I hope you guys are having an awesome holiday season!

I just wanted to know if there are any writing projects you want to work on! I miss the old submit-a-character type stories, and i’d be more than willing to start one up!!

Here are a few cool things to think about, just for potential story stuff:

-my uncle was telling me about a “drowned town” in Spain that’s basically just a town that’s completely underwater. Despite this, people say that you know something bad is going to happen if you hear the church bells ringing from beneath the lake’s surface….

-there’s supposedly a tower somewhere in central america that no one’s ever climbed to the top of–it’s said that, if anyone does make it to the top, a giant beast will rise from the sea and wreak havoc on land!

-reboots can be fun, if anyone has an idea they want to run again!


no time to draw right now, too many other projects, but if any of you guys are interested we can work on fleshing these/any other ideas you have out!


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