In this post, I talk about how excited I was about graduating Jr. High. 4 years later, I’m talking about how relieved I am that a little over 24 hours ago, I graduated High School.

Walking across the (rickety, mildly horrifying) stage extension in low, chunky heels because God forbid I catch a stiletto in the gap between the stage and its extension. I have great legs I’d love to keep them. and getting my diploma was the happiest I’ve been in years. I wish that was a dramatic exaggeration.

The “best” 4 years of my life came with a lot of struggles. I lost a lot of friends, and sadly, I had a majority of them for years, some since grade school. I said very few words to them at graduation, and I doubt I’ll say very many more in the future. I wasn’t in a good place mentally, either. I spent too many nights at my absolute worst, ugly crying on the bathroom floor at ungodly hours of the night, thinking of doing things to myself that I hope never come up as an option again. (That unintentionally sounds like the “edgy” teenage type…)

I made some really good memories. Going to dances, staying out late, sitting in a hot tub at 2:30 AM, trying not to ruin the hair and makeup your mom paid the salon to do. I did the play/musical every year, and I stayed in Band. I was also an honors graduate, keeping a 3.5 GPA every semester. I wore my medal for hours after the ceremony. I’m grateful for the memories, but I don’t miss anything about them.

High School was not a good time in my life, but I’m accepting of  the way it changed me. I don’t think High School should be the “best four years of your life”. It’s also nothing like the movies or TV shows try portraying it. I think it’s a time when you’re supposed to figure things out. I walked into High School a terrified 14 year old girl , and I walked out as a completely different 18 year old. (I’m glad I got to be that 14 year old for a while, though. You have to start somewhere) Am I a bit scared of the future? Absolutely, but I know that I can handle whatever tries to bring me down.


Rewrite: Radioactive

I’m sorry you had to read my old stories. I’ve deleted many in shame. Let’s see if I can improve after 3 years. I’m still pretty terrible, but I’ve learned some grammar tips and can write better analytically. I haven’t written anything for fun since I started High School, and it shows. 

Read the original here.

Summary: An unnamed protagonist plays with a new discovery.

“This has potential for a continuation, but I have no motivation.” (Ugh. This is so real, even today.)

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Ridiculous Unfulfilled Promises

In this old post, I told you that I’d gotten my ears double pierced. I said:

Pics might be posted after the redness goes away.

However, they never were. (The redness has been gone for, like, three years now. Way to go, Kat.) The day before my 16th birthday, I got my ears pierced for the third time. So, to fulfill the most ridiculous promise; Here is a pic I took last year of all three of my piercings.

Capture 1

These are the only sets of piercings I have on my entire body. (Personally, I’m only into getting ear piercings.) When I turn 18 in a few months, I’m going to get the cartilage pierced at a nice, clean tattoo parlor.

With that completely useless post over: Do you have any piercings? Do you want any new ones? How do you feel about them?

Header Concept and Editing To Do List

Kat’s editing again…: I’ve found a decent chat service that has a more modern feel than Xat. It claims to have a chat aspect like Skype and there’s a free app we can all download. Thoughts? 

Granto: I’ve been using Discord for months now, and it’s awesome. It does its thing very well.

Granto’s Edit 2: Created a room- set up here

Edit 1: Started editing a few pages. Should we update the commenting rules? I feel like we’re old enough to be a little more lenient on “no swearing”.

Edit 2: I’ve removed some old pages that haven’t been in use. I left them in the Trash if you’d like to recover them. I feel like it isn’t my place to remove old story pages of current authors, and am leaving this responsibility to the respective people. 

Edit 3: Fixed the sidebar. Was able to shorten the Pages widget by excluding some pages from being shown. Made the Archives widget a dropdown menu. 


Grant’s Edit 2: Playing with the theme a little bit. Not quite sure about this one. Tell me what you think.

Feel free to edit and add your own items.

This header concept was made in PicMonkey in about 5 minutes. I invite whoever has Photoshop or a better understanding of graphic design to step up and take my place.

PicMonkey Collage finished.png


About (There is so much useless/old information here. It needs to be cleaned up.)

Battle of the Beings  (Either remove entirely or start over with a reboot.)

Chat (There doesn’t seem to be a chat feature anymore. Should probably be removed.)

Cool Stuff  (Lots of subpages. Can be updated to share content, adding/removing pages as needed.)

Old Authors’ Material (An old relic. Can be updated or deleted.)

Stories (Can be updated to share content.)

Inactive Authors: Contact old authors on the list via email (Or other ways if necessary.), and see if they’d like to stay and contribute. Remove those who resign.

With a little work, we can return WTR to its former glory. 🙂

To defeat the Huns…

Grant’s Edits:

I’ve started the WordPress backup system- just in case. As this blog is HUGE, it’ll probably take a while, but it’s the safe option in case any conflict arises. Not ideal, but I remember this blog back in the day. I’ll upload the backup to MediaFire or something like that just in case. Edit 2- Download link here

I’m of the opinion that categories are extremely useful- is it possible we could create a streamlined category system so that we could find content more efficiently. Right now it’s super messy, but maybe once content is created again, we could organize it.

Theme wise, are we looking at a theme that complements the content or a minimalistic theme? I’ve been a fan of the minimalistic, but it may not be the best fit for WTR.

Can You Believe It?

Four years ago, I made a post that basically said “I can’t believe I’m 13!”. Honestly, this makes me laugh.

Being 13 seemed so grown up to me, like, look at this:

Things I can’t believe:

-That I’m a teenager.

-That I can finally see PG-13 movies without my parents.

-That I can finally do all these amazing things like sign up for Facebook and YouTube now.

And then I turned 17 and can do all of these things my 13 year old self could only daydream about doing. So here, younger self, is a list of things you probably don’t believe either:

  • You’ll be a legal adult next year.
  • You can buy M rated video games by yourself.
  • You can finally rent/watch/buy R rated movies without your parents.
  • You can also drop out of school, but you have freaking goals so you’re staying.
  • You are the Dancing Queen. (If this were measured by actual skill, you would not be the dancing queen. Not by a long shot.)

The bakery is closed today, but hey, I get an early dismissal day tomorrow and may or may not be having cupcakes for lunch.