Sniff sniff

I’m sick, so I stayed home from school today :{

I was going through the archives on the blog when I found that lots of people really liked to do those little dress up things on MyWebFace stuff. So I decided to try it out

Look like me?





Hello there. I am unsure who added me, and I am not the best blogger, but hi anyways.

I was known as alxlikesfries. I love fries and chips. Yum yum yum. My name is McKenna. But that is a crap name so please call me Alex (Alexandra is my middle name.)

And I have observed there is quite the battle here. Well, I am in fact the Shaded Lady. I control the shadows. I can even transform myself into darkness. You may never know where I am, because I am so often hiding a midst the dark. I am often known as weak. Yes, my power is not the strongest and I am not the wisest, but I still know quite a lot of secrets, for I see all hidden things. I have no clan. No pets. But I have my Eclipse Staff, which looks like an average stick. But it was plucked from the tree of Persephone’s garden. It was carved into perfection by myself. And inside contains nothing but shadows from the darkest areas of the world, and I trapped those in myself too.

I control fear, also. Don’t get on my bad side.