stop playing with us.” said Olivia. “Ya all right. But I really don’t know where my sword is.” Che Che replied. “Where did Luke and Lucy go?” I asked. “Won’t it be so cute if they were on a date?” said Olivia

At the hotel with Sara and Nico…

“Hey Nico, I bet you 100 bucks that Lucy and Luke, Randy’s parakeets, are on a date.” said Sara. “Ok, birds can’t date anyways, I’m totally gonna win 100 bucks.” “I gotta stop betting people stupid things!” yelled Sara


Che Che, Olivia, and I are giggling as I’m video taping the scene across the zen garden. Just in case your asking I found the video camera in my magical pants and the scene… well… Sabrina sure did save Puck the idiot, but their also kissing. “Aww, how adorable, they were meant to be.” whispered Che Che. “Let’s go walk up to them any annoy them even further!” exclaimed Olivia. We tiptoed up to them and yelled “MOOSE!” They both screamed and we started laughing like nuts. “Paparazzi!” I started to sing. “HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Let’s get out of here now.” I said. Even though Sabrina was fuming she managed to say without trying to tackle us “We found the way out of here.” “The hole in the volcano is just up there. We could get Puck to fly us out of here if we all go into Randy’s pocket.” said Snape. Everyone except Puck went into my pocket. Puck grabbed me by the arm and flew. “Ouch! Fairys have seriously sharp nails!” I exclaimed. As we got to the top of the volcano I knew we were free until I saw that everything was strangely black and white. We landed on the top and I got everyone out. “Whaaaattt theeeee…….” said Olivia, “Heck….” Che Che finished. I looked at my surroundings and remembered the pictures I’ve seen in school. We were in China during the time of Mao and right in front of us was Mao’s army aimed and ready to strike, right at us. Puck just had to take this opportunity to use his idiocy and changed into what was supposed to be a giant dog but since he was thinking about ducks he changed into a giant dog-duck. This freaked out all of Mao’s army and they started attacking. Olivia and I decided to go all fruit ninja on them and we started smashing fruit against their faces while Puck was stomping around quacking. Then all of a sudden everything became colorful and Mao’s army was gone. We were back in the present. “Whoa, were were we?” asked Snape. “In the past, in China.” answered Sabrina. “Did mother nature become a communist again?” asked Olivia. “For a little while, I suppose. But why was everything black and white?” I asked. “Because when I was born I brought color into the world with me. Then when Izzy was born she brought sparkles into the world with her!” explained Olivia. That would have made sense since Olivia was a year older than me and Izzy was half a year older than me. “What was it like before sparkles?” I asked Olivia. “It was cold and unshiny.” she told me. “Then how come I remember color?” asked Snape. “That was all an illusion. The human eye was tricked. Only cameras were able to pick up the black and white.” Olivia said. We all stood there for a moment in stunned silence until a familiar voice broke it. “Well, well, well. What do we have here?” said Jeremy. “You know those bad guy thingies are sooooooooo old!” I said. “Its time to get rid of you pests once and for all!” yelled Debra who was next to him. “Hey how did you get out?” I asked. “The cheese-worm helped me.” she answered. “I told you to clean out your pocket.” mumbled Olivia. we tried to fight Jeremy but like last time it didn’t do much good because of the shield and this time Debra was watching her back but I could still see a small hint of fear in Jeremy’s eyes. “Jeremy you know what? I didn’t want to do this but I’m going to tell mom!” yelled Che Che. “You guys are related!” Olivia and I asked at the same time. “Well duh we even look alike. He’s my little brother! Can I borrow your cell phone? I have to call my mom so I can tell on him.” “Uhh… sure.” I handed her my cell phone. She dialed the number and said “Hi mom. Ya I’m having lots of fun in school, were learning about turning mixed numbers into improper fractions. I called to let you know that Jeremy is stealing from me and my friends. Can you meet us at the school field? Ok, I’ll see you there!” “NOOOOOO!!!!!!” Jeremy screamed. He had a look of despair and hopelessness on his face. Olivia teleported us to the school field where Jeremy’s mom was. Of course she had no idea that we had super powers or anything of that sort. “Jeremy, what is in your pocket?” his mom asked. Jeremy took Olivia’s fart gun out and gave it to his mom. “Is this a GUN!?” she screamed. “No no no!!! Its a box of matches shaped like a gun!” Olivia said. “It was the only one they had at the market and I need it for my mom’s birthday!” Jeremy’s mom handed back Olivia’s gun. Olivia was so relieved to have back her weapon. “YOU STOLE A BOX OF MATCHES!” yelled Jeremy’s mom. She seemed really angry. Next Jeremy’s mom found my wand. “What the heck is this stick doing with you?” she asked “Its my taser!” I yelped. Sorry but I panicked. she could have done something horrible with it. “What are you doing with a taser missy?” she asked. “I’m a 32 year old police woman!” I said. “Its not right to judge people just because they are short! Plastic surgery is not the answer to looking young!!!” I yelled. “Oh I’m sorry miss.” she said looking very embarrassed. I breathed a sigh of relief. Next she found one of Snape’s potions. “What the heck is this?” she said. “Its not a killing potion!” Snape yelped. “Its my brand new fruit juice with extra vitamins and minerals.” “Oh may I try some? Its so hard these days to find a healthy fruit juice. Everything has so much sugar in it!” “No!!! Don’t try it!!! I uhh… haven’t added the minerals in yet.” “Jeremy why would you steal this?” she asked. “I’m sorry mom.” Jeremy replied. “And what’s this?” she asked while taking out Che Che’s ice sword. “He took my ice sculpture!!!” yelled Che Che. “Jeremy go apologize to these people right now!” “I’m really sorry.” he said. “I apologize for my son’s behavior everyone. It is so unlike him. Jeremy your grounded for the rest of the YEAR!!!” She took off with Jeremy in her hand. We waited till she was gone so we could burst out laughing, how awesome!

