Ridiculous Unfulfilled Promises

In this old post, I told you that I’d gotten my ears double pierced. I said:

Pics might be posted after the redness goes away.

However, they never were. (The redness has been gone for, like, three years now. Way to go, Kat.) The day before my 16th birthday, I got my ears pierced for the third time. So, to fulfill the most ridiculous promise; Here is a pic I took last year of all three of my piercings.

Capture 1

These are the only sets of piercings I have on my entire body. (Personally, I’m only into getting ear piercings.) When I turn 18 in a few months, I’m going to get the cartilage pierced at a nice, clean tattoo parlor.

With that completely useless post over: Do you have any piercings? Do you want any new ones? How do you feel about them?


7 thoughts on “Ridiculous Unfulfilled Promises

  1. OMG!! I love your shark earrings–SO CUTE!

    Your piercings look great!

    My mom was the same way–NOOO cartilage, unless I wanna get it as an adult, haha! (Also yes–yes to clean, please)

    I used to have my ears pierced… I don’t really keep up with them any more, though. I lost my favorite pair of earrings when i was tubing, and just kind of stopped wearing earrings after that. The holes are still there! I just don’t put anything in them XD

    1. Thanks. I got them at Claires, where I think they’re still available.
      It took a lot of convincing for my last two, and I guess my parents agreed that I am responsible enough to take care of them.
      I wear the same earrings for about a month at a time (I take them out to clean them, of course.). I sleep in them.

      1. OOHHH omg, I’ll definitely look for them! I’ve been getting back into “nice” things (This is coming from the girl who lives in jogging shorts and t-shirts she’s had since 9th grade, so “nice” means just not trash XD) and I know I’d wear earrings that cute!

        I was the same way before I stopped wearing them! But of course, when I FIRST got them pierced and they were still the hot new thing, I changed my earrings like… 3X a day XD

        1. Sounds like me. “Nice” means “I didn’t get this from the thrift store”. Haha.
          I did the exact same thing with my first set. I was the first of my friends to get them, and I always wore strange, heavy, dangly earrings. Now, you’re lucky to see me wear anything but a post or a small hoop.

          1. OMG YESSS haha!! Thrift stores are great tho!!

            Haha, right?? I got my ears first pierced around halloween and you better bet I wore those HUUUGE spiderweb + spider dangly earrings all the time! And since all my earrings were halloween themed, I was force to stand by them until I had enough money to buy more–which, as a 4th grader with no income, took a long time XD

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