so, if you didn’t know, I’m old

like full blown adult almost 22 old

and through watching some people very close to me i’ve started to remember that growing up is… really freakin’ hard. and it SUCKS.

Now i’m not talking about the “growing up” that’s like “oh i only wear grey now and watch exclusively lifetime movies–UNIRONICALLY–because those things are made for adults and also nerf guns suck”.

More like… just figuring out where you fit in the world. Figuring out how to handle pressure when you’re suddenly 800% accountable for your actions. Takin’ care of business–by yourself.

and i just wanted to let you guys know that if there’s ANYTHING i can offer you by way of advice–maybe not even life stuff ask me about art or storyboarding i’ll talk at you for 3 hours even though i’m severely unqualified–feel free to ask. because i’ve been to the bad places, but I’m doing pretty great now (mentally, i mean) and if I could help even a little it would mean a lot! 🙂


4 thoughts on “oversharing

  1. It feels kinda weird that I’ve lived twice as long as the me when I first got into Poptropica. I haven’t done anything with it since I was like 11, but I still revisit some old blogs from time to time. Surprised this is still running. I’m not nearly as old as you; I’m still in college, but it’s weird. I sometimes feel like I haven’t grown up a bit.

    1. Yeah, i feel! I think it’s just that after you’re like 9-12 years old-ish you start to remember stuff more, so it feels longer! and idk about you, but i’m getting WAY more conscious of the passage of time as it goes on!

      I think it’s OK to feel like you haven’t grown up a bit! I still feel like I’m 14 years old sometimes, haha! Being an adult is weird and i always feel like i’m not ready for stuff. But you’ve grown up more than you realized, i’m sure! It’s just in a different way than people expect a lot of the time, I think.

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