End of Epic Story #5

You wanna know what happens in Epic story #6. You will find out what happens when Nico bet Sara about the bird thing and what about Izzy? Could she actually be happy in Sock Land with Miley Cyrus as a friend? Will my left arm ever become unparalyzed? Will Justin Beiber ever get revenge on me for nearly decapitating his head? All this and more in EPIC STORY #6!!!!!
-Typed by Olivia
– Invented by Randy and Olivia!

it’s been raining all day all week all the freaking time.

i can’t go outside D:

I wish it would stop raining :c

wheee, useless post is useless :u oh and does anybody play TinierMe or Adventure Quest?

So I spent half an hour making this and downloading Camtasia Studio (I don’t like screen o matic). I made the credits for the Creepy Dudes Series! (http://creepydudes.wordpress.com/)

Hope you liked it!

By the way, it is a test…

Hey, people I’m back home. But I’m sad and happy.
I can’t help but miss the times I had there. Writing this post makes me want to cry, I bite back those tears and i calm myself.
My focus group was my family for a few days. Just in those few days, everyone knew each other. It was like I have known all those kids my whole life. You know what it is like to leave your “family” when you have just met them in a few days. One thing that calms me is that I have my best friends numbers and i can cherish those wonderful memories till I’m dead. I can never forget that, like epic story also.
I know i am not an emotional person. But it is hard. But i am back with Olivia at least. Now i can laugh and smile about inside jokes nobody can understand. I can still be in contact with Hannah, Marley, Maya. And Chance cause Hannah is making me text him. Can’t tell cause it’s a “personal” issue.
Off to swimming! Adios!
EDIT: In the morning I almost cried I remembered waking my friends up and chatting. Aww. When i was at the mall I could only think about camp. I was so attached. I miss them dearly, luckily Hannah and me text each other liek freaks.
Ewww yucky lunch xP
Too bring some happiness:
Congratulations, you have just sent Justin Bieber to hell


In a Box Part 1

 Rocque: Eddie! Guess what!

