Reintroduction :)

5 years ago today, I wrote my very first post. And gosh, was it embarrassing to reread it. Long story short, a lot has changed from the end of my 6th grade year to the end of my Junior year. I feel that you deserve to get to know me again.

Hello. Today marks the five year anniversary of the day I joined this blog.

[Facts About Me]

I live in the USA. The Midwest, to be exact. I’m kind of lethargic and find it difficult to make new friends due to being a bit shy. I enjoy making fashion sketches, playing computer games, and watching old movies. My favorite singers/bands are, but aren’t limited to: Kesha, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Maroon 5, David Guetta, The Weeknd, and a few Lana Del Rey songs.
My favorite genres of music are pop and the various sub genres associated with Rock; however, I’m not the biggest fan of country music. I like a variety of book genres (The only one I wouldn’t touch with a stick would be erotica.), and my favorite books are the Pretty Little Liars series and Looking for Alaska. By the way, I revoke anything I said about hating Justin Bieber. His new music isn’t too bad, and have you seen those Calvin Klein ads? Dang. My favorite school subject is Spanish, though I sadly can’t take it my Senior year. I’m still a percussionist in the school’s marching/concert band (6 years in August), where I am section leader. I’m also in AP classes, though I’m most likely one of the dumbest ones in the room.

My advice to you: A faded Instagram filter does not make that photo look “vintage”.
I’ve got two questions: 1) Have you ever looked back on your old posts? and 2) What are your summer plans? (I’ve been out for a little over a week now.)
Hope you enjoy working with me once more.

Edit (6/16/16): I got an achievement. 6 years with WordPress today.





9 thoughts on “Reintroduction :)

  1. I looked back on my old posts and was shocked at how bold I was to say ridiculous things. I know I’ve changed, but I still removed them.

    I’m actually going to visit Europe this next week (SUPER EXCITED) and my end goal of the summer is to produce a short film.

    1. I’m the same way. I ended up deleting 30 something posts that were just random spews of irrelevant BS.

      Strange question, but are you going through a program called Explorica? A few (lucky and rich) people from my Spanish III class are going to Europe in June, too. Short films are a lot of work, major respect for you.

      1. I just removed everything. It’s amazing just what I felt compelled to say.

        Just got back from Europe yesterday. I just went with my family. Next summer my school is taking a small group to Spain, and I may be going along with that.

        Thanks! Super excited for my short film!

        1. I may be annoying now, but my past self was so much worse.
          Hope you had fun with your family. My Spanish teacher decided to start the tradition of going every two years, which sucks when you’re graduating next year. (I’m hoping to study abroad in college, though.)
          No problem. 🙂 I hope we get to see the finished product.

  2. AHAHA I’m the SAME WAY

    like oh my gawsh i hate young me so much XD

    OMG fashion sketches!! That’s rad! I actually SUUUPER love sewing and have a lot of experience crafting my own patterns, so if you have any designs you’d like to see created i’d love to take a crack at it over the summer! 😛

    LMAO @ the “vintage” thing. Agreed. Seconded. Just… ugh XD People who actually put effort into their instagrams have my infinite respect (cos lord knows i can’t keep a social media presence running), but if “effort” = the hip filter, well…

    1) oh gosh. I try not to. I was a mess XD

    2) AHHH don’t even get me STARTED!! I’m back working at the ice cream store for the summer, but I’m also animating a series called Dead Women Say What!? (well, i’m doing the first few episodes so they can pitch it!), and I’m starting a club that’s supposed to function like an animation studio–so I’m working on THAT tv show, too!! So a LOT of animation work, yay!

    I’ve also got a bunch of sewing projects planned, and just bought an embroidery machine, so the plan is to start creating + selling patches for some extra $$–i mean tuition 😥

    1. Yeah, I’d like to give my younger self a good slap to the face.
      I took a class this last semester that taught me how to do fashion sketches and use a sewing machine. The first time I read a pattern in class, I was making pajama pants, and I misread it and sewed the legs into the crotch…
      I know. So many of my friends have Instagram “themes”. I’m just proud of myself for not using the filters at 100%.
      Wow, you have a busy/fun summer. I love patches, so if you open an Etsy shop or something similar, send me the link. I feel like you have to sell your soul to afford college.
      I found some patterns from the late 60s/early 70s at the thrift store, and once I get a hold of some fabric; I’m going to attempt a dress or tank top.

      1. Who wouldn’t?! I’m just glad you guys didn’t know me in middle school… yikes!

        OHH omg best class ever!! :0 We never had a class like that in highschool!! I’m super jelly!

        OMG I don’t even have an IG I’m so behind! I’ve been meaning to start one, though, just cos I know they’re good for networkng and showing off artwork!

        OHHH YES!! I’ll let you know! 😛 If you have any designs you want to try out, just hmu! I have a couple I’ve been wanting to make forEVER, but past that I’m just excited to play with my new toy!! 😀

        And omg what a fun project!! Thrift stores are great places to find fabric, too–at least in florida! 😛 There are so many old people here that there are always like… 30 XL Sack dresses for sale! It’s a lot cheaper than going to Joann’s or Hancock’s!

        1. I’m sorry you guys had to know me in Jr. High…
          Embroidery sounds like fun. I’d be customizing everything. Haha.
          I practically live in the thrift store. I got a dress that was a size 10 (Even though I’m a 6. Great job, Kat.) because it was two bucks and I loved it. I have to alter it now, but hey.

          1. Nah, you were never bad! 😛 I only have fond memories of you!

            AND OMG I AM!! I’m so excited to embroider just everything i own

            YESSS thrift stores for LIFE!! I got like 6 shirts (and a pair of camo overalls–don’t worry, i bought them to dissect them XD) for 10 bucks it was rad!!

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