I write this post in case I don’t live through the week: the chances of this are very high.

I have a midterm every day, at least 30 seconds of animation due by Friday, along with my regular assignments!

Dontcha just love it when everything just piles up?

BUT this is supposed to be a happy post!! I’m absolutely in love with this new song from Delain!! Especially the opening, it gets me so good! I’m listening to it to pump me up for my 4-page essay I gotta write XD

This is the best video I could find, their new album (more like an EP I guess?) came out just a few days ago! I’m still basking in the magic of their songs *u*


4 thoughts on “BLERRGHH

  1. Midterms/Semester exams are like a small apocalypse. Everything just falls apart, and the next thing you know, you’re locked in your room with enough food to survive an entire month.

    I’ve never heard of Delain, but I love the sound of her voice and the energy of the song. Excuse me while I listen to this about 30 more times.

    1. Yeah, midterms are the worst because teachers are allowed to give you 2, schedule them whenever, etc. So teachers think they’re being “cool” and giving you a break by scheduling them not during the designated midterm week, but they’re actually just moving them so that they’re in the middle of everything else you’re trying to do

      YES I LOVE DELAIN SO MUCH!! She’s got a GREAT voice!! And all their music is so consistently good, auuuUGH IM SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT!!!

  2. You made it through the week!! I don’t know if I will though :’) Hope your midterms went well!

    Delain is such a beautiful singer! I love how she starts out all classical and slow and suddenly whoa!! Intensity!!

    And I want her dress.

      And I believe in you!! YOU CAN DOO ITTT!!!

      Right?? OMG i recently got my music snob friend into them and he was absolutely blown away, haha! We stayed up til 10 AM listening to their music… and then slept until 7 pm the next day X(
      it was a sad night.

      omg i wish i could dress like a dutch rock princess that would be the dream!!

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