So, I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about this, but I love Corgis.

My grandparents have had Corgis ever since my mom was 8, and I grew up alongside one named Sammy (we were born 2 weeks apart!! :O ). They’ve got a new Corgi named Morgan (or MORGI, Morgi the Corgi!) and she’s absolutely SO CUTE:


Anyway, one of my college friends met her when I went out to visit in Colorado and absolutely fell in LOVE, so we went to SoCal Corgib each day together!! It was the most magical day, and I wish I’d been able to snag more photos, but it was kinda rainy and I didn’t want my phone get messed up! But I was in HEAVEN!!!

There were lots of puppies wearing go-pros:



And SO MANY DOGS just running around on the beach and having fun!!


In short: it was SO CUTE!! This picture pretty much sums up my reaction!



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