throw back friday??

ANYWAY so instead of doing my homework or paying attention in class or working on one of them 90000 animation projects i’ve signed myself up for, i spent the whole day flipping out about this potential tv show/animation student org that a few friends and i are trying to get all set up

But needless to say, when i was brainstorming earlier with a friend, we came up with the idea of a show about viking kids. I was whipping up some quick, super sketchy (my tablet is being laggy, i’m not about to deal with that XD) viking chick designs/costumes and it took me back to my ol’ viking obsession days!


Her name’s Ancrett and her brother’s named Arter. we don’t know much about them other than that she’s about to kick your butt and he likes to write poetry.

And their ship can teleport?

Also it’s really weird that we all made like “whoa i’m turning 16 wtf time???” posts and now i’m gonna be twenty i just don’t know what happened

time where u go?


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