This website looks archaic

The original blog was started April 16th, 2009. The aesthetics of this site kinda show that this is an old dead blog. I remember this blog being a community of people where we all fit in, no matter how different we were. We would write together. We would just enjoy typing random crap. And it didn’t make a difference what we were creating, we would simply create content for the sake of creating.

Maybe not the best fit for this site, but still cool looking
Slick new possible theme

I miss that. I have a summer free and want to get back into writing just for the sake of writing. I’d like to think I’m a different person from back when WTR was this community. And I’d enjoy getting back to it.

One idea that popped into my head is changing up the theme of the site to make it seem less ancient. Right now it just seems like WTR is simply a relic. If we did a little bit of modernization, we could have an environment better for creating, not just occasional catch-up posts. [Not to say that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just sort of wanting that community feeling again.]

If this is just me rambling, I’ll get back to working on my own content, but if any of you think this is a good idea, let me know and I’ll get to work. I’ve recently gotten back into creating web sites because of my short film, and I think that I could make WTR seem at least a little more modern.

Side note-

sidenote is available for purchase for only $18 a year. Expensive, but still pretty dope. That is all.


5 thoughts on “This website looks archaic

  1. I AGREE!! I’ve been wanting to get back in to writing! I’ve just been SO SUPERMEGABUSY ARGH!!!

    I’ll start writing again this summer! I really like doing the group things where we each make characters like… too much

    It’s fun 😛

    LAWL side note

  2. ALSO W8 I just checked your content creation page–
    are you into film? I’m at USC studying animation!! If you want me to put you in contact with anyone at USC, just let me know! I have loads of friends in production, screenwriting, and crit studies who could totally give you the run down!

      1. OMG RAD!! And yay, that’s awesome!!
        Live action production ain’t super my thing, but I can give you the info of some of my friends who are in the production program!! Or just general info on USC, if the school appeals to you!

  3. I remember suggesting a makeover a few years back, but I, being lazy and too busy when not lazy, never got around to it. I’d love to try again.

    Side note. Haha. [Insert rimshot]

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