Rewrite: Radioactive

I’m sorry you had to read my old stories. I’ve deleted many in shame. Let’s see if I can improve after 3 years. I’m still pretty terrible, but I’ve learned some grammar tips and can write better analytically. I haven’t written anything for fun since I started High School, and it shows. 

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Summary: An unnamed protagonist plays with a new discovery.

“This has potential for a continuation, but I have no motivation.” (Ugh. This is so real, even today.)

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I’m filming in a week and a half

I’ve been working on this project for a close to 9 months now. This week, I decided to scrap everything I had and rewrite it completely, using only the basic ideas.


I found a video on Vimeo {FANTASTIC SITE} that basically describes what I should be doing about my film.


I realize my project won’t be great, but I’m going to make it the best I can anyway.

Also, anyone who cares (this blog is so dead), here’s the gear I get to use to shoot my film.


Pursuit of Grace Gear

I get to shoot my short film with this awesome equipment. Praise be to God!

kit by @grantm56


Click on the picture to go to the full list of equipment.

And I should be re-writing right now, so I’ll just leave this here for anyone who happens to stumble upon it, and go work on my project.


k bye

Talking to a Camera

About a week ago, I was working on trying to promote my film to my Facebook friends. I thought it would be a good idea to preface some of the content I had worked on earlier. I decided it would be best to simply talk genuinely about my film and my need for donations.

But I just couldn’t do it.

I have a pretty legit setup for doing that kind of video. I have 2 soft boxes, a tripod, and a stationary boom microphone to make just that type of video. I rehearsed what I would say while setting up my equipment. I thought I was prepared to make a great introduction video. However, I couldn’t make even a mediocre video. The video ended up looking “meh” at best. But worse than the poor video quality was my awkwardness. Even though I genuinely believed what I was saying, it seemed forced and fake. I seemed uncomfortable, and even though I tried to reshoot twice, it was something I just couldn’t shake.

This is a syndrome Thomas “Tomska” Ridgewell called “Actoring.” It’s where you try to over compensate for the camera, like where you think you can’t just be yourself. It’s not being comfortable with who you are for the camera. So I thought I had a solution.

I had my mom help me with the third and final reshooting. She would ask me questions about my film and I would answer them as if she wasn’t there. Though it was significantly better than the other two AWFUL takes, it still wasn’t good enough for me to be willing to release under the name of my film and ask for money for that kind of work. I ended up just providing those details in the text above the video on Facebook, but I’m still kind of disappointed that I couldn’t genuinely talk about my project to a camera.

I think this is something that I just need experience to overcome. Tom says vlogging is great to help overcome actoring, so maybe someday I’ll start vlogging.

Or maybe I won’t.

I Don’t Have Much To Say

I’d love to revive WTR. I’d love to see a new story series/ roleplay thing. I’d love to be a part of a community again.

But I don’t have much to say.

I’m a rambler. If there’s a topic I’m passionate about, I can go on and on about it. I could blather until my listener’s ears start bleeding. But then I run out. Once I’ve exhausted my rambling ability, I’m done. I have nothing to add to the conversation, so nothing comes out of my mouth. That’s probably one of the most annoying combinations. Talkative for a while, then silence.

Right now I think I’m at that silence stage even in my blog-writing. I rambled about things I had waiting to explode out of me in my last post. But now I’m to the “meh” stage in blogging. I could say things, but I see no reason to sharing. But at the same time I miss the community feeling from WTR. I miss the fact that we were strangers that cared about what was happening in each other’s lives. Super cool idea to me.

Good blogging takes dedication. I think that’s the hardest part of writing this type of stuff on the Interwebs. It’s easy to let all the bottled up ideas blast out of my mind, but letting idea organically flow actually seems less natural. But in reality it’s way harder to have one big project (Revive Where Thunder Roars) than to have many little goals (Post Quality Content Consistently) in the long run.

I’ll be posting more stuff on here fairly soon. Excited.

Random Blog Schtuff:

· I’m thinking of unstickying the giant “to-do” post and rewriting a new one. The old one was great, and has served its porpoise (chirping sounds), but it’s now messy and cluttered. Probably not the first thing we want new visitors to see.

· I’m working on rewriting the About page, but I’m not happy with it yet. Go take a look when you have the chance, and leave any feedback you may have!

· No one seems to have checked out the Discord chat yet. Go check that out sometime, and maybe we could start using it! We’ll see.


SORRY for being so inactive!! GAH the past week’s been insane! A couple weird/notable things that have happened:

  1. I made $30+ in tips for 3 days in a row
  2. I was told I “look like an english scholar, and probably get good grades on all my essays” (I hope it’s a prediction, not just a statement–I’ve got a writing class to take in the spring!)
  3. I was offered a job somewhere else… while working at my current job (I didn’t take it, I’m only here for another week)

I’ll add pics later, my phone is kind of poopy atm so getting pics to and from is a nightmare

But I have a big deadline coming up, so I may not be very active still for the next 2-3 days. But after that, I should be good to go! 😀

What are some weird/notable things that have happened to you this week?


Missed Oppurtunities

I feel like this is something I probably should post on my personal blog, but given the nature of that blog and the rambly nature of this post, I decided to dump it here.

I’m sorry.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve wanted to go back in time and change something. I am not a risk taker. I am the type of person who will stop before making any meaningful decision and consider the pros and cons of this decision. By the time I have made a choice on my course of action, I’ve lost the opportunity and wasted my time.

Decisiveness is not one of my key traits.

I wish I was more decisive. I would love if there was some sort of intuitive sense that gave the right answer to every situation every time, but that’s just wishful thinking.

There was one time I tried to be decisive. And it almost worked out for me.
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1) Sorry for being so inactive! I’ve been working full time as of late because I’m one of two employees who aren’t on vacation right now 😄

I really wanted overalls, but I wanted something very specific:
My friend and I headed over to the fabric store about 2 weeks ago and found some puppy fabric. I’ve been working on them for the past week or so, and VIOLA! They’re finally finished!


This is definitely the most work I’ve put into a sewing project in a while! Most of the stuff I make is just costumes I don’t plan on wearing very often, so the task of enforcing the seams get kind of haphazardly disregarded. I do plan on wearing these a lot, though, so I spent a lot of time trying to make sure they had good, sturdy construction!

3) THE WEBSITE LOOKS GREAT YOU GUYZ!! I really like it! 😀

I’m currently trying to finish up a lot of work for one of my projects so I can send out an update, but after that I’ll have some time to get started on stories and such! I have 2 days off this week and am not working any double shifts, so my schedule should be a lot more relaxed!

Have you guys ever wanted a really specific, weird article of clothing? If so, how did you go about finding/making it?