Header Concept and Editing To Do List

Kat’s editing again…: I’ve found a decent chat service that has a more modern feel than Xat. https://discordapp.com/ It claims to have a chat aspect like Skype and there’s a free app we can all download. Thoughts? 

Granto: I’ve been using Discord for months now, and it’s awesome. It does its thing very well.

Granto’s Edit 2: Created a room- set up here https://discord.gg/ysZKtf2

Edit 1: Started editing a few pages. Should we update the commenting rules? I feel like we’re old enough to be a little more lenient on “no swearing”.

Edit 2: I’ve removed some old pages that haven’t been in use. I left them in the Trash if you’d like to recover them. I feel like it isn’t my place to remove old story pages of current authors, and am leaving this responsibility to the respective people. 

Edit 3: Fixed the sidebar. Was able to shorten the Pages widget by excluding some pages from being shown. Made the Archives widget a dropdown menu. 


Grant’s Edit 2: Playing with the theme a little bit. Not quite sure about this one. Tell me what you think.

Feel free to edit and add your own items.

This header concept was made in PicMonkey in about 5 minutes. I invite whoever has Photoshop or a better understanding of graphic design to step up and take my place.

PicMonkey Collage finished.png


About (There is so much useless/old information here. It needs to be cleaned up.)

Battle of the Beings  (Either remove entirely or start over with a reboot.)

Chat (There doesn’t seem to be a chat feature anymore. Should probably be removed.)

Cool Stuff  (Lots of subpages. Can be updated to share content, adding/removing pages as needed.)

Old Authors’ Material (An old relic. Can be updated or deleted.)

Stories (Can be updated to share content.)

Inactive Authors: Contact old authors on the list via email (Or other ways if necessary.), and see if they’d like to stay and contribute. Remove those who resign.

With a little work, we can return WTR to its former glory. 🙂

To defeat the Huns…

Grant’s Edits:

I’ve started the WordPress backup system- just in case. As this blog is HUGE, it’ll probably take a while, but it’s the safe option in case any conflict arises. Not ideal, but I remember this blog back in the day. I’ll upload the backup to MediaFire or something like that just in case. Edit 2- Download link here

I’m of the opinion that categories are extremely useful- is it possible we could create a streamlined category system so that we could find content more efficiently. Right now it’s super messy, but maybe once content is created again, we could organize it.

Theme wise, are we looking at a theme that complements the content or a minimalistic theme? I’ve been a fan of the minimalistic, but it may not be the best fit for WTR.

18 thoughts on “Header Concept and Editing To Do List

  1. YES! I like this action plan!

    If you’d like, I can get on contacting old authors! I’m still pretty well in touch with a couple of people!

    And yes, lol, I think it’s time for that old chat to die XD

      1. RCG IS INTERESTED!! I’ve also contacted Cool Wing, as she was on here recently. There are a few who I’ve also contacted who just aren’t interested. I think it’s a pretty safe bet that they’re gone for good, but I’ll wait a little and see if they come back once we’ve got stuff up and running!

  2. I’d suggest making a complete backup before taking drastic action, just in case Isabella (PoptropicalThunder) doesn’t like it, as this is her blog after all.

    It’s amazing how this was orignally a Poptropica blog a long time ago and how it’s changed. Pretty dope.

  3. Also, IDK how helpful this is, but I like minimalist–but I think we should make sure it still looks fun! We don’t need this to look like a professional website because it’s not about professionalism–it’s about people who like being creative coming together as a community! We want it to seem welcoming and happy, and I feel like if we go for TOO professional, we may intimidate potential members!
    So my vote would be for something sleek and not overly complicated, but with a fun color scheme! And maybe some homey or quirky touches!

    1. Would you be okay if I started experimenting with themes and seeing what works?
      And I totally agree. This isn’t professional, it’s a community. But it doesn’t have to look like this was designed in 2009.

      1. Haha, yea!! I know like nothing about website design, so go ahead!!
        I’ll be glad to help out when i have more time! I’ve got a big project in the works now but I need to get working on my own site, so might as well! 😛

  4. The updated theme looks great! Not to spiffy, not to dull (like the previous one…) I don’t know how much I’ll contribute anymore, but I do come on here time to time to look and see how you all are doing.

  5. LOVE THE PAGES CLEANUP. Makes it seem like we have a history, but it’s tucked away in its little corner. And are we doing a complete re-write of the old About/Authors page?

    1. Thanks. I’m good at hiding everything under a layer of cleanliness. (My room is a great example…) I figure we should give all the pages we’re still using an update. Some of the information is out of date.

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