six and a half years later

It’s been six and a half years since I first joined this blog and over year since I posted.

Does that make me dedicated or just crazy?? I like to think it’s the former.

I like to think that in six and a half years I’ve matured, but then I would just be lying to everyone and myself!!!

I’m almost an adult now o: I don’t like this feeling very much. I guess at some point I have to accept the inevitable……..passage of time…………………

pictured above: updated 2016 depiction of Rainfall

Some crazy things that have happened since I was 15…I got a job! I got a car! I got accepted to governor’s school! I quit violin! I made it to the position of 1st in my class! I promptly fell from 1st a semester later! I visited three different states! I was a cat for Halloween two years in a row!

Things have been up and down. Sophomore year was probably one of the best years of my life, but junior year is solidly one of the worst. I have hope that things always get better eventually, though.

I hope you are all doing fantastic. I love all this talk of a story revamp.

If you’re ever bored, let’s talk! I’m always here!


2 thoughts on “six and a half years later

    Oh, no!! I’m sorry junior year is so sucky so far!! 😦 And it will, for sure! I remember junior year being hella stressful!

    it was like everyone was dangling applying to college over your head but you didn’t get to do anything about it yet which is the most frustrating thing ever

    I’m doing great!! DOOD HMU if you want to do a story together i miss the old dayz!!

  2. Oh, the slow crawl toward adulthood. I don’t know if I’m enjoying it, or if I’m suffering. Maybe both. To say I’ve matured would be a lie, too.

    Everyone says Junior year is the most stressful. I just signed up for the April ACT and am slowly drowning in test prep. Senior year should be easier/more fun?

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