^ that’s the sound of me screaming as I have been doing since 2011

Can I just say that joining Tumblr all those years ago was the worst decision I’ve ever made, 0/10 would not recommend. My procrastination levels are through the roof and it’s just terrible and ugh.

At least I escaped from TV/movie fandoms for good! I can now say I only have a casual interest in Doctor Who. No one will know I used to rewatch at least one DW episode every day. :p

To be honest, these days all I do to pass the time is listen to music! Some of my long-time faves are Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Arctic Monkeys, Paramore, Regina Spektor, Halsey (I knew her before she was cool, aren’t I such a hipster), Panic! At the Disco and The Neighbourhood. Some of my newer faves are Melanie Martinez, Cage the Elephant, Two Door Cinema Club, Twenty One Pilots… I am definitely forgetting some but yeah they’re all great!!

I’m going to see Twenty One Pilots in concert on May 3 and I honestly could not be happier!! Those guys are so inspirational and their music is really touching and meaningful (especially some of their earlier songs) and agh man I just love them. Plus they have the BEST live shows, it’s all energetic even though there’s only two of them and they do cool stuff like drumming on top of the crowd. To be honest the thought of this upcoming concert is the only thing keeping me sane.

The final year of high school has been absolutely killer (not in the good way) and I’m not handling it well. 😦 At least I finished my whole maths course last year so that’s one subject out of the way, but I still have all the other subjects… If anyone else does the IB program, you will know my pain.

People are already talking about formal (prom) already and I’m just like… “Hahaha that’s a reminder that I’m graduating this year and will be going out into the world next year and I am extremely stressed and frightened thinking about that so I’m going to retreat from this conversation now.”

Anyway… there wasn’t really a point to this post except to tell you guys what’s new with me, I guess? Not an exciting life I lead, as you can tell lol. I only posted twice in 2015!! 😦 Also I am currently procrastinating on a huge essay draft which is due tomorrow. Someone please slap sense into me or something.

I hope you guys are well! xo


6 thoughts on “Aaaahhhh!!

  1. Yeah, honestly I’m just so done with tumblr XD I post the occasional art thing now and then but I rarely ever spend time on my dashboard. I follow a bunch of artists so I try to like/support their work, but that’s about as far as I go XD

    YESSS I AGREE WITH ALL YOUR MUSIC CHOICES!! One of my coworkers back in florida introduced me to 21 pilots and they’re so rad!! *u*

    I really suggest Eisley!! I recommend them to everyone because they’re honestly one of my all-time faves, their songs have such diversity and their lead singer is a-MAY-zing!!! Plus, it’s a family band–4 siblings and their cousin(i think??)–and all the sisters can sing so you get some dope harmonies!

    Aww, man! I’m sorry, that sounds intense! :0 My senior year was pretty laid back, but mainly because I had 3 study halls because I had already taken all the advanced classes I wanted to take! (although i was spending those 3 study halls drawing like a madman in the artroom, stressing over portfolios)

    Yeah, graduating highschool is hella stressful :S but prom is fun!! well, if you go with your friends XD all the people who had huge expectations for senior prom were disappointed, but I thought it was fun! and my best friend requested “Let it go”, the dj actully PLAYED IT, and the whole class sang along!!

    I’m doing well!! Procrastinating atm, too XD I have way too much work for my health and I made a work schedule, but I’m already a day behind!! :0

    1. Ah thanks I’ll definitely check out Eisley!! I’m actually really looking forward to prom now lol my friends and I are all going to be sitting at one big table which will be fun! Only one of us has a date lmao but she’s still just gonna sit with us. Oh my god I hope someone requests Let It Go at my prom. Good luck with work man!! At least you’re doing stuff you enjoy though, right? 😀

      1. Yeah!! going to prom with your friends is A+ move, it’s awesome!!

        Yeah omg i’m like the whiniest little baby ever, I’m like “OHH I have SOOO much worrrkk” but I get to animate for homework or money and it’s like what right do I have to be complaining?? other people are writing papers and doing MATH right now!


  2. yooooo whaddup??

    I don’t even frequent Tumblr anymore and your procrastination levels are probably fine compared to mine so no worries my friend :o)

    Yay I’m so happy for you!! It’s always so so amazing to see a band you love in concert! And right around the same time I get to see Weezer (!!!!!) at a music fest so early May is going 2 b HELLA hype all around the world

    Ouch I’m sorry about school 😦 I feel your pain super hard tho, just last week I turned in a 13-page IA paper for IB Math hah ah ha ……. . Anyway I’m always encouraged by what my super-adult sister has always told me: high school is not the best time of your life and things absolutely WILL get better!!

    Have fun at prom!! And I hope your huge essay went well!

    1. Ooh omg have fun seeing Weezer!! I constantly thank god I finished Math last year (I only got a 5 but at least I passed :p). Thank you thank you 😀

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