Why the World is (not) Going to End

Reasons Why people think that the world (unspecified what the ‘world’ includes, ex. humans, mars, stars) Is Going To End on December 21st, 2012


1. The Winter Solstice- on 12/21/12 The Sun will align with the plane of the galaxy. Even though this happens twice every year, this time is special in some way, the alignment of the Sun will somehow cause something to happen which will somehow be the destruction of the world.

2. Planet X/ Nibiru- in 1980, this planet was spotted in the outer reaches of our solar system by astronomers. Being tracked by infrared observatories, it is speeding toward us as we speak (type). It will enter the inner solar system in 2012. This event will have catastrophic results, including, but not limited to: billions of people will die, global warming will increase; earthquakes, drought, famine, wars, social collapse, killer solar flares, and geological, social, economic and environmental damage. This hypothetical deadly planet will arrive from a highly eccentric orbit to wreak gravitational havoc on Earth.

3. the fore mentioned Solar Flares- solar flares will erupt from Planet X and the Sun to destroy Earth, even though this is physically impossible. Truthfully, this will only cause GPS’s and such to be off by a few yards, and perhaps make some very pretty lights, called the Northern Lights. Terrifying, I’m sure.


4. The Mayan Calender- This is a calender the Mayans made, obviously. They really liked to study time and maps, and predict the future. Their calender ends on 2012. But like all calenders, what happens when one calender ends? Another begins. People believe that since the Mayan calender ends and re-begins on 2012, the world will end then. The Mayans were just clever ordinary people that didn’t feel like building on to an already extremely large calender and just decided to start a new one.


So, I hope this post made you feel better about the not ending. You can stop running around screaming terrified, which I’m sure you’re doing, though I suppose it’s good exercise, and being healthy is part of everyone’s New Year Resolutions.

And even if the world does end, you don’t have to admit it, because if you’re wrong, no one will be there to say, “I told you so,”

Besides, according to the Doctor, the world, as in Earth, will end in the year five billion, when the Sun expands.


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all of you, I hope this has been a really fun and nice year for everyone, because it was for me.

I’m spending my Christmas at the beach in Florida, which is really different for me because I never go to the beach where it’s warm and all that on Christmas, but it’ll be really fun! ^-^

I’ve been gone for so long because I’ve been getting pretty busy. I got a tablet for my birthday which was back in November, but then my computer got a virus on it. It wasn’t fixed until a few days ago and I lost EVERYTHING on my computer. So that’s my excuse for being gone, but I’ll get busy right after New Years commenting and posting and whatnot : )

Wish you all a Merry Christmas, Kwanza, Hannukah, National Pumpkin Pie day (it’s real), and anything you celebrate around this time of year! Happy Holidays!

Now I must go for my dad is having trouble finding the ‘send’ button on his email. *facepalm*




Happy Early Thanksgiving (which is tomorrow!)

I love google. Here’s something that kept me busy for fifteen minutes: http://g.co/doodle/ab23hc

I really feel bad for turkeys, though. Us humans call it Thanksgiving…turkeys probably think of it as The Mysterious Time When a lot of Turkeys Go Missing week or Turkey Slaughter Day…

And for those of you who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving…Happy Early Use Even If Seal Is Broken Day! (It’s real)

Anyways, I feel so victorious! A few days ago, I had a swim meet, which was really fun, except for the coach put me in the two-hundred meter freestyle event. I was pretty nervous, and in my heat (the events are separated into heats, which are basically races because all the swimmers can’t race at the same time) I tied with another girl…or so I thought! *dramatic music* I got my results today, and turns out I actually beat her by .22 seconds. AKA I beat her by half a second. I feel like getting up and dancing!

Also, I started on another oil painting. It was of this vase with a rose, and originally, I was going to paint four different versions of them in the Hogwarts colors, and I started with Slytherin, but I ended up thinking it looked like it was molded out of slime so I painted over it. Here’s the finished version:

I guess it turned out okay, just I can still see some green 😐 But I like it 🙂

I watched Mulan for the trillionth time today, and I am SO obsessed now! I completely love it! Disney just doesn’t make movies like it used to. *sigh* I particularly loved this song, I’ve been humming it all day:

Oh, and one last thing. I’m writing a new story, based off Percy Jackson. I’m having trouble making up random charactors, so if any of you have any charactors (they can be campers, mortals, nymphs, etc.) please email me at theonewhoflys@gmail.com 😀 I’d appreciate it!

Learning From Ashes

Chapter Three:

The morning sunlight filtered cheerily through the window, though in no way was it masking my dread for the day.

After getting dressed, I sleepily made my way down stairs. “Mariah?” I called, clutching the diamond holding a flickering fire around my neck. “Mariah, are you up?”

Downstairs was just how I had left it the night before. I boiled the water and started to spoon sugar into a mug, getting my tea ready. Down the hall, Mariah was no doubt still snoring in bed.

