How is the COLLEGE SEARCH going for all y’all who are on it?? i hope everything is going well!

Halloween hit… and it hit hard. I had 4 costumes (see ’em here!), participated in a 10PM-10AM shoot in a comic store, and saw an advanced screening of Trolls! (I really enjoyed it!)

Also corgi beach day. MY FAVORITE!

Anyway, story-wise, I’ve actually started trying to think of stuff for my Thesis film! Here’s just a couple bullet points, let me know what you guys think/like best!

-Fire girl?
Story about a girl who’s got fire powers and an explosive temper. about learning to control yourself and be responsible for your own actions.

-The Six Swans
That fairy tale where the girl’s brothers get cursed and she has to knit them sweaters. Maybe with sisters instead of brothers to personalize it. i dunno i just like that story!

an hour long video of my roommate solving puzzles

These are the 2 things I know I want:


-a girl with really long flowy hair

What are some stories y’all have been cooking up?


4 thoughts on “HI ALL!!

  1. College search is freaking terrifying. I have no idea at all.

    I didn’t even really do halloween this year. My whole high school went on a week-long trip to a fine arts competition (post on that soon) and I really didn’t even think about halloween at all this year.

    What was this comic book store shoot for? Sounds awesome!

    I personally like the “fire-girl” idea the best. I think animating an extreme temper tantrum could be really challenging but really fun at the same time.

    Currently writing a post-apocalyptic short with a sappy message about forgiveness. Excited about that.

    1. Ugh, you can say that again! When I was looking for colleges I just kind of picked out a couple, crossed my fingers, and waited until the absolute last second to deal with anything 😛

      Oh man!! That sounds super duper cool! I can’t wait to hear about it!

      It’s for a film called Wonder Buffalo about a girl who finds herself through Cosplay! I’m currently on the VR team, which is really exciting! I’m just doing animations but I think it’ll come together really well in the end!

      Oh heck yes, I’m all about temper tantrums! 😛

      And that sounds really neat! :0 I’d love to hear more about it!

  2. I have a vague idea. I have at least an extra year to decide because I’m getting my Associate’s degree at the community college.

    I love your costumes. The pics you posted looked like a great time.

    The Six Swans sounds adorable, and a sweater knitting song would be so much fun to write.

    I always have story ideas, but I don’t have time like I used to. I haven’t done any fun and creative writing since I’ve been in high school. (I can puke out a 2 page essay in 45 minutes, though.)

    1. Omg nice! I have a lot of friends who did that, as well, It’s a HUUUGE choice to make, during highschool when you really don’t know anything about anything.

      Thanks!! It was a lot of fun! 😀

      Yeah, that’s like one of my favorite old fairy tales! My mom used to read it to me all the time, and I liked it because the girl saved the day and was super brave!

      Haha, right?? Bs’ing essays has become my specialty XD I personally have lost interest in writing since I can now do stuff visually? But it’s a lot harder to complete projects!

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