  Eddie: What….
  Rocque: I can get three tickets to Brazil
  Eddie: If this is anything like my space idea, count me out.
 Rocque: Ok, I know the going into space was… weird, but this can be an awesome opportunity!
 Eddie: Why me and not someone else?
 Rocque: *Stares*
Eddie: Oh right you don’t know anybody else. :D Fine, I’ll go.
Rocque: Great! We leave on Friday.
Eddie: Next week Friday?
Rocque: No, this week Friday.
Eddie: TOMMOROW? And you’re telling me this at 5:00 on Thurday night?
Rocque: Yup!
Eddie: You’re unbelievable.
Rocque: Hurry and get packed bro.
Eddie: Who else are you taking?
Rocque: Umm… haven’t thought that through.
Eddie: How about Gabbi? *giggles*
 Rocque: GABBI? Are you serious?
 Eddie: No Serious Black that’s for sure! *Turns to audience*
  Rocque: Let’s go ask her *rolls eyes*
Eddie: My six month plan will finally work!
*the next day, at the airport*
 Gabbi: I finally get to see Brazil! The place of the place of South America!
 Rocque: Wait here. I’ll get us bagels.
 Eddie: Can we get chocoalte chip bagels?
 Rocque: No!
Eddie: Just a joke
*30 Minutes Later*
 Rocque: I got the bagels!
  Gabbi: You left thirty minutes ago dumbo.
Rocque: Well at least I got them.
Eddie: We’re boarding now.
Everyone: *Hand’s in tickets, gets on airplane*
 Rocque: We are sitting in the very last row.
Eddie: Good, since no one is behind you.
Gabbi: I call middle!
 Rocque: Let Eddie in first. He gets window seat. Then Gabbi, then me.
 Everyone: *Seated*
 Eddie: *Plugs in iPod*
Gabbi: *Reads magazine*
Rocque: *Sleeping*
Flight attendent: *Looks at Rocque* Please fasten your seat belt sir. Sir. SIR!
Rocque: AHHH!!! *Spills his shampane*
Eddie: You have shampane? HOW?
Rocque: I bought it in the airport.
Eddie: For me!
Gabbi: You are unbelievable.
 Rocque: WHAT? We’re thirteen- I mean, fourteen years old.
 Flight Attendant: What!!??
Eddie: Please don’t make him leave.
Rocque: No way! *Glosses lips* It’s for me. *Goes to bathroom*
Eddie: She was smock’n!
Gabbi: *Smacks Eddie*
Pilot: We will be leaving in two minutes. Please go to your seats, and enjoy the flight.
 Airplane: VROOOM! VROOM! VROOM! *Flies in air*
Eddie: So beautiful.
Rocque: So ugly.
 Gabbi: What is?
Rocque: That guys face. It’s upside down.
Eddie: Oh that kid from Family Guy.
Rocque: *Nods*
*30 Minutes Later*
Australian Guy: *Gets out gun* Hahaha. Everymates get down on your fat knees and die!
 *Shoots Pilot*
Rocque: Oh c**p!
 Eddie: *Gets out of seat* STOP! *Gets to the aisle*
Gabbi: *Whispers* STOP!
Australian Guy: *Points gun at Eddie*
Rocque: Get down!
Australian Guy: *fires gun
 Eddie: *Gets shot*
Rocque: EDDIE!
Gabbi: Oh no! *Cries*
Eddie: *Arm is bleeding* *Drops down*

Eh…weird title.

I know EVERYONE’s been apologizing for inactivity lately, and..it’s my turn. I might have seemed dead, but now I pretty much am dead. True, I’m back from China and everything, but I just feel busier. And it doesn’t help that I’m trying to learn pirate and old English.

