Yeehaw Cowboys

OK, so here’s a story idea i’ve actually been working on with my friend for quite some time!

A gang of bank robbers in the wild west vs the sherrif’s team.

I thought it could be fun to create characters for it!! (Mainly because the characters in it are totally based on my friend’s and my IRL friends LOL!)

The only important existing characters are:


As a rule, they don’t kill… typically. They originated in the wild, wild towns of California, but after an unfortunately fatal incident and an unexpected betrayal, they were forced to move east, to the wilderness of Wyoming.

Rosie (“The Girl”) and Daisy (“The Wild Card”)





Rosie is the… “Distraction”. She’s a very good actress, and is very good at playing “confused pretty woman 27” or “damsel in distress 38” while simultaneously planning the incapacitation of the gentlemen assisting her. Level headed and quiet, she may seem like just “the girl”, but is usually the mastermind. She proceeds with caution, loves to have a plan, and loves it even MORE when everything goes according to it!


She’s Rosie’s best friend, and isn’t allowed to have live ammo. She’s not crazy, she’s just a little… reckless.And a bad shot. Wild, fearless, and stubborn as they come, she strikes fear into the hearts of meek bank tellers with one wild-eyed look. While actually quite capable of being a manipulative, cunning strategist, she prefers to figure it out as she goes and break as many rules as she can, while she’s at it.


By law, they don’t kill people… unless they want to. They were your typical Wild West law enforcement–corrupt, lazy, or ill-respected… until a newcomer came with a vendetta, a list of names, and a plan.

Sheriff Billy Barlow:

An ambitious, fresh-faced young officer sent to the Wyoming law enforcement from California. A stickler to the bone, he does everything by the book. He lacks confidence, but doesn’t let it affect his decisiveness in the field. His work is his life, and he’s a hard and dedicated worker. But sometimes his ambition gets the best of him–he’s not afraid to burn a few bridges to get what he wants, even if it means letting people get hurt.

(no drawing cos i have work in 7 hours lol. but let me know what you think!!)


6 thoughts on “Yeehaw Cowboys

  1. I love your character designs. 🙂 Are all the women going to have flower themed names? (I think that would be pretty interesting, considering they’re a gang of robbers.)

    1. Thanks! 😀
      And yeah, that was the plan! 😛 I love the juxtaposition of innocent flowers and criminals XD There was another girl named “Lily” but she was a more minor character and I didn’t feel like writing up a bio for her! 😛

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