Overconfidence vs. Incompetence

Hey WTR,

Here’s a little word of advice:

Don’t overestimate your own technical skill, especially when dealing with complicated components of a computer.

Earlier this week I decided I wanted to swap out the hard drive in my computer for a larger one I had in my laptop. Sounds simple, right? Normally the process of swapping out a hard drive involves backing it up, cleaning it out, then simply bringing in the new drive. My computer, however, had its own idea of what that process should be.

As I started rummaging through the drive to try to find what was worth keeping, I found a rather peculiar folder labelled “Music.” However, when I tried to open it, a big error message popped up.


That was odd. I was the only administrator on my computer, so there was nothing that should have been restricted from my view… right? I generally consider myself technologically adept, so as my brain whirred trying to comprehend this enigma, an idea happened upon me. I pulled up the command prompt and tried to delete the files from there.


So the system wasn’t allowing itself to delete these mystery files. At this point I was hooked. Instead of my brain thinking, “Should I continue?” my brain was set on “How can I beat this?” I was ready for a challenge. I started the process of moving everything but these files off of my hard drive. As the slowly moving progress bar inched forward, I was plotting my next move. I could not let my hard drive be the victor in this scenario. And maybe my plan was drastic. BUT IT WOULD BE WORTH IT!

I completely wiped my hard drive just to delete what I later found to be a few Spotify files. Luckily for me there was nothing important I hadn’t already backed up, but it was a huge inconvenience nevertheless.

If only this were the only problem…

So I thought I was ready to replace the drive. I pulled up Windows’ handy dandy Drive Manager, and started deleting all the partitions on this particular drive. Lo and behold, there appeared unto me a partition that could not be deleted. So I looked, and verily, I beheld that this particular partition was reserved for use by the Windows system. But I wasn’t ready to give up yet. So I pulled up the trusty command prompt once again, and tried OVER AND OVER using all the method I knew to get rid of this particular partition.

So I decided on an alternative plan of action. I opened up my computer (Did I mention that I built this computer) and unplugged the hard drive. I pushed the power button and…


My computer refused to start unless this drive was installed and active. So I installed a program that could actually look at hidden files that only the system recognize, and this gave me answers. Installed on my drive was the Windows Bootloader- the component of the system that tells the computer how to start. So I started researching how to move the Windows Bootloader to the actual boot drive, and it appeared to be a fairly simple process. I installed the program to do so, ran it, then pulled out my hard drive, and the computer still refused to boot. Even after I plugged the drive back in it still stubbornly refused to cooperate.

So here I am now, typing up this post while my computer copies the contents of the boot drive to an external hard drive. I’m running Linux off of a flash drive, and while that’s a cool concept, I need to be actually getting things done right now.

So that’s pretty much my entire story. TOPIC SWITCH! Remember how I said I was going to try to post once a week for the rest of the school year? No? Well, I did. Just in case you were wondering. And even though I’ve already failed so far, I plan on keeping up with it to the best of my ability.

That is all.


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