Adding some milk, I sniffed the fragrance of the tea, wafting up to my face, surrounding my head. It was so fresh, almost minty…

It woke me up, and sent a jolt of alarm through my body. Mariah never sleeps in. She’s a very light sleeper. She always cleans the kitchen before bed, and leaves a blooming yellow acacia flower over the threshold of the house, claiming it to be warding off danger. So why wasn’t it there?

“Mariah?” I called down the hallway. Creeping forward, I fluttered my wings nervously. “I-I made you some eggs and cheese, if you want to come out and get them..” I called, hoping she was just caught up in some early morning reading. Tentatively, I nudged the door open. The bed was made, as if Mariah never even made it to bed. I kicked the door shut soundlessly with my toe and crept across the room.

Suddenly, cold hands gripped me from behind. I screamed, and whipped around.

It was Mariah. I was about to relax when all the muscles of my body seized up again. It was kind of Mariah, a skeletal tired version of Mariah.

“Phoenix,” She whispered urgently. A loud bang came from the bathroom. I screamed, squirming out of Mariah’s grip.

“Phoenix, listen to me! I’m the read Mariah! That lady last night was an infiltrator, just a dummy with a potion! You’ve got to leave this house right away, don’t let them get to the Book. Head for Greenstom, I’ve got a message hidden there, you’ll know where to find it if you know me,” she hissed, emphasizing the ‘me’ “They’ll probably get me, but don’t worry!”

She took my face in her bony hands, looking into my eyes, and I knew she wasn’t lying. “You’ve got horrible events waiting for you, Phoenix. Please, don’t go hiding or running, don’t let curiosity or passion take control of you! You’re full of fire, and anger, and fear. Don’t let it take control of you,”

The door splintered open, and a monster three times Mariah’s size stepped out, it’s eyes hollow, it’s mouth teethless. I stared in wonder until it started for us.

“Need…recharging…” it grumbled, reaching for Mariah.

“Phoenix, fly!” Mariah shouted at me. “Don’t stop flying, don’t look back at me, just go!”

She pushed me toward the window, I stumbling numbly. “But–but what’s it going to do to you?”

She made a grim face. “Leech my life force. There’s nothing you can do!” Mariah threw herself at the monster, brandishing a lamp. “Just go!”

I took one more look at the creature and leapt out the window. Determinedly, I surged forward, flapping my powerful wings, her screams echoing behind me. I knew I would regret it dearly.


-is so close!

Unfortunately, I still don’t know what I’m going to be. My friend says I should dress up as the Doctor, with a bow tie, glasses, and a sonic screwdriver, because I’ve been majorly crushing on David Tennant for a while now…but I’d feel majorly silly. Plus, Matt Smith is the one with the bow tie. Though I don’t mind Matt Smith at all.

Another friend said I should be the girl from karate kid. I don’t even know her name (though the movie’s quite good), but he says I should be her because apparently I look like her. (I don’t see it)

I’ve got a deadline of two days before Halloween, because I’m going to my friend’s Halloween/birthday party and we’re going to a haunted house! I’m so excited! ^-^

I also am facing a dilemma. The person I go trick-or-treating with every year (She’s got a fantastic neighborhood for trick-or-treating!)’s parents think she’s too old this year to go trick-or-treating (which I think is rubbish)so they won’t take us. I think she herself thinks she’s too old, too, which is really sad.  I think she’s growing up too fast, and she’s starting to  be obsessed with being popular and makeup, clothes, shoes, Justin Beiber, and all that stuff. I just want to shout at her, “Trust me, you’ll have plenty of time to be old when you’re older! Plenty!” But whenever I do that, she denies it and switches the subject. I don’t want to just stop being friends with her, because she’s a really old friends. So, I’m kind of sad..

I need costume ideas. Anybody? ^^

Oh, and Oh My God. I am so totally getting the Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver for my birthday!! It looks incredible!

I took another snip, and added words this time^^


That’s such a strange word, ‘Snips’

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few awesome snips I took because they were cool or something. Enjoy^^

“My life is complete.”

Longest. Minute. Ever.

This one I just thought Rose looked incredibly epic.

My personal favourite! “Hi!” I think I’ll change my icon to this!

Recent Artwork!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve finished the Statue of Liberty, I just don’t want to share it because I still have to get the blue oil paint I accidentally spilled on it =[ But be expecting that!

Okay, so here are the drawings I’ve done without guidelines (I’ve been practising ^^) (sorry it’s horrid quality)


Her names Sky, that’s all I know x) oh and it’s unfinished.


She’s an important person, from a story I’m trying to start (Writer’s Block)


Snake Lady. Yea.



Again, unfinished. Awkward pose, I know.

Tomorrow I’m probably going to work on Phoenix’s adventure because K have no school 😀 celebrate!

Anyway, my cat’s waking across my keyboard, and my computer’s being lame -__- Uh….Bye!