How is the COLLEGE SEARCH going for all y’all who are on it?? i hope everything is going well!

Halloween hit… and it hit hard. I had 4 costumes (see ’em here!), participated in a 10PM-10AM shoot in a comic store, and saw an advanced screening of Trolls! (I really enjoyed it!)

Also corgi beach day. MY FAVORITE!

Anyway, story-wise, I’ve actually started trying to think of stuff for my Thesis film! Here’s just a couple bullet points, let me know what you guys think/like best!

-Fire girl?
Story about a girl who’s got fire powers and an explosive temper. about learning to control yourself and be responsible for your own actions.

-The Six Swans
That fairy tale where the girl’s brothers get cursed and she has to knit them sweaters. Maybe with sisters instead of brothers to personalize it. i dunno i just like that story!

an hour long video of my roommate solving puzzles

These are the 2 things I know I want:


-a girl with really long flowy hair

What are some stories y’all have been cooking up?



I wrote this post Wednesday when I was pretty down about schtuff.

I’m posting it now because this week has been so crazy.



I know it’s been a long time since I last posted, but that’s just how life goes.

And life’s certainly going. Junior year is crazy busy! So many things that require my attention, and all of them are super important.

Today has not been a good day. I took the PSAT this morning, hoping to be able to make it into the National Merit (words) and get that sweet scholarship money, but I felt like I bombed it. And it sucks, because I’ve spent quite a bit of time practicing for it. And the part that’s killing me is that I won’t be able to see my score for like a month.

And I had another important test that afternoon. I’m taking an online college algebra class for dual-credit, and I had a test that I had to get done. And I got a 70% after feeling pretty sure about all of my answers, so yeah…

And on that note, my video project is also going kinda meh. The first premiere is next Thursday, so I was hoping to get everything done before this weekend, but now there’s no way that will happening. I’m working on color grading my shots right now, which is the process of bring out certain colors to make the film look at good as it can. And right now, that’s not that good.

As I’m sitting here being down about basically everything in my life, I’m thinking, “Dangit Grant, why are you being so hard on yourself?”

And I really think I know the answer. I have ridiculous expectations for myself that I know I can’t meet, but judge myself against these ridiculous standards. I gave it my all for these projects. I worked hard for my PSAT, so now I trust God for the result, whatever it may be. I raised $665 for my film project from people that wanted to help me become a better filmmaker. I saw the process from conception of the idea to execution of the idea. And I worked crazy hard for it.

So now I’m blogging about it. Simply because I want to share it with anyone who cares.

I think this is something I’m going to do now. I want to write blog posts that aren’t super polished or super creative on a more consistent basis. I want to share simply to do the act of sharing. And at least in my head, that’s what Where Thunder Roars is for.

Anyone remember Postaday2011? I’m thinking of doing something similar, at least for a personal goal. I want to put out a blog post at least once a week until the end of this school year. I’m not going to set a topic goal or anything, I just want to write.

That is all.

The Importance of Beginner’s Mistakes

And my film isn’t what I wanted it to be, but I learned things.


The Pursuit of Grace

Hey everyone,

Normally when I sit and try to write a Pursuit of Grace blog post, I attempt to make it as formal as possible. I try to do some research and sound educated while discussing my experiences. I want to leave a good impression when talking about this project. But sometimes that can seem fake, like I’m trying to be something I’m not.

I’ve fought so hard to make sure the Pursuit of Grace wasn’t just another amateur film by someone who didn’t know what they were doing. I was sure I wouldn’t make all the mistakes beginners normally do. I watched so many videos about mistakes others had made, hoping I could eliminate them. I worked crazy hard on my script. I thought I had my shooting week planned out fairly well, until it whooshed by.

Behind my mask of faux professionalism, I was clueless.

I wrote long…

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Rewrite: Radioactive

I’m sorry you had to read my old stories. I’ve deleted many in shame. Let’s see if I can improve after 3 years. I’m still pretty terrible, but I’ve learned some grammar tips and can write better analytically. I haven’t written anything for fun since I started High School, and it shows. 

Read the original here.

Summary: An unnamed protagonist plays with a new discovery.

“This has potential for a continuation, but I have no motivation.” (Ugh. This is so real, even today.)

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I’m filming in a week and a half

I’ve been working on this project for a close to 9 months now. This week, I decided to scrap everything I had and rewrite it completely, using only the basic ideas.


I found a video on Vimeo {FANTASTIC SITE} that basically describes what I should be doing about my film.


I realize my project won’t be great, but I’m going to make it the best I can anyway.

Also, anyone who cares (this blog is so dead), here’s the gear I get to use to shoot my film.


Pursuit of Grace Gear

I get to shoot my short film with this awesome equipment. Praise be to God!

kit by @grantm56


Click on the picture to go to the full list of equipment.

And I should be re-writing right now, so I’ll just leave this here for anyone who happens to stumble upon it, and go work on my project.


k bye

Talking to a Camera

About a week ago, I was working on trying to promote my film to my Facebook friends. I thought it would be a good idea to preface some of the content I had worked on earlier. I decided it would be best to simply talk genuinely about my film and my need for donations.

But I just couldn’t do it.

I have a pretty legit setup for doing that kind of video. I have 2 soft boxes, a tripod, and a stationary boom microphone to make just that type of video. I rehearsed what I would say while setting up my equipment. I thought I was prepared to make a great introduction video. However, I couldn’t make even a mediocre video. The video ended up looking “meh” at best. But worse than the poor video quality was my awkwardness. Even though I genuinely believed what I was saying, it seemed forced and fake. I seemed uncomfortable, and even though I tried to reshoot twice, it was something I just couldn’t shake.

This is a syndrome Thomas “Tomska” Ridgewell called “Actoring.” It’s where you try to over compensate for the camera, like where you think you can’t just be yourself. It’s not being comfortable with who you are for the camera. So I thought I had a solution.

I had my mom help me with the third and final reshooting. She would ask me questions about my film and I would answer them as if she wasn’t there. Though it was significantly better than the other two AWFUL takes, it still wasn’t good enough for me to be willing to release under the name of my film and ask for money for that kind of work. I ended up just providing those details in the text above the video on Facebook, but I’m still kind of disappointed that I couldn’t genuinely talk about my project to a camera.

I think this is something that I just need experience to overcome. Tom says vlogging is great to help overcome actoring, so maybe someday I’ll start vlogging.

Or maybe I won’t.