I feel like this is a wasted post, because that’s all x_x.

for lack of posts and and lack of comments. I just chose random posts to comment on. Please don’t feel offended. :( I’ve been addicted to a few other sites. >.<



(shield your eyes)


So, I was looking at the Facebook page for Kingsley, and there were these people saying “oh dis gurls da n3w rebecca balck add me!!!1!”. So, I clicked the video and I’m just laughing. I can’t wait to see this blowing up on the internet more than Friday. It’s only got 11 million views right now, so it’s getting there.

It’s a song called “My Jeans” by Jenna Rose. So, it’s basically about this girl that moves her mouth weird going shopping for some jeans or somethin’ and drivin’ with her friends when she looks like she’s Rebecca Black’s age. It’s just crazy.

I put underwear on my brothers head.




It fit.


*inserts awesome ‘OH YEAH!’ gif*

[delay +1 day}

Hello, Grantm here, just to give you a random post. Guess what’s coming tomorrow! A Grantm56 signature Photo Post that I owe you!And guess what opens today in the theater (in the US)! CARS 2!!!!!! WHOOO!

And that’s not all! Here’s a picture of Poochie, Bugs Bunny’s pet Tasmanian Devil!

That is all now!



[New post] Stand up now, or die!? (get out of your chair)

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Stand up now, or die!? (get out of your chair)

Scott Berkun | June 23, 2011 at 9:47 am | Categories: Topic Ideas | URL:http://wp.me/p23sd-pD

Topic #167:

One health story making the rounds is how sitting too much all day will kill you. Since you are likely seated as you read this, don’t panic. We want to help.

Since we here at WordPress.com want you around, and blogging, forever, we’d like you to get up, right now, and do some push-ups. How many do you think you can do? Write it down. Then go do ‘em. And write a blog post about the results. Did it feel good? Did you do more or less than you guessed?

According to fitness scientists, a 40 year old woman should be able to do 16. A man, 27. And Jack LaLanne was doing push-ups into his 90s.

See The Simple Push-Up for more background on this curiously useful exercise.

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The post title shows I am sorry for not posting.
Hello, guys. It’s Grantm56 here just to post on WTR. I am happy today. Because exactly one week from today, my uncle and his family
(including their awesome dog Mainy) Well anyway, I am now an author on the Creepy Dudes site, which gives me the ability to post sneak peaks ( I think, right? Correct me if I’m not Mr. Funnybones) .So enjoy this little snippet of "In a Box"

Australian Guy: You three stooges will die! Curve bullet.

Eddie: Jump out of the plane!

Australian guy: Yes, please. I have my best man down there.

Eddie: *Takes out bullet* AHHH!! *Stands up and walks to Australian Guy*

Australian Guy: *Shoots him again*

Eddie: ARGGG! *Bleeding*

And now a picture of Mainy!

Yes, I have her as my google homepage picture.

Well that’s it. Oh, have a monkey, too.


Sorry I didn’t post the last few days. I was kinda busy.
Anyways, I’m in my room. [Hiding from America's Next Top Model. How can my sister even watch that stuff?]

Random Facts about me:
According to my friends, I can rap like Ke$ha. (Which is true all her songs have the same beat. Then, all you have to do is talk to the beat.)
I find acting in Mythology plays very fun.
I enjoy thinking outside the box. (No one at school listens to my ideas anyway. *Sigh*)
I enjoy acting like my favorite book/movie characters.
My favorite book characters eventually die/disappear/leave at some point in the book/series. And my least favorite characters always stay!
I hate autotune. It just makes terrible singers sound better. Which makes you disappointed when you hear them live.
I hate poetry. (I asked my English teacher if I could write a rap instead of poetry. She said no.)
I wanna learn how to play the electric guitar. It’s mainly because I heard an awesome Blah Blah Blah by Ke$ha video covered by electric guitar. And I think it would be awesome to learn how to play, ‘Cause they sound awesome.

Edit: Ke$ha pics from DeviantArt. These two are my favorite.

