I’m filming in a week and a half

I’ve been working on this project for a close to 9 months now. This week, I decided to scrap everything I had and rewrite it completely, using only the basic ideas.


I found a video on Vimeo {FANTASTIC SITE} that basically describes what I should be doing about my film.


I realize my project won’t be great, but I’m going to make it the best I can anyway.

Also, anyone who cares (this blog is so dead), here’s the gear I get to use to shoot my film.


Pursuit of Grace Gear

I get to shoot my short film with this awesome equipment. Praise be to God!

kit by @grantm56


Click on the picture to go to the full list of equipment.

And I should be re-writing right now, so I’ll just leave this here for anyone who happens to stumble upon it, and go work on my project.


k bye


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