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Overconfidence vs. Incompetence

Hey WTR,

Here’s a little word of advice:

Don’t overestimate your own technical skill, especially when dealing with complicated components of a computer.

Earlier this week I decided I wanted to swap out the hard drive in my computer for a larger one I had in my laptop. Sounds simple, right? Normally the process of swapping out a hard drive involves backing it up, cleaning it out, then simply bringing in the new drive. My computer, however, had its own idea of what that process should be.

As I started rummaging through the drive to try to find what was worth keeping, I found a rather peculiar folder labelled “Music.” However, when I tried to open it, a big error message popped up.


That was odd. I was the only administrator on my computer, so there was nothing that should have been restricted from my view… right? I generally consider myself technologically adept, so as my brain whirred trying to comprehend this enigma, an idea happened upon me. I pulled up the command prompt and tried to delete the files from there.


So the system wasn’t allowing itself to delete these mystery files. At this point I was hooked. Instead of my brain thinking, “Should I continue?” my brain was set on “How can I beat this?” I was ready for a challenge. I started the process of moving everything but these files off of my hard drive. As the slowly moving progress bar inched forward, I was plotting my next move. I could not let my hard drive be the victor in this scenario. And maybe my plan was drastic. BUT IT WOULD BE WORTH IT!

I completely wiped my hard drive just to delete what I later found to be a few Spotify files. Luckily for me there was nothing important I hadn’t already backed up, but it was a huge inconvenience nevertheless.

If only this were the only problem…

So I thought I was ready to replace the drive. I pulled up Windows’ handy dandy Drive Manager, and started deleting all the partitions on this particular drive. Lo and behold, there appeared unto me a partition that could not be deleted. So I looked, and verily, I beheld that this particular partition was reserved for use by the Windows system. But I wasn’t ready to give up yet. So I pulled up the trusty command prompt once again, and tried OVER AND OVER using all the method I knew to get rid of this particular partition.

So I decided on an alternative plan of action. I opened up my computer (Did I mention that I built this computer) and unplugged the hard drive. I pushed the power button and…


My computer refused to start unless this drive was installed and active. So I installed a program that could actually look at hidden files that only the system recognize, and this gave me answers. Installed on my drive was the Windows Bootloader- the component of the system that tells the computer how to start. So I started researching how to move the Windows Bootloader to the actual boot drive, and it appeared to be a fairly simple process. I installed the program to do so, ran it, then pulled out my hard drive, and the computer still refused to boot. Even after I plugged the drive back in it still stubbornly refused to cooperate.

So here I am now, typing up this post while my computer copies the contents of the boot drive to an external hard drive. I’m running Linux off of a flash drive, and while that’s a cool concept, I need to be actually getting things done right now.

So that’s pretty much my entire story. TOPIC SWITCH! Remember how I said I was going to try to post once a week for the rest of the school year? No? Well, I did. Just in case you were wondering. And even though I’ve already failed so far, I plan on keeping up with it to the best of my ability.

That is all.

Big Project Update

Quick update on the film I’ve been working on for like ever now.

The Pursuit of Grace

Hey everyone!

It’s been a long time since I’ve talked about the current state of the Pursuit of Grace, and a lot has changed since the last post.

First of all, the most important news.

We didn’t win the BJU film competition.

And yes, I’m pretty disappointed with the results. It’s easy to become so very focused on winning the competition; my focus needs to be on why I’m even making this film- I want to glorify God in what I do. This is just a way to prove that I actually believe that.

Now the important question-

Where’s the film?

I’m going to give the famous cop-out answer- it’s coming when it’s done.

And I know that I submitted a version to the competition already. However, I got some very valuable feedback from the judges of the competition. I’m trying to make the Director’s Cut the very best it…

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I wrote this post Wednesday when I was pretty down about schtuff.

I’m posting it now because this week has been so crazy.



I know it’s been a long time since I last posted, but that’s just how life goes.

And life’s certainly going. Junior year is crazy busy! So many things that require my attention, and all of them are super important.

Today has not been a good day. I took the PSAT this morning, hoping to be able to make it into the National Merit (words) and get that sweet scholarship money, but I felt like I bombed it. And it sucks, because I’ve spent quite a bit of time practicing for it. And the part that’s killing me is that I won’t be able to see my score for like a month.

And I had another important test that afternoon. I’m taking an online college algebra class for dual-credit, and I had a test that I had to get done. And I got a 70% after feeling pretty sure about all of my answers, so yeah…

And on that note, my video project is also going kinda meh. The first premiere is next Thursday, so I was hoping to get everything done before this weekend, but now there’s no way that will happening. I’m working on color grading my shots right now, which is the process of bring out certain colors to make the film look at good as it can. And right now, that’s not that good.

As I’m sitting here being down about basically everything in my life, I’m thinking, “Dangit Grant, why are you being so hard on yourself?”

And I really think I know the answer. I have ridiculous expectations for myself that I know I can’t meet, but judge myself against these ridiculous standards. I gave it my all for these projects. I worked hard for my PSAT, so now I trust God for the result, whatever it may be. I raised $665 for my film project from people that wanted to help me become a better filmmaker. I saw the process from conception of the idea to execution of the idea. And I worked crazy hard for it.

So now I’m blogging about it. Simply because I want to share it with anyone who cares.

I think this is something I’m going to do now. I want to write blog posts that aren’t super polished or super creative on a more consistent basis. I want to share simply to do the act of sharing. And at least in my head, that’s what Where Thunder Roars is for.

Anyone remember Postaday2011? I’m thinking of doing something similar, at least for a personal goal. I want to put out a blog post at least once a week until the end of this school year. I’m not going to set a topic goal or anything, I just want to write.

That is all.

The Importance of Beginner’s Mistakes

And my film isn’t what I wanted it to be, but I learned things.


The Pursuit of Grace

Hey everyone,

Normally when I sit and try to write a Pursuit of Grace blog post, I attempt to make it as formal as possible. I try to do some research and sound educated while discussing my experiences. I want to leave a good impression when talking about this project. But sometimes that can seem fake, like I’m trying to be something I’m not.

I’ve fought so hard to make sure the Pursuit of Grace wasn’t just another amateur film by someone who didn’t know what they were doing. I was sure I wouldn’t make all the mistakes beginners normally do. I watched so many videos about mistakes others had made, hoping I could eliminate them. I worked crazy hard on my script. I thought I had my shooting week planned out fairly well, until it whooshed by.

Behind my mask of faux professionalism, I was clueless.

I wrote long…

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I’m filming in a week and a half

I’ve been working on this project for a close to 9 months now. This week, I decided to scrap everything I had and rewrite it completely, using only the basic ideas.


I found a video on Vimeo {FANTASTIC SITE} that basically describes what I should be doing about my film.


I realize my project won’t be great, but I’m going to make it the best I can anyway.

Also, anyone who cares (this blog is so dead), here’s the gear I get to use to shoot my film.


Pursuit of Grace Gear

I get to shoot my short film with this awesome equipment. Praise be to God!

kit by @grantm56


Click on the picture to go to the full list of equipment.

And I should be re-writing right now, so I’ll just leave this here for anyone who happens to stumble upon it, and go work on my project.


k bye