NRGGGGGGGGGH had no time to make a big post pfffffft well anyway going to someplace in asia tomorrow for 2 weeks so don’t miss me xD

I GOT A JAR OF DI- Oh wait, wrong line. Sorry!

I got a paper/origami eggie on Dragon Cave!

Adopt one today!

I’m not sure if it’s CaveBorn or if I have to wait for it to become a hatchling to discover it’s parents. I forgot. 8D


I’ve been packing up stuff lately, so I promise I haven’t been ignoring you guys.

I just feel all depressed all the time during summer. I have ihatesummeritis. It’s when you’re really bored.
We had a lot of blackouts last night cuz of a stupid storm and I was freaked out -.-. I’m like a dog.
We had to depend on our lamp and our computers, DSs, iPad and other stuff.
And with the title,
I finally found an old website I LIKE for once.
-.- sheez it took me a while.
Websites that I play but I don’t really like to:
Club Penguin: -.- Okay.
Poptropica: -.- Okay.
AQWorlds: I’m bored of being a noob! D:
Roblox: Eh it’s pretty good. :D
Fantage: It’s turning a little…strange….. And they remodeled EVERYTHING so everything looks like crud. (Every thing was different a long few years ago….My poor animalark12 account…. boo hooo :””'( )




It’s awesome.
-.- I’m too old for those things but I got one when I was 8, and it was AWESOME!!!!

I love it!

Me...(The AbbeGirlsRock287 thing was when I was 8. ^^)

But they really saw some corny stuff like “Pawsome!” -.-

They have a summer camp which you can join… (But it’s online.. ^^)

Camp Happy Heart....THIS YEAR'S THEME: ICECREAM! :D (I'm on Cookie Dough, YAY!)

My dog lulu ^

you can get a house and other stuff if you have a Build-A-Bear, (the certificate has a code) But you only get some stuff if you have a bear because you only get…
1. A house
2. A backpack
3. 2 games
And that’s about it.
They have parties and stuff, so if you can and want to show your inner stupid person,
Join! Yeah, um yeah.
(Also watch My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, You’ll LOVE it! :D)
Okay that’s all ^^

Well, hey guys it’s Randy! Yesterday
was waaay crazy so i couldn’t post
but anyways.

Yesterday, I went to Harpers Ferry. It was great, beautiful and very antique. Hannah and me were going gaga for it! Ya, well boring stuff and we had a fun debate on John Brown and you might ask who’s John Brown? Well, he is an abolitionist. Ya, i was on the maybes then the yes violence. More stuff. Lunch, it was a typical cheap processed lunch. Ick. Hannah and me went crazy and made up nicknames.
1. Hannah- Banana
2. Marley- Bob
3. Chance- Monopoly
4. Austen- Meggy Foxers(loong story)
5. Emma- M and m
6. Lydia- Yoda
And so Marley calls me Randina ad Hannah calls me Ricky? Lol. I also found out Austen likes Marley. Ew! She’s like 3 years older than him but at the same cute! Anyways we chose role play places(homefront) and we went there. I was a boring priest. We also got a transformers award and a boring leaving ceremony. Boring drive, focus group……then, i was in a group with crazy people, water pitchers….break….DEBATE! Another i know but Im starting to like them! The debate was about Piper Brynn a popstar who cause violence and lots of protesting! I was Wynn Steven a Us Congressman who doesn’t approve of this. I had a strong argument and the ads were funny!!
1. Matt- one about hot pockets in an lol Jersian accent and one about cake selling we will sell it too you 30 minutes late and if you order chocolate you get vanilla!
2. Lizzy- Dry stuff.
3. Chance- Mr. magics magical magic kit!
4. Why was some dude obsessed with water canteens
Ya, back to Conq and then bedtime. Funny LOUD chats and sleeping! :D
Fun day!
Miss ya Olivia and Izzy.
Communism and fried